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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly used drafting tools?

The most basic drafting tools include drafting pencils, drafting papers, rulers, T-squares, French curves, drafting scales, straight edges, and drafting triangles.

What types of furniture are specifically designed for drafting?

Some pieces of furniture that professionals and students use in drafting are drawing reference tables or drawing boards, drafting stools, and light tables. Many professionals also opt to use portable drafting machines, with built-in scales and stand.

What are the best papers for drafting?

The best types of engineering papers are perfectly suitable for drafting. Vellum is also an excellent choice, particularly because of its durability even against multiple erasures.

How is drafting different from drawing?

Drafting is a form of technical drawing while drawing entails more artistry and creativity. Drafting involves technical matters, like scales and measurements, and the feasibility of these details when applied in real structures or objects.

What are some advanced technologies used in drafting?

The most popular technology for drafting is CAD. This technology has been around for decades and is continuously being further improved by software developers. When it comes to drafting for infrastructure, a system that’s growing in popularity is the Building Information Modeling or BIM. Other recent ideas have also been surfacing, including mobile-compatible CAD and architectural virtual reality.

Drafting Supplies & Equipment

Be it a 100-story building or a simple flannel shirt, every creation that needs accurate measurements and even lines won’t be possible without the use of drafting tools. These tools are often used by various professionals when making scale drawings, blueprints, cutting and sewing fabrics, and all other tasks that involve measuring, drawing straight lines, and creating patterns. Because of the consistent demand for these tools, Engineer Warehouse chose the best drafting tools out there and made them available for order.

Straight edges and T-squares are commonly used to draw straight lines while rulers offer the same function and feature calibrations for accurate measurements. For drawing angles, drafting triangles can provide either 45-90 or 30-60 angles. L-squares and form curves can help illustrators and fashion designers measure and make all kinds of patterns, and the latter can also produce curved lines for armholes and necklines of clothes. To easily cut and measure long fabrics, there are yardsticks specifically designed for tailors and quilters. Engineers and architects can draw with scale measurements using different types of drafting scales that are combined in drafting fans and drafting kits. With all of these tools, you can easily order one for your next project.



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