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Pacific Laser Systems

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Pacific Laser Systems boasts of several decades’ worth of expertise in engineering laser tools. As a Fluke company, PLS is guided by top-notch standards when it comes to accuracy, durability, and dependability. It offers a variety of self-leveling lasers like rotary lasers, line or combo lasers, and point lasers that are undeniably some of the best tools out there.

Aside from laser levels, PLS also offers laser accessories. These are designed to work well with specific laser models, extend their functionality, and make alignment jobs more convenient than ever. Some of these accessories are laser detectors, targets, floor stands, brackets, remote controls, batteries, and carrying cases.

PLS lasers are available as single units and as components of a complete kit.

focusDon't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!


Don't See What You're Looking For? Want to Buy In Bulk? Contact Our Sales Team Directly at sales@engineerwarehouse.com or Call (805) 720-6238. We're here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of laser levels does Pacific Laser Systems offer?

Pacific Laser Systems offers point lasers, line lasers, combo lasers, and rotary lasers. The company also offers specialty products, such as laser distance measurement tools and automatic optical levels.

What are some applications where I can use a PLS laser level?

Different PLS lasers work for best for different applications. Below is a guide from the laser level application chart published by PLS:
  • Foundations - PLS 5, 6, 180, 360, 480, H2, HV2, and HVL 100
  • Framing - PLS 3, 5, 6, 180, 480, H2, HV2, and HVL 100
  • Floor & Tile - PLS 6, 180, FT90, and HVL 100
  • Finish Carpentry - PLS 3, 5, 6, 180, 360, 480, and HVL 100
  • Acoustic Ceiling - PLS 6, 180, 360, H2, HV2, and HVL 100
  • Electrical - PLS 3, 5, 6, 180, and HVL 100
  • Painting - PLS 6, 180, 360, and HVL 100
  • HVAC - PLS 3, 5, 6, 180, 480, and HVL 100
  • Window & Glass - PLS 3, 5, 6, 180, 480, H2, HV2, and HVL 100
  • Excavation - PLS 360, H2, and HV2

Can I buy PLS laser level accessories without buying a laser?

Yes, you can buy a standalone accessory from a PLS distributor like Engineer Warehouse. Some accessories you can buy are detectors, batteries, remote controls, stands, and laser level carrying cases.

Will my old PLS accessories work with newer PLS lasers?

Some of them will. However, for most new PLS lasers, their specifications might be too big or too small to fit with accessories like floor stands and L-brackets.To find out which accessories your laser is compatible with, be sure to check the laser’s specifications or read its product page on your supplier’s website.

Does PLS offer calibration services?

PLS doesn’t have calibration services. However, for newly purchased lasers that are out of calibration, you may request a product replacement under the product’s warranty policy. You may also bring your tool to a reliable calibration center and pay for a calibration service.

Official Warranty

All tools manufactured by Pacific Laser Systems have a warranty period of three (3) years. This warranty covers defects that were not caused by obvious misuse or age. Customers can opt to bring the defective item to the factory for replacement. Contact us before returning the products

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