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Engineering Project Ideas

Engineering Project Ideas

Building a Freestanding Deck: What Should You Expect? (Updated 2021)

Building a freestanding deck can be an attractive option for many homeowners or even renters. But what is a freestanding deck anyway? A freestanding deck, simply put, is a deck that isn’t attached to another...
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Engineering Project Ideas

Building a Ground Level Deck: From Footing to Decking (Updated 2020)

What are ground level decks and what differentiates them from other types of decks? A ground level deck is built low to the ground, not higher than 30 inches above grade. It is probably the...
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Engineering Project Ideas

5 DIY Home Improvement Projects for the Weekend (Updated 2020)

If you’re not planning to go on a trip or just laze around the house and recharge, long weekends are a good time for different home improvement projects. You’ll be able to devote more time...
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Engineering Project Ideas

Quick and Easy Guide to Install Kitchen Cabinets Like an Expert (Updated 2020)

In every home around the world, the kitchen appears to be one of the most important and most commonly used rooms. There, we find ways to sustain ourselves with the proper nourishments. In the kitchen,...
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Engineering Project Ideas

DIY Staircase with Storage for Tiny Homes (Updated 2020)

Dreams of living in mansions and castles are slowly drifting away into nonexistence. In this day and age, buying a house is something that not too many people can achieve. With mortgage rates and house...
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Engineering Project Ideas

Easy DIY Mobile Computer Desk Project for Beginners (Updated 2020)

As technology evolves, more and more businesses have steered away from doing their paperwork manually and have geared toward doing tasks digitally. That’s why most office employees nowadays spend the greater part of their days...
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