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Calculated Industries

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Calculated Industries provides you with calculators specific to your industry or line of work. With over 30 years in the business, CI knows what you need to maximize your efficiency and improve your accuracy in calculating. Whether you’re looking for specialized calculators for construction, estimation, finance, or other matters, CI has what you need.

Their highlighted products include the Construction Master Pro, which is an advanced construction-math calculator for more accurate computations. It can easily convert between feet-inches-fractions and decimals, and is best used in the field to save time and prevent do-overs. If you’re an architect, engineer, draftsman, estimator, or even a carpenter, this is the calculator for you. If you want to find out more about their other products, you can check out our catalog here on Engineer Warehouse.

focusDon't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!


Don't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products does Calculated Industries (CI) offer?

Calculated Industries offers calculators and measurers fit for various industries, including architecture, construction, real estate, land surveying, and engineering. Its measurers collection includes distance measuring wheels, laser distance measurers, and the CI Scale Master Pro.

How do the CI calculators differ?

Each CI calculator has a set of specialized and industry-specific features. These features provide users with a quick solution to computations and estimations frequently done in their line of work. For example,

Can CI calculators be used by non-professionals?

Yes. Even with their special features, CI calculators can perform the basic functions of a regular calculator. Each calculator model also comes with an easy-to-follow User Guide.

How does a CI plan measurer work?

A plan measurer is a handheld, battery-powered device that can read and record the measurements of a blueprint, map, or drawing according to the scale at which it is set. For it to work, a user needs to roll its tip along the lines or details of the drawing being measured. Learn more.

Official Limited Warranty

Calculated Industries offers a warranty period of one (1) year for some products, and a warranty period of two (2) years for others. Warranty does not cover misuse, tampering, alteration, mishandling, improper operation, battery leakage, or repair by unauthorized technicians.

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