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Grade Laser Levels (0 Styles Available)

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Grade Laser Levels (0 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What are grade laser levels?

Grade laser levels are designed to provide accurate grade measurements and differences in elevations for building ramps, excavating, and laying foundations.

What are the uses of grade laser levels?

Grade laser levels can be used by surveyors, engineers, and other construction professionals for building roads, installing sewers and pipes, trenching, designing ramps, and other tasks that require grade measurements.

How do I set the grade with a grade laser?

Grade lasers are typically self-leveling. After setting the self-leveling grade laser on a compatible tripod and turning it on, it will level itself automatically. Then, you can enter grades in increments of 0.001% up to 10%.

What is the difference between a single and dual slope laser level?

A single grade laser level can read a grade on one axis at a time, whereas a dual slope laser can read two grades on different axes at a time to get compound grades.

How do I change the grade on a dual grade laser level?

Like other types of grade laser levels, you can change the grade on a dual grade laser by entering grades of up to 10%. Unlike other lasers, a dual grade laser can accommodate grades on both the X and Y axes at the same time.

Grade Laser Levels

In excavation projects, professionals must first determine the measurements of the declining slopes, whereas building ramps, slides, or other inclined structures requires establishing the differences of elevations. For these tasks, grade laser levels can provide you with highly accurate results of grades or slopes so that structures or foundations will be perfectly symmetrical. 

The grade laser levels from Engineer Warehouse are of the self-leveling type, which means that they are perfectly suitable for use on uneven terrains. By mounting them on compatible tripods and allowing them to self-level, users can easily establish their preferred heights and get accurate grade measurements.

Because these laser levels can work over thousands of feet, contractors, surveyors, and other professionals can use them in wide outdoor construction sites. Designed to withstand harsh elements such as dust and water, these durable grade laser levels are the best choice of tool when establishing slopes in tough field conditions. Just like other types of laser levels, grade laser levels can also be used in leveling and plumbing, making them a versatile tool for construction projects. To build even structures of the highest quality, get precise measurements of grades and level accurately with the use of grade laser levels.



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