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Frequently Asked Questions

What are industrial paint and coating used for?

Industrial paint and coating are mainly used for two things: protection and decoration. They are usually formulated to be corrosion-resistant so that they help prolong the lifespans of objects. For this reason, newly-built structures and industrial equipment are usually covered with paint and coating. Industrial paint and coating can also be used for automotive refinishing, painting roads, and making traffic signage and markings.

What is the difference between coating and paint?

When differentiating coating from paint, the rule of thumb is coating can serve as paint but paint cannot function as a coating. Paint is used to either mark surfaces or to improve the appearance of things. Coating, on the other hand, can provide not only a decorative finish but it can also provide items or structures with various qualities. These qualities include corrosion resistance, waterproofing, durability, color retention, breathability, and anti-microbial features.

What substances are added to industrial paint?

Industrial paint has four main components:
  • Binder - binds the pigment and provides the paint with adhesive properties
  • Pigment - affects the paint’s color, luster, and bulk
  • Liquid - adjusts the thickness of the paint. It is also the component that evaporates whenever the paint cures or dries.
  • Additives - enhance the quality of paint. They include surfactants for better paint adhesion, thickeners for easy paint application, and co-solvents for binder film formation.

How can I remove industrial paint from clothes?

First, wear a pair of gloves before you try removing the stain. Then, apply an oil solvent or paint remover to the stained area. After that, lift the paint by gently dabbing a towel on the solvent and stain. Avoid scrubbing the stain as it can push the paint further. If the paint has already dried, try scraping it off using a blunt-edged tool, like a metal scraper, before you wash your clothes.

Why was lead paint banned for industrial use?

High levels of lead exposure can damage the brain and central nervous system, which can cause coma, seizures, or even death.

Industrial Paint & Coating

Industrial coatings are known primarily for their protective properties. They are specially engineered to shield important machines and equipment from elements like heat, gasoline, oil, moisture, and corrosive chemicals that can trigger rusting. They are also perfect for pipes and other steel structures.

Here on Engineer Warehouse, you can find industrial coatings that feature advanced high solids and heat-resistance of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. These coatings are also VOC-compliant, so you wouldn’t have to worry about safety regulations. Also, to further promote safety, industrial coatings conform to the color codes as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Act or OSHA. There are choices like Safety Red for fire protection equipment, Safety Yellow for containers having hazardous materials, Safety Orange for dangerous machinery parts, and more colors that communicate different precautions. Also available are primers and glossy enamel paint.

Compared with ordinary aerosol paints, industrial coatings offer better adhesion, coverage, and protection against abrasion and environmental factors that can damage equipment. What’s more, these coatings are also formulated to provide additional aesthetic value.



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