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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between task lighting and ambient lighting?

Task lighting refers to the light fixtures designed to help people get specific tasks done. Ambient lighting or general lighting serves to distribute light throughout the entire space. This type of lighting allows people to move around safely and comfortably. Job sites, in general, need to have both task lighting and ambient lighting for safety, efficiency, and ergonomics.

What are the general lighting requirements for a job site?

General construction areas, underground work areas, loading platforms, excavation sites, warehouses, and indoor corridors are required to have at least 5 foot-candles of illumination. Construction plants and shops need to have 10 foot-candles. Offices and infirmaries must have 30 foot-candles of illumination.

What types of lighting are used for construction sites?

  • Light towers - usually have a generator, a retractable mast, and multiple lighting fixtures
  • Balloon lighting - can softly disperse light and can be mounted on stands or other surfaces
  • Equipment-mounted lights - are light heads or portable utility lights that can be installed on heavy machines
  • Warning lights - mainly serve to alert oncoming vehicles of the presence of a road construction site

How to hang temporary construction lighting?

Most temporary light fixtures for construction come with mounts, so you can easily install fixtures on the wall, ceiling, and other surfaces. Before mounting these fixtures, you must ensure that there’s a nearby electrical outlet to power them up.

How does OSHA measure workplace lighting?

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) makes use of the unit “foot-candle” to measure the level of illuminance in workplaces. A foot-candle is equivalent to one lumen per square foot or one square-foot surface from the light source.

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