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T&T Tools

T&T Tools

T&T Tools, Inc. is a world leader in designing, manufacturing, and distribution of top-quality sub-surface hand tools. This company offers a rich selection of devices specially fabricated for safe and effective sub-surface work operations. From manhole hooks to probing tools, from valve-gripping tools to septic tank lid openers -- T&T Tools have them all.

Knowing the challenges that come with the job, T&T Tools have designed their products to aid in dealing with specific tasks. They have developed hooks and probe tools with different tips and handles. The company also manufactures tools that allow workers to easily pop open manhole and septic tank lids.

In addition to functionality, the products of T&T Tools all feature versatility and strength. Replaceable tip parts make them adaptable to different types of applications and site conditions. At the same time, their robust design and choice of materials ensure that they can withstand the tough nature of the job.

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T&T Tools



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