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Combination Laser Levels (0 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Combination Laser Levels (0 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a combination laser level?

A combination laser, also called a line and point laser level, is a type of laser level that produces lines, dots, or both at the same time.

What are combination laser levels used for?

Combination laser levels are ideal for tasks that require users to use lines, dots, or both. These tasks include leveling, transferring reference points, running wires, installing pipes, and installing lighting.

How do I use a combination laser level?

Using a combination laser level is no different than using other types of laser levels, except for a few functionalities. See this article on how to use a laser level.

What is the difference between a combination laser and a cross-line laser?

A cross-line laser can produce a vertical line, horizontal line, or both at the same time to form a cross-shaped laser beam. A combination laser level can produce a line, dot, or a combination of both in vertical or horizontal mode.

Why are combination laser levels better than other types of laser levels?

Combination laser levels are better than other kinds of lasers in one aspect: they combine the functionality of both cross line lasers and dot lasers.

Combination Laser Levels

Whenever the job requires accurate leveling and plumbing, professionals fully understand the importance of laser levels. However, using standard laser levels won’t be enough to efficiently accomplish tasks such as stud installation and square alignment. For this reason, combination laser levels are the best and most versatile choice of leveling device when working on construction projects.

Featuring vertical and horizontal modes with a combination of lines and points, these laser levels offer multiple functions, perfect for any kind of leveling job. The red and green combination laser levels from Engineer Warehouse won’t only provide users with accurate results, but they will also allow versatile use. Because of their pendulum locks, they can be used to project lines or points even for slope applications. These locks add durability to the tough construction of combination laser levels, which make them suitable in tough field conditions.

By producing up to four points, lines, or a combination of the two in either horizontal or vertical modes, these laser levels are ideal for general layout work, plumbing, leveling, squaring, and installing metal or wood studs. When working over long distances during the day, use combination laser levels with compatible detectors for added accuracy and visibility.



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