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Frequently Asked Questions

What are large document storage products used for?

Large document storage units are ideal for storing stacks or rolls of large documents. These documents can include blueprints, design plans, maps, drawings, artwork, and X-rays.

How do I keep blueprints and other large documents safe and secure?

You need to store them in a safe, dry, and durable container. Apart from this, you might want to consider investing in a fire-resistant safe to keep documents safe from fire and theft. It’s also best to keep documents on the upper floor of your building to protect them against water damage in the event of a flood. Lastly, you must convert hard copies of documents into digital ones as backup.

How can I organize large documents for quick access?

Store your documents in containers with multiple partitions, but don’t cram them in tight spaces. You should also arrange them in chronological or alphabetical order and create a labeling system using the storage unit’s document locator cards.

What is the best way to safely transport large documents?

When transporting large documents, it’s best to roll them up and store them in rectangular or cylindrical containers, such as mailing tubes and drawing protectors. Mailing tubes usually have self-locking closures, while drawing protectors have moisture-resistant barriers to protect documents.

What is the importance of large document storage?

Having large document storage units in the workplace means implementing an efficient filing system. These file boxes allow easy identification and retrieval of documents for reference. Moreover, they’re the best storage solutions to keep your files organized and safe from damage, thus preventing the loss of important information.

Document Storage

To prevent documents from cluttering up desks or getting torn, keep them safe and well-organized in one of the various document storage options that can be ordered here on Engineer Warehouse. By storing blueprints, maps, posters, brochures, and drawings, among others, in document storages, these documents will definitely be protected against harsh elements found indoors and outdoors.

Guaranteed to have the highest quality, these document storages can prevent flimsy sheets of documents from getting damaged. Featuring labels and locator cards, documents can be easily filed and labeled for quick identification and reference. Some of these storages can be mounted on any surface while others can be displayed on countertops and tabletops, which means that they also serve as instant space-saving solutions to crammed workplaces.

No matter what kind of documents needs to be stored, we offer document storage solutions of varying sizes and features to perfectly suit your storage needs and preferences. Keep documents safe and choose from the wide range of roll file storages, flat file storages, mailing tubes, drawing protectors, document protectors, literature holders, notepad holders, desktop reference systems, and document displays.



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