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Surveying Bipods (4 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Surveying Bipods (4 Styles Available)

  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What are surveying bipods used for?

In laser scanning, mapping, and other surveying applications, bipods are used to support and keep instruments stable, especially on uneven ground. These instruments include targets, GPS antennas, prisms, range poles, rover rods, and prism poles, among others.

Why are bipods used with range poles?

In GPS surveying, it’s essential to attach a range pole to a bipod. This can keep the antenna, which is mounted on the range pole, at a fixed height and speed up the setup time as well.

What are bipods made of?

Bipods are typically made of lightweight yet durable materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminum.

What should I look for when buying a bipod?

Check if the survey bipod has a feature that allows it to withstand regular use, such as a pole-saver feature. Weight is also an important consideration, especially for surveying jobs lasting the whole day. Lastly, choose a quick-release bipod or one with a thumb-release lock to reduce setup time.

How do I prevent my bipod from rusting or wearing?

Regular maintenance can prevent a bipod from rusting and wearing. To do this, disassemble all of the bipod’s parts. If the bipod legs have outer tubes, flush out the dust and debris. Then, lubricate all of the threads. Let the parts dry before reassembling them.

Surveying Bipods

No matter how well a device performs, it won’t function as optimally as designed without the use of essential accessories. Surveying instruments, for example, need to be set up in a stable position so that they can yield maximum performance and highly accurate results. For this reason, Engineer Warehouse offers accessories for surveying equipment, one of which is a bipod. Because of its two legs, it can provide instruments with a balanced setup, which can help eliminate errors in surveying. Compatible with prism poles or level rods, these bipods are made of durable materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminum, to provide the instruments with sturdy support. However, durability isn’t related to weight at all. In fact, most of these bipods do not weigh much, so they are easy to move to different survey stations and transport to different surveying sites. These bipods also offer quick thumb release for easy adjustments and setups. Moreover, most of them sport bright colors such as fluorescent yellow and red so that surveyors can easily spot them, along with the mounted surveying instruments, in the bright outdoors. As long as these bipods are used, surveying instruments are guaranteed to have secure and stable setups.



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