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Calculated Industries Digiroller Plus III Measuring Wheel Review

If you need accurate distance estimations without sacrificing comfort and efficiency, then you’re in for a treat with this digital measuring wheel.

Calculated Industries Digiroller Plus III Measuring Wheel Review

Our Verdict



    • Designed for improved balance and accuracy
    • User-friendly controls
    • Easy-to-read, shock-resistant backlit display
    • Sturdy construction, ideal for harsh outdoor conditions


  • The position of the On/Clear button may result in the accidental resetting of the counter
  • More expensive than other models

Packed with the most innovative measuring wheel features, it’s no surprise that the Calculated Industries 6575 Digiroller is regarded by many as the best measuring wheel on the market. While it comes with a slightly heftier price tag than other models, the Digiroller Plus III is something that land surveyors and other professionals should definitely not leave home without.


Don’t want the hassle of reading off analog displays? Then a digital measuring wheel is your best bet. More specifically, the Calculated Industries Digiroller Plus III. It just might be what you need in your tool kit.

Packed with the most innovative measuring wheel features, it’s no surprise that the Calculated Industries 6575 Digiroller is regarded by many as the best measuring wheel on the market. While it comes with a slightly heftier price tag than other models, the Digiroller Plus III is something that land surveyors and other professionals should definitely not leave home without.

The brand’s latest measuring wheel model as of this writing, the Digiroller Plus III completely embodies "form follows function." Boasting a 7-digit backlit display on its top-mounted control panel, it lets you easily read off measurements under broad daylight or even under low-light conditions.

As with most tools, however, this digital measuring wheel comes with a few minor imperfections. Other users found the position of the On/Clear buttons a tad inconvenient as it might cause them to accidentally reset the counter. It’s also unnoticeably heavier than its predecessor, the Digiroller Plus II, and more expensive than other measuring wheel brands.

Regardless, the Digiroller Plus III gives little to no cause for complaints; its handy features more than make up for its weight and price. Compared to the older Digiroller model (and other measuring wheels on the market), this Calculated Industries measuring wheel is designed with better ergonomics, accuracy, and efficiency in mind.

Features and Benefits

What sets the Digiroller Plus III apart from all other measuring wheels out there is its center-line design. This innovative design, combined with its heavy-duty 12.5-inch wheel, allows for improved balance and accuracy, ideal for getting distance estimations on rugged terrain outdoors.

Another thing that makes the Calculated Industries 6575 great for outdoor use is that it’s built to withstand tough field conditions. Featuring reinforced, shock-resistant metal construction and protective bumpers, this digital measuring wheel is heavily protected against the elements and is truly built to last.

True, this Calculated Industries measuring wheel comes with an incredibly sturdy build. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to carry or maneuver. Its pistol grip rubber handle adds comfort to measuring distances all day long, while its foldable body and built-in carrying handle let you bring the measuring wheel wherever the job takes you—all without difficulty. Just fold it up, store it in its included carrying case, and you’re all set to go.

To add to its ergonomic design, this digital measuring wheel comes with large TruTac buttons that are pretty easy to press, even while you’re wearing thick winter gloves. Plus, its top-mounted control panel with a backlit LCD allows you to read off measurements or press buttons without having to bend down.

Calculated Industries Digiroller Plus III 99.5% accuracy

Prefer U.S. or metric units? Have the freedom of choice with the Digiroller Plus III. It can measure up to a whopping 9,999,999 feet, meters, yards, or inches with 99.5% accuracy, at a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour. A combination of efficiency and accuracy is what you’ll get when you have this digital measuring wheel at your disposal.

  • Center-line design means no more inaccurate or unstable measuring
  • Designed for measuring length, width, height, depth, perimeters, areas, cubic volumes, and circular calculations
  • 7-digit backlit display allows for easy-to-read measurements under any light condition
  • Handle-mounted controls eliminate the need to bend or stoop down
  • Measures up to 9,999,999 feet, meters, yards, or inches
  • Switches between U.S. and metric units
  • 99.5% measuring accuracy
  • Large TruTac buttons for ease of use even while wearing gloves
  • Durability at its finest: reinforced metal shaft and handle, protective bumpers, sealed gear transmission, and shock-resistant LCD mounts
  • Folds down to half its size and features an ergonomic pistol grip handle, built-in kickstand, and carrying handle for easy portability
  • Includes one 9V battery, backpack carrying case, reflective safety tape, and wrist lanyard

Safety Features

Since the Calculated Industries 6575 Digiroller is specially made for surveyors, landscapers, and other professionals, it features a design that can help prevent work-related hazards. One of its safety features is its high-visibility green color, which is bright enough to be seen in low-light conditions. Combine its hi-viz color with its reflective safety tape, and what you’ll have is the perfect measuring wheel to use near high-traffic areas.

Low visibility isn’t the only hazard found in workplaces. Ergonomic hazards are often overlooked by employers and employees alike, but Calculated Industries makes sure that its products are all ergonomically designed—just like the 6575 Digiroller. Its pistol grip handle helps prevent hand strains from working all day long, while its top-mounted controls eliminate the need to bend down, thus preventing neck and back strains.

Best Ways to Use the Product

Measuring distances, areas, volumes, and circles is easy when you use the Digiroller Plus III digital measuring wheel. Just place the wheel at the start of the measurement, clear the display, press the On/Clear button, and start rolling. Remember to keep the handle position consistent throughout the measurement.

When measuring areas and perimeters, roll the wheel along the length of the area being measured, then press the Length and On/Clear buttons. Next, roll the wheel along the width and press the Width/LxW button.

When measuring volumes, set the wheel to height mode by pressing the Set and +1/2 Wheel buttons. Then, roll the wheel along the height of the area being measured, then press the Set and On/Clear buttons. Next, use the wheel to measure the length of the area and press the Length and On/Clear buttons. After that, measure the width of the area, then press the Set and Width/LxW buttons.

Lastly, to measure circumferences, just roll the wheel along the area’s diameter and press the Length button.

Best Ways to Use the Digiroller Plus III

Like other measuring wheels, the 6575 Digiroller Plus III has a built-in kickstand, which you can flip down to keep the tool upright whenever you need to jot down measurements. But unlike others on the market, it comes with a cumulative memory key to save your data, so you don’t have to worry about losing your measurements. It also has a Units button, which allows you to change the unit of measurement of the displayed value.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions when using, storing, or transporting the Digiroller Plus III digital measuring wheel. That way, you can keep it in pristine condition for years of use.

User Reviews

An average rating of 4.7 out of 5 can be considered fairly high, and the Digiroller Plus III well-deserves that. Measuring wheel veterans, among other users, found this model packed with quite the advanced features.

Apart from the many functions that this tool has in store, users particularly liked its overall design. Even users over 6-feet tall felt comfortable walking around with this measuring wheel, along with its ergonomic handle. They could attest to the fact that anyone who uses this measuring wheel—be they short or tall—will never find it unwieldy to maneuver.

Some reviews state that the top-mounted On/Clear button is placed in an awkward position. They say that you have to be extra careful to not press the button on accident.

Digiroller Plus III reviews

Despite this and its relatively steep price, the Digiroller Plus III no doubt offers the best bang for your buck. Most reviewers like how the wheel stops immediately once they stop moving, further proving its precision. For these users, everything about the measuring wheel seems to work well—it even has more features than they need. Its wheel accuracy, convenient features, and well-built design offer more than enough to get the everyday measuring job done right.

And if first impressions matter to you, this measuring wheel will suit your needs perfectly. Some users loved how it’s not only built like a tank but also serves as a conversation piece for their clients. That means this tool can provide you with accurate measurements while making you look more professional.

Why You Should Buy

Whether you’re a surveyor, landscaper, contractor, estimator, or even homeowner, the Calculated Industries Digiroller Plus III is an absolute must-buy for the job. It comes with features that you need and more yet is user-friendly enough for beginners.

Compared to other models, this one offers a higher maximum speed, allowing you to get distance estimations in no time. Plus, its state-of-the-art center-line design allows for better balance, giving you better control and accurate measurements with every use.

Putting aside the fact that the control panel isn’t that perfectly positioned, this digital measuring wheel can provide you with the utmost comfort and efficiency as you take distance estimations. Compared to other models, it features an ergonomic design without sacrificing performance. The handle-mounted backlit display, extensive digital measurement capabilities, and rubber handle, to name a few, can make everyday measurements a breeze.

And if its ergonomic design isn’t enough, this Calculated Industries measuring wheel includes a wrist lanyard for a more secure grip, a reflective tape for added safety while working outdoors, and a backpack carrying case for easy storage.

All things considered, you’ll certainly get what you pay for with the Digiroller Plus III digital measuring wheel. It’s intuitive, packed with various convenient features for professionals, and durable enough to withstand daily use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits does a digital measuring wheel have over an analog model?

Digital measuring wheels use digital counters with LCD, which can handle different units of measurement and clearly display measurements under any light condition. Digital measuring wheels typically feature a memory function, allowing you to save and recall stored measurements.

How do I use the Digiroller Plus III?

To start measuring with this digital measuring wheel, press the On/Clear button and roll the wheel toward your desired direction. Then, press the Start/Stop button to pause the measurement and press it again to resume.

How do I change the units of measurement?

Press the “Units” key on the Digiroller Plus III’s control panel, and you can instantly convert the measurements taken to feet, meters, yards, or inches. There’s no need to take the measurements again.

Will extreme temperatures affect the wheel counter?

The Digiroller Plus III can operate within a temperature range of 14° F to 104° F and can be stored within a temperature range of -4°F to 140°F.

Are tools necessary to change the battery of the wheel counter?

No, tools are not required to change the battery of the wheel counter. To replace the battery, simply turn the plastic knob and dislodge the battery cover (which is placed above the wheel, on the side of the kickstand). Then, replace the battery and put the compartment cover back. Calculated Industries do not recommend using rechargeable batteries.

Can I use the wheel to measure walls?

Yes. To get true wall-to-wall distance, press the +1/2 Wheel button twice.

Does this measure in feet, tenths, and square footage?

Yes. The 6575 Digiroller can display: Linear measurements in feet-inch, inches, decimal feet, yards, and meters Area measurements in square feet, square yards, acres, square meters, and hectares Volume measurements in cubic feet, yards, and meters.

Should the digital measuring wheel be calibrated before use?

No. The 6575 Digiroller does not need any calibration before use.

How many values can the digital measuring wheel store?

This Calculated Industries measuring wheel can store one linear value, one volume value, and one area value. You can also add and subtract these stored values at any time using the M+, M-, and Recall buttons.

Can this digital measuring wheel be used on natural surfaces, such as hiking trails and surfaces with rocks and roots?

Yes. The Digiroller Plus III is designed to accurately measure any kind of indoor or outdoor surface.


Wheel Diameter: 12.5” (32 cm)
Wheel Circumference: 39.3” (1 m)
Extended Length: 21.5” (55 cm)
Folded Length: 40.5” (103 cm)
Weight: 4.1 lbs (1.9 kg)
Measuring Range: 0 to 9,999,999 (yards, meters)
Accuracy: 99.5%
Maximum Speed: 12 mph (19 km/h)
Display Capacity: 7 digits
Construction: Metal
Color: High-vis green and black
Battery: 9V
Battery Life: 100 hours
Operating Temperature: 14° F to 104° F (-10°C to 40°C)
Storage Temperature: -4° F to 140° F (-20°C to 60°C)
Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

Product Care Guide

  • If you’re working in inclement weather, use clear, lightweight plastic to cover the counter.
  • When using the wheel, avoid exceeding the maximum speed of 12 miles per hour or operating in temperatures above 104° F for long periods.
  • Be sure to keep the measuring wheel in a dry area during transport or storage
  • Avoid placing objects on top of the wheel.

About the Featured Brand

For over 40 years, Calculated Industries has been the go-to brand of millions of professionals in the construction, industrial, real estate, and home improvement industries. Since 1978, the brand has been a leading manufacturer of specialty calculators, digital measuring tools, drywall tools, and software and mobile apps.


Delivering technology-based solutions to professionals and hobbyists is what Calculated Industries does best, and it persists in further developing its high-quality products with the customers’ success and comfort in mind. Engineer Warehouse prides itself on being an authorized distributor of Calculated Industries products, including the brand’s bestselling Construction Master Pro.

Why customers like this brand

  • Calculated Industries products are designed to be easy to use and portable.
  • The brand incorporates advanced technology in each of its products to meet the demands of modern professionals.
  • Long-lasting quality is consistent among all of its products.
  • Calculated Industries measuring tools offer highly accurate measurements with every use.

Why We like this brand

  • Calculated Industries has been leading in the digital measurement industry for over four decades.
  • Its products continue to compete with all other competitors on the market.
  • Calculated Industries never fails to create the most innovative and superior products in the industry.
  • The brand’s offerings are extensive and suit the measuring needs of construction professionals, machinists, electricians, realtors, hobbyists, homeowners, and more.

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