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Nedo 2m 19A Precision Invar Leveling Rod - 392189

Brand: NEDO Surveying
WARRANTY: Backed by Terms of Manufacturer’s Official Warranty


Length 2 m
Weight 4.3 kg / 9.48 lbs
Staff Body Construction Aluminum Profile
Footplate Construction Chrome-alloy, nickel-plated steel
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Nedo
Model Number 392 189

Nedo 2m 19A Precision Invar Leveling Rod - 392189


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2m Length
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  • A rigid aluminum profile body with an anodized surface
  • Yellow lacquered graduation face protected by a 0.1 mm polyester coating
  • Profiled with a groove to protect invar tape
  • Tensioned by soft spring to compensate extension coefficient of rod profile
  • Extension coefficient: < 1.5 x 10-6
  • Footplate slightly protrudes from staff body
  • Chrome-alloy footplate of chemically nickel-plated steel
  • Built with an integrated circular bubble and fold-away handles
  • Zinced and powder-coated handles

Product Information

Very few others can match the superior accuracy and sharp-edge built of Nedo’s Precision Invar Leveling Rod. Its impeccable quality has made it the preferred choice of countless surveying professionals. In fact, it is so reliable that it is used to maintain perfect alignment of the Large Hadron Collider’s nearly 17 miles of superconducting magnets!

Impressive as that may sound, you don’t really need a giant particle accelerator to realize how incredibly effective this product truly is. The Nedo Precision Invar Leveling Rod is ideal for any type of large-scale construction projects such as roads, dams, tunnels, power plants, and more.

This top-class invar leveling rod owes its spotless precision to Nedo’s state-the-art manufacturing technology. Its graduations are engraved using an interferometrically controlled laser beam. This high-tech process creates calibrations that are nothing short of perfection down to the very last millimeter. The Nedo Precision Invar Leveling Rod’s accuracy is virtually immaculate that not only does it meet the requirements of DIN 18717 / ISO 12858-1 -- it practically leaves them in the dust.

The Nedo Precision Invar Leveling Rod boasts other features, including its solid-edge profile, nickel-plated steel plate, built-in circular bubble, and powder-coated handle.


Length 2 m
Weight 4.3 kg / 9.48 lbs
Staff Body Construction Aluminum Profile
Footplate Construction Chrome-alloy, nickel-plated steel
Quantity 1
Manufacturer Nedo
Model Number 392 189
WARRANTY: Backed by Terms of Manufacturer’s Official Warranty
Nedo Surveying
Covered by Full NEDO Surveying Warranty!
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Based on 22 reviews
Would reccomend!!

Shortly after I placed my order I received and email telling me that there was an issue with available stock. They asked how i would like to proceed after giving me an estimated lead time. I was really impressed by the effort made on their part to insure that their customers stay informed and happy. This company gets 10/10 from us and will continue to order our paper here!!! Thanks!!!


Thank you for your prompt reply and
Quick shipping response

Great job!

Great job! Engineer Warehouse. Easy ordering, great prices and fast shipping.
What else more can a new customer ask for.

Grade Rod

Good sturdy material. Fast and friendly with excellent customer service. Thank you

Initial thoughts

This is a nice, what I would call, mid grade/price elevating tripod. It does have some plastic parts that look to be a potential weak point for long term heavy use. Having said that the riser portion is very smooth and thus far has virtually no play with a nice knob to lock it off. The attachment plate is also beautifully built and engineered, simply, strong and effective. In my opinion it’s a value for a German made product.

Silent boot works as described

Quick delivery

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replacement tribrach

Put it on my CST Berger DGT10 and it works great.

Great product

Purchased site line level for a little over $200. Not something our business needs every day, but still needed a quality tool. For our purposes, it's perfect. Just as good as the DeWalt unit we recently rented at a very reasonable price.

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surveyor tripod

great tripod. Heavy heavy duty. I would have like it more if there was a leveling bubble on the mounting plate. But all in all a very good quality tripod.

Great a/v cart

Do you sell larger more durable rubber wheels I can put on my cart? Sometimes take thru bldg. garages, sidewalks, over door jams. Let me know. Would like to buy 4 with 2 that lock, thx Constance


i cant give a review yet because I want be using the product till next week.

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