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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of printers?

The different types of printers include laser printers, Inkjet printers, 3D printers, solid ink printers, LED printers, multifunction printers, and dot matrix printers. Printers can also be classified according to the type of ink system they use, such as an ink tank or an ink cartridge.

What are the parts of a printer?

The printer parts common to all types of printers include:
  • Control Panel - has the printer’s control keys for various functions
  • Paper Feed - holds the papers and feeds them into the printer, one sheet at a time, during printing
  • Edge Guides - used in loading papers properly; can be adjusted to fit the width of printing papers
  • Output Tray - receives the papers once they are ejected by the printer
  • Port and Connector - are used to connect the printer to a computer

What paper sizes do wide-format printers support?

Most wide-format printers can accommodate papers with a width of between 18 to 100 inches. Because different printers have different capacities, be sure to check what specific sizes of a large-format paper a printer can accept before making a purchase.

What are some of the most important components of a printer?

Different printer components play crucial functions to ensure hassle-free printing. These components include the brush motors, printer clutch, carrier strips, printer belts, and many more.

What are the proper printer maintenance procedures?

Maintenance procedures must be based on the instructions of your printer’s manufacturer. However, some of the common maintenance activities you can do are to:
  • Do a nozzle check when the print quality starts going low
  • Clean the printer head either manually or by activating the printers self-clean setting
  • Blow or wipe off dust particles from the printer’s surfaces

Printer Supplies

Since blueprints serve as references to construction teams, they have to be reproduced with the use of blueprint machines. Like other equipment, these machines are made up of components and supplies that have to be replaced occasionally. These printer supplies enable blueprint machines to operate optimally and yield several clear copies in a relatively short time.

Blueprints are reproduced through a process that involves light. This light comes from printer lamps, which are turned on by starters. As the light goes through the original drawings, the details from these drawings are transferred to the light-sensitized blank sheets of paper with the help of cylinders. These cylinders are rotated by belts that are attached to the machine’s motor, which are made up of sprockets, brushes, clutches, switches, fuses, fans, and resistors. The cylinders also have printer blades that wipe off the chemical buildup.

After the blueprint copy goes through this process, users have to develop it in the machine’s screen filled with ammonia. Then, a carrier strip is attached at the top of the copy so that it is ready for filing.

If you’re looking for replacements for your blueprint machine, look through the printer supplies available here on Engineer Warehouse.



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