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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sharpen a trimmer or cutter?

If there are no available instructions from the manufacturer:
  • 1.Start by removing the screws with the use of a wrench.
  • 2.Dislodge the blade from your tool.
  • 3.Stroke the beveled edge of your blade repeatedly against a whetstone until it seems sharp enough.
If it’s too dull to restore, replace the blade with a new one.

How do I replace the blade?

For a standard cutter, you have to remove the screws and pry the housing and handle apart. Then, remove the old blade carefully from the housing. Take the new blade and place it into the housing. Finally, assemble the housing, along with the blade, with the handle and fasten the screws back. It’s also worth noting that you can always ask a professional in a local hardware store to sharpen your blade.

When will I need to replace the blade of my cutter?

If you notice that you’re cutting with more effort than before, your blade might need to be replaced. Also, you might have to replace the blade if it isn’t cutting as cleanly as it normally does.

What is the best type of cutting tool for an office?

The ideal type of cutter for office use is a paper guillotine. This type of cutter can be used for general cutting. Plus, it offers a lot of safety features and it’s usually lightweight, making it easy to carry around the office.

What are some safe ways to use a trimming or cutting tool?

Paper guillotines and trimmers are generally safe to use since they come with various safety features. However, when using a regular box cutter:
  • 1.Ensure that its blade is sharp.
  • 2.Work on a cutting mat.
  • 3.Never use plastic or wooden rulers when cutting. Instead, use a metal straightedge.
  • 4.Make sure that there’s a safe distance between the blade and your fingers as well as between the cutter and your body.

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