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Frequently Asked Questions

What are laser levels used for?

Laser levers are used for leveling and alignment tasks in surveying and construction. They produce a laser beam that serves as a reference point or a straight reference line. They are commonly used by construction professionals, but some homeowners also use them for simple tasks like aligning picture frames, building cabinets, etc.

What are the different types of laser levels?

The types of laser levels include point laser levels, line laser levels, cross line laser levels, combination laser levels, grade laser levels, and rotary laser levels.
  • Point laser level - projects one or more reference points; commonly available in 3-point and 5-point models
  • Line laser level - projects a straight 180-degree reference line, horizontally or vertically
  • Cross line laser level - offers a cross-line projection of a horizontal line and a vertical line
  • Combination laser level - offers a combination of lines and points; users can use the lines and points simultaneously or switch between them depending on their task
  • Grade laser level - designed for tasks that necessitate a precise grade
  • Rotary laser level - projects a 360-degree laser beam that allows for a more efficient work

What are the advantages of self-leveling laser levels?

Self-leveling laser levels are easier, more convenient, and more efficient to use. They are also more accurate compared with traditional bubble type levels. Also, unlike other leveling instruments, self-leveling laser levels can be operated by a single person. Some of them can be used as hand-held instruments while others can be mounted on a tripod so that users can move freely during a leveling or alignment job.

Are all laser levels suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

A few models have dual modes that can support indoor and outdoor tasks. However, due to visibility issues, most laser levels are designed for a specific type of setting. Lasers for indoor use usually project a red beam while those for outdoor use project a green bream.

What instruments are commonly used with a laser level?

Laser levels are commonly mounted on a tripod. When visibility is an issue, they may be used with compatible laser detectors and receivers.

Laser Levels

No matter how specific your leveling needs are, Engineer Warehouse has all kinds of laser levels, detectors, and other accessories that you can easily choose from. These products have been carefully selected based on their quality, features, and performance, so you won’t have to tediously look through webpage after webpage of low-grade laser levels.

Each kind of laser level offers specific features that are ideal for leveling, plumbing, square alignment, and slope applications. These laser levels can projects lines, points, or 360-degree planes in either horizontal or vertical mode to serve as benchmarks for accurate leveling. When working indoors, red laser levels can generate adequately visible beams. On the other hand, green laser levels are ideal for outdoor use as they can produce brighter beams. Laser levels of the self-leveling type are also available for easy calibrations and setups.

To boost these laser levels’ working ranges, use laser detectors when leveling in brightly lit outdoor settings. You can also check the status of laser levels and collect information from afar with the use of laser sensors. Aside from this, other accessories can improve the performance of laser levels for added efficiency and convenience when working on construction projects.



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