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Frequently Asked Questions

What accessories usually go with devices?

That depends on what device you are purchasing. For instance, most mobile phones and laptops come with chargers while others might have accessories that are more decorative than functional.

What are device mounts used for?

Mounts are used to position and secure a device at a strategic location and angle. They are commonly used for mobile devices, laptops, and GPS.

Are all device mounts the same?

No. Different mounts work for different devices. While some mounts are somewhat universal or are compatible with multiple types of devices, it is always best to use one that is specially designed for your particular device. Some mounts also require the use of mount adapters to work effectively.

What are the best features of a good GPS mount?

A good-quality GPS mount should have an adjustable mount, an easy-release clamp, and a firm base that stays steady even when a car is moving on a bumpy road.

Is it legal to operate GPS while driving?

Yes, but you must be cautious of state-specific laws related to distracted driving. To avoid getting tickets, it’s best to position your device on a suitable device mount and use voice command to operate it.

Device Accessories & Mounts

The evolution of technology has created convenient and efficient solutions for various tasks and activities. These solutions spring from the invention of all kinds of devices that make people’s lives a whole lot easier. However, some devices have to be mounted to prevent them from getting damaged and to provide users with ease of access and use. This is why Engineer Warehouse has collected high-quality mounts and mounting clips that are compatible with a variety of devices.

Drivers can safely navigate with their GPS devices or phones by attaching them onto windshields or dashboards with the use of GPS mounts or mobile device mounts. They can also secure their cups or other containers in self-leveling cup holder mounts to prevent their drinks from spilling all over the car while in transit. Those who need to work while traveling can place their laptops on mounts that can be attached to passenger seats.

Fishing enthusiasts can also avail of mounts for their equipment. Kayak fishers or anglers using multiple fishing lines can organize and secure them in holders. Aside from fishing rod holders, there are also marine electronics mounts to prevent radars, fishfinders, radios, and other devices from falling off the boat.



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