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Tribrachs (3 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Tribrachs (3 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tribrach do?

A tribrach affixes a surveying instrument, such as a total station, theodolite, or GNSS antenna, to a tripod. It allows the instrument to be placed over the same surveying point precisely.

Should the tribrach be clamped when surveying?

Yes, a tribrach’s clamp should be locked after attaching the surveying instrument to the tribrach for a stable and secure setup.

How do I adjust a tribrach with an optical plummet?

  1. Place a target on the ceiling.
  2. Put one tribrach on a tripod and a tribrach adjuster on that tribrach.
  3. Turn the tribrach to be adjusted upside down so that it faces the target. Then, attach this tribrach to the adjuster.
  4. Adjust the leveling screws of the bottom tribrach until the crosshair of the top tribrach aligns with the target.
  5. To check if the crosshair remains aligned with the target, turn the top tribrach 180 degrees on the adjuster.

How do I clean a tribrach?

After disassembling the tribrach, wipe all surfaces of every component clean using a soft, damp cloth. Then, lubricate all of the bearings. Finally, check if the tribrach, plates, and leveling screws are working before reassembling them.

What is the correct way to plumb a tribrach?

After setting up the tribrach on the tripod, place it over the survey point. Then, look through its optical plummet and hold the tripod legs. Move the tripod until the crosshair of the plummet’s crosshair is positioned over the marker. Level the tribrach and plummet by turning their adjusting screws.


Contrary to how it seems, ranging or distance measuring cannot be done in a single day. This is why it is important to ensure that surveying instruments, such as levels, theodolites, and total stations, are set up in precise positions. Oftentimes, plumb bobs are used to set instruments on fixed survey points, but their accuracy cannot be relied on in windy conditions. To ensure precision and stability when setting up surveying instruments, attach them to tribrachs. These devices have two triangular plates, bubble levels for accuracy, and locking mechanisms to secure the instrument in place. By locking the instrument onto the tribrach’s plate and adjusting the tribrach on a leveled plane, the instrument can be set up on a precise position repeatedly. Some of the tribrachs that are available here on Engineer Warehouse come with optical plummets, which feature cross-hair sights, to help position the instrument over precise survey markers. To attach tribrachs to various tripods, the base plates of most tribrachs offer a universal thread size. These tribrachs are also made to be durable so that they can withstand the weight of any surveying instrument.



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