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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appropriate setup for IT professionals?

Rack-mount equipment or furniture is always a good option. Unlike regular shelves or racks, this type of furniture is specially designed to house servers and hardware. Second, having the right cooling equipment is a must to promote proper airflow and prevent devices from overheating. Finally, you must organize and label cables to ensure that devices are running optimally. Check out this reference guide to learn more about how to set up IT furniture.

What are some of the ergonomic features of IT equipment or furniture?

For added comfort and better posture when working with IT equipment, use a mount to raise your monitor at an optimal viewing height. Wrist rests and sliding keyboard trays can also boost comfort as they can allow you to comfortably position your arms and wrists as you use your mouse and keyboard.

What is an easy way to lift and rack IT equipment?

If it isn’t possible to ask help from others, use a trolley to safely transport your equipment first. Then, raise your server on a server lift or a simple scissor lift. After that, align it with the mounting rails and screw it into place. For better and easier installation, you can attach a rack helper to the server rack before mounting your equipment.

Which is better: an open frame rack or an enclosed cabinet?

It depends on what your needs and priorities are. Here are the pros and cons of these furniture pieces:
Open frame racks
  • Pros: allow unobstructed airflow, provide ease of access to cables and devices, and cost less than cabinets
  • Cons: their open design can expose equipment to dust, theft, and damage
Enclosed cabinets
  • Pros: come with locks, offer better security, and allow easy hot aisle/cold aisle configuration or other cooling arrangements
  • Cons: cost more than racks and make it harder to access equipment

Where can I buy IT supplies and equipment?

The best place to buy IT supplies and equipment is online. IT supplies manufacturers understand that most of their customers spend a great amount of their time on computers and are likely inclined to transact online. Because of this, you can find a wider range of IT supplies options on the web than in physical stores. Plus, you can have your orders conveniently delivered to your home or office.

IT Supplies and Equipment

In today’s digital age, businesses and individuals alike heavily depend on IT equipment. With the fast-growing demand for IT equipment, furniture design has also evolved to support the needs of this kind of equipment. For this reason, Engineer Warehouse has collected all kinds of IT furniture pieces that are ideal for your servers, computers, and other devices.

Because most modern companies operate on servers, server devices should be securely placed in cabinets and racks. Cabinets are mainly used for security purposes, while racks can provide proper airflow to the equipment. Drawers or shelves can serve as add-ons to racks or cabinets to keep server devices organized. Cables also have to be organized and laced through the slots of cable managers and routing blanks.

The workspaces of IT employees are more difficult to organize than regular office workspaces, which is why a LAN station is the best choice of IT workstation. These stations can be accessorized with drawers, keyboard trays, and other add-ons to further organize devices and supplies. There are also various mounts, brackets, and mounting kits to secure equipment to walls and other surfaces.



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