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Rotary Laser Levels

(3 Styles Available)
  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee
Group Laser Levels Best Sellers

Rotary Laser Levels

(3 Styles Available)
  • Ships Factory Direct
  • Full Manufacturer Warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

How do rotary laser levels work?

A rotary laser level, also known as a spinning laser or rotating laser level, works by spinning a beam of light around a room to produce a 360-degree vertical or horizontal plane.

What are the uses of rotary laser levels?

Rotary laser levels can be used indoors for framing, installing cabinets and windows, leveling ceilings, and laying tiles, among others. Rotary laser levels, along with laser detectors and grade rods, can also be used for grading, excavation, installing fences, laying foundations, and other outdoor leveling tasks.

How do I calibrate a rotary laser level?

  1. Secure the rotary laser level on a flat surface, a laser mount, or a tripod. It should be 1 foot away from one wall and 20 feet or more away from the other wall.
  2. Position the laser along the horizontal or vertical axis of the vial.
  3. Turn the adjusting screws of the laser level until it is level and plumb.
  4. Turn on the laser level.
  5. Mark the locations on the nearby wall and the distant wall where the laser beam appears.
  6. Rotate the laser 180 degrees and move it about a foot away from the distant wall.
  7. Aim the laser toward the mark on the distant wall.
  8. Check if there’s a gap between the mark on the nearby wall and the laser beam.
  9. If there’s little to no gap, your rotary laser level is calibrated properly.
Read this helpful article to learn how to use a rotary laser level.

How do I choose between a line laser level and a rotary laser level?

If you need to level accurately in a large area or an outdoor area, it’s best to use a rotary laser level. When working in smaller areas or indoors, a line laser is also a good option for framing, cabinetry installation, and finishing.

Why are rotary laser levels better than traditional bubble levels?

Rotary laser levels offer more accurate results than traditional levels as they can self-level and produce a level plane around an area. They also feature hands-free operation and longer working ranges.

Rotary Laser Levels

Hanging frames up on walls, mounting appliances, or even excavating cannot be done with simple tools alone. When working on projects that involve accurate leveling and plumbing, the best device for the job is a rotary laser level. By generating a 360-degree beam, horizontal or vertical planes can be clearly projected to serve as a reference for surveyors, engineers, and other construction professionals. With different kinds of rotary laser levels here on Engineer Warehouse, professionals can easily choose one that can perfectly suit their preferences.

Aside from projecting reference planes, some of these lasers can establish slopes when building ramps or digging the ground. Because of their long working range and high accuracy, leveling and plumbing can be done indoors and even outdoors on a bright, sunny day—without any difficulty in finding the projected beam. In addition to this, their durable construction as well as their long battery lives make these rotary laser levels the ideal choice of leveling device for outdoor use. Make leveling and plumbing tasks a whole lot easier with the use of rotary laser levels. These levels are guaranteed to yield highly accurate results and optimum performance when working on construction projects. 



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