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Frequently Asked Questions

How do fans work?

Most fans run on electricity and motors, which operate the rotor shafts. The rotor shafts rotate the fan blades at a speed set by the user. Different electric fan models offer varying speed settings and number of blades.

How can I clean fans and other cooling devices?

First, turn off and unplug the fan. Second, vacuum its grill to remove the dust buildup. Next, blast the dust off by spraying compressed air onto each blade. Lastly, using a microfiber cloth, wipe the fan from top to bottom. Make sure that the grill, base, and back of the fan are wiped clean.

What is the best position for a cooling unit to cool a room effectively?

The best way to cool a room is to close its windows first and position the fan toward the room’s occupants. For widespread cooling, turn on the air conditioner while the fan circulates the air around the place.

How to assemble a fan?

When assembling a standing fan, you just need a screwdriver to attach the fan’s pole to the base. If you need to install the fan’s motor on the pole, screw the motor into the pole’s predrilled holes and connect the motor’s wires to the sockets within the pole. Before turning the fan on, you have to make sure that the wires are secured in place.

What type of motor does a cooling unit need?

Electric cooling devices or fans run on either alternating current (AC) motors or direct current (DC) motors. AC motors get their power directly from electric current, regulate this current to control the fan speed, and offer 3-speed and 4-speed options. On the other hand, DC motors use magnets, convert the electric power to regulate the fan speed, operate more silently, and offer 6-speed options and more torque than AC motors.

Cooling Equipment

The weather isn’t always forgiving, and in the summer months, the temperatures can get unbearable. To make homes, offices, facilities, commercial establishments, and job sites more comfortable, there is always the option of using one or more of various cooling equipment. Equipment like this can help lower temperatures in a given space, thus providing comfort and eliminating the hazards of high temperatures.

Engineer Warehouse offers a variety of cooling equipment, each one capable of meeting a variety of needs. There are wall- and ceiling-mounted fans and blowers, power misters, exhaust fans, evaporative coolers, air curtains, and more. We also offer cooling equipment mounts, shutters, fan motors, and various equipment parts. Each product is made with the highest standards for durability and reliability in mind.

With all of these equipment and parts, you’ll be able to set up an entire cooling system by looking through the catalog. Engineer Warehouse has a wide and varied collection of cooling equipment that is suitable for use in different kinds of facilities.



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