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Dutch Hill

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Dutch Hill is a supplier and manufacturer of the best land surveying equipment. This brand’s products are specially made to withstand all kinds of harsh environments. There are tripods and bipods made for various surveying instruments, and there are also poles and rods for mounting prisms and measuring elevations. Dutch Hill also offers prisms as targets for electronic distance measurement devices. All these surveying instruments can be optimized with compatible Dutch Hill accessories, such as clamps, cradles, and tribrachs.

Engineer Warehouse is one of the trusted dealers of Dutch Hill products. If you’re looking for top-tier land surveying equipment, you can definitely count on the products featured here on Engineer Warehouse. Here, we make sure to provide you with the best products from the best brands.

focusDon't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!


Don't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What surveying tools does Dutch Hill offer?

Dutch Hill offers top-quality surveying tripods, bipods, prisms, poles, rods, and many other survey tools and accessories.

What are Dutch Hill tripods made of?

Dutch Hill has a variety of heavy-duty tripods. These include carbon fiber tripods, aluminum tripods, fiberglass tripods, and fiberglass composite tripods.

What is the advantage of using a heavy-duty tripod in leveling survey instruments?

The best advantage is the stability that a heavy-duty tripod provides. This stability affects the positioning of the instrument mounted on the tripod so that it also affects the accuracy and reliability of the surveying job itself.

Are Dutch Hill accessories compatible with surveying tools by other brands?

Yes, Dutch Hill products may be used with instruments from other brands. Frome example, a Dutch Hill bipod is compatible with most prism pole models.

Official Limited Warranty

Dutch Hill’s Limited Official Warranty covers defects in material & workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of sale. Products are warranted to conform to statements made in their current technical literature. The manufacturer also doesn't offer warranties about merchantability or of fitness for a purpose.

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