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Frequently Asked Questions

How do heaters work?

Most heaters have three basic components: a heat source, a distribution system, and a control system. The heat source refers to how heating equipment is powered. It includes gas, fuel, and electricity. Next is the distribution system or how heat moves through a room or a building. It can refer to fan-forced, convection, and radiant heating. Lastly, the control system, also known as a thermostat, allows users to regulate the temperature.

What are the most efficient heaters?

If you’re looking for energy-efficient supplemental heat, you should consider how exactly you’ll be using your heater. The most efficient supplementary heating equipment for enclosed spaces is a convection heater, which is also ideal for long-term heating. A radiant heater is a good option as it prevents the loss of heat and provides instant warmth throughout a room.

What are some good space heaters?

The “healthiest” heat by far is produced by infrared space heaters. They don’t circulate allergens around the air like fan heaters do, and they don’t affect the humidity levels in the room. Plus, they can produce sun-like heat in an instant. Kerosene space heaters are known for posing risks to health as they produce carbon monoxide.

Are electric heaters a fire hazard?

Yes, for many models. Because electric heaters operate on high wattage, they can possibly ignite nearby objects. To ensure safety, keep clothes, curtains, and other combustible objects a few feet away from your heater. It’s also best to check whether the heater plug snugly fits in the power outlet. Also, do not operate a heater that appears to be damaged.

How important is heating equipment?

Heating equipment can bring comfort, thus helping improve productivity in the workplace or create a more relaxed atmosphere in a home. It can also serve as extra protection for furniture or equipment against high humidity levels.

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