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Frequently Asked Questions

What is office equipment?

Generally speaking, office equipment refers to a company’s assets that enable a workplace to operate. It includes light fixtures, computers, and machines such as shredders, printers, and photocopiers. It also covers intangible equipment, like computer software.

How should office products or equipment be maintained?

Maintaining office equipment entails regular cleaning. Dust particles can cause machines to overheat, jam, or even get damaged. When cleaning any type of equipment, be sure to read the manufacturers’ maintenance instructions. It’s also a good idea to ask professionals to service office equipment maintenance regularly.

What is the difference between office supplies and office equipment?

Office supplies refer to small items that an office has to replenish regularly, like paper, staples, paper clips, pens, and pencils. They also include other small purchases that significantly cost less than furniture and equipment. Office equipment, in general, covers bigger purchases and is used for over a year. It includes shredders, printers, check signers, and computers.

What are the pieces of equipment that an office needs?

  • Internet connection and phone lines - for communicating with clients and colleagues and for sharing information
  • Computer hardware and software - for managing, processing, and protecting data
  • Printers - for producing hard copies of documents
  • Scanners - for converting hard copies into digital files
  • Shredders - for securing confidential information through effective disposal and destruction of documents
  • Copiers - for reproducing copies of documents

How does quality office equipment affect productivity?

The quality and performance of office equipment influence the amount of output yielded at the end of the day. Quality office equipment also means quality output and less rework.

Office Equipment

An efficient office needs to run like a well-oiled machine, but this definitely takes some planning and maintenance. To keep an office running smoothly, having the right office equipment is of utmost importance. Thus, you need to make sure that you make the right choices and purchases for your business or place of work.

Typically, any place of business is a hub of a wide variety of activities. Thus, different types of equipment are necessary. Here on Engineer Warehouse, you’ll find equipment such as shredders, lighting tools, charging stations, storage solutions, paper creasers, paper joggers, carts, and many more.

With equipment like these, offices and businesses can run more efficiently and smoothly than ever before. If you’re starting a new business or you’re buying for your office, you’ll be able to find great discounts and deals here on Engineer Warehouse.

Each product here is made by trusted manufacturers with years of experience in their respective fields. Browse the categories above to find what you’ve been looking for.



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