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Salamander Heaters (13 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Salamander Heaters (13 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a salamander heater?

A salamander heater, also known as torpedo heater, salamander furnace, or salamander, is a type of portable heating equipment that usually runs on fuel, such as kerosene or propane. Some models are powered by electricity.

How does a salamander heater work?

A salamander heater works and transfers heat using convection or a fan. It then pushes cool air through a flame. Some electric salamander heaters push air through several heated coils instead of heating the air through a flame.

Why are they called salamander heaters?

A salamander heater is called as such because its name is derived from the mythical salamander, which could control and survive in a fire. This folkloric creature also appeared from the flames when logs were put on the fire.

Where are salamander heaters commonly used?

Portable salamander heaters are often used on wide well-ventilated job sites where temporary heating is needed.

Are salamander heaters safe to use?

Like most types of heaters, salamander heaters are safe to use as long as they are not placed near combustible objects or in walkways. Because they operate on fuel, they should not be used in poorly ventilated indoor spaces.

Salamander Heaters

Salamander heaters have been around for decades, and for good reason. They’re the go-to heaters for construction sites and other outdoor job sites. These salamanders were designed specifically to be able to do what many heaters can’t -- effectively and reliably heat large outdoor spaces that can get significantly colder than indoor spaces.

This kind of heater is ideal for use in projects that need to keep on trucking even when weather conditions aren’t the most optimal. Additionally, salamanders don’t need complicated installations, and are made to provide temporary heating. They can thus be easily brought in and out of these sites as needed. Aside from construction job sites, they can also be used in warehouses or any other well-ventilated spaces.

Typically, salamander heaters use convection or fan forced heating. They use propane or kerosene as fuel, but they still need electricity in order to be able to work. This is why salamander heaters are commonly unsuitable for indoor use, and are not designed for such purposes.

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