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Diazo Paper (4 Styles Available)

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Diazo Paper

For more than a century, blueprinting had been the most commonly used process for the reproduction of large-scale drawings. However, because of its costly printing method and toxic chemicals, it was replaced by what engineers, architects, and designers continue to use up to the present time: the whiteprint or blue-line process. This process makes use of the diazotype method wherein dark lines are produced on a white background to reproduce design plans. To produce diazo papers, diazonium salt and couplers are combined, diluted, coated onto the paper, and dried. Diazo papers from Engineer Warehouse can be used with ammonia diazo machines for a quick and easy printing process. Because of their light-sensitized coatings, every line printed on these diazo papers will display a rich, dark blue color, allowing clear and easy viewing of the tiniest details. These papers are also perfect for those catching up on deadlines as they allow a speedy printing process. Despite the fact that these diazo papers permit a fast reproduction of drawings, lines will still appear dense, providing professionals with whiteprints of the highest quality. 


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