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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of essential office supplies?

  • Paper - for printing out important documents or copies
  • Pencils, pens, and markers - for writing notes down
  • Envelopes and folders - for arranging and labeling documents
  • Document storage - for safekeeping important files
  • Tape - for packing things up or even for temporary fixing
  • Staplers, paper clips, hole punch, and other fasteners - for grouping and securing documents together

What are the most useful office supplies for a startup?

  • Whiteboard and collaboration supplies - encourage brainstorming and formulating new ideas
  • Calendars - help employees plan, organize, and assign tasks ahead

What is the difference between office supplies and office stationery?

Office supplies include items that a workplace needs to regularly stock up on, such as printer ink, staples, staplers, and paper clips. These supplies also encompass stationery. Office stationery refers to commercially manufactured materials used for writing, such as paper and pens.

How should office supplies be organized?

The key element in organizing office supplies is choosing the right place for everything. This can help employees categorize office supplies and find what they need. Another thing is to get spacious storage cabinets, tub carts, or bins in which multiple supplies can be kept out of sight. Labeling can also help keep things in order and make it easy for employees to identify and retrieve documents.

Where can you get office supplies?

It’s likely that there are various office supply stores scattered around your city. For the sake of convenience, however, it’s better to purchase supplies online and have it delivered right to your office’s doorstep, especially when you’re buying in bulk.

Office Supplies

It’s hard to imagine an office without its corresponding supplies. The closest image that one can conjure is a chaotic workspace with unorganized files and unfinished tasks. Needless to say, office supplies are essential in any company. They boost efficiency and productivity and make an office more conducive to work. When your office is fresh out of supplies, browse through all sorts of office supplies here on Engineer Warehouse.

To start with, every employee needs the basic office supplies, such as ID pockets, pencil sharpeners, felt tip markers, erasers, paper clips, scissors, notebook fillers, and rulers. There are also paper tabs to seal letters as well as padding press glue to temporarily bind the edges of notepads.

Documents should be kept organized in efficient filing systems, which include ring binders, document sleeves, posting trays, and index sets. Before filing them, they should be fastened together with the use of staplers, or their edges should have holes made by hole punches. Documents and other materials can also be posted on boards, tack strips, or frames.

Aside from these, there are adhesive tapes, cutting mats, cleaning tools, static eliminators, paper shredder supplies, and various kinds of calculators built for specific professions.



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