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Precision Specialties Company (Presco) has made a name for itself as one of the top manufacturers of marking products and vinyl films. However, the company didn’t start out manufacturing these products. When Precision Specialties Company first started out, it manufactured seismic supplies that were instrumental in the search for oil. However, as years went on, the demand for this kind of equipment dwindled. Thus, Precision Specialties rallied and evolved along with the needs of their customer base.

In the following years, the company expanded and ventured into other fields. Precision Specialties Company became Presco, as it is known now. Presco grew as a marking product manufacturer, and we know it now for its top-of-the-line products such as roll flagging, marking flags, marking whiskers, and more.

focusDon't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!


Don't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Presco offer?

Presco offers products under two broad categories: safety marking products and engineered films. Its marking products include adhesive tapes, barricade tapes, marking flags, pennant flags, and whiskers, among others. Its films include industrial films, flooring films, architectural films, and many more.

Are Presco products for industrial and commercial settings only?

No. In fact, Presco products can be used by anyone. For instance, Presco flags can be used as land markers for your next hike or as party decorations. You may also use the colorful Presco tapes for various arts and crafts projects.

What colors are Presco flags available in?

Presco flags come in various colors and shades. To view the colors, check out the marking flags here or view Presco’s color chart here.

Does Presco customize marking flags?

Yes, Presco can customize products to suit the needs or preferences of customers. Contact us to order custom-made products.

What product-related standards does Presco comply with?

As a maker of marking products that promote workplace safety, Presco meets the standards of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Aside from this, Presco also stays up to date with the standards and regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as those of different state and federal agencies.

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