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Rose Cruz - senior engineer

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A Day in the Life of an Senior Engineer

During tax season is where I work the hardest. A typical day during this busy part of the year requires me to work 10 to 12 hours a day on weekdays and another five or so hours over the weekend. 90% of my time is spent working on tax returns on the computer, where my daily tasks consist of collecting information, performing audit and tax procedures and preparing financial and audit reports. Administrative issues, like project planning and billing, take up additional time. I spend a lot of time talking with clients to ensure I have all the correct information.

Minimum Qualifications

People have the misconception that certified tax accountants only fill out the numbers on tax returns. The assumption is that CPAs take numbers from clients and put them on the forms, but that is not the case. Good CPAs will work with a client throughout the year to minimize tax liability through business planning and entity structuring. This ensures that the client can pay the minimum amount of taxes due from them and have more money left over for personal use or to reinvest in the business.

Average Salary


Competitive Edge Employers Love

Many people assume that to be a tax accountant you must be an expert in math, but this is not the case. I don't use much math in my job. My job is much more like a lawyer, reading and interpreting laws and regulations. For someone considering becoming a tax accountant, I would recommend having excellent reading comprehension skills, because the tax laws can be convoluted and confusing so understanding them thoroughly is a must.

Best Parts of Being a Senior Engineer

To become a CPA in Texas there are several steps to follow:
1) You must have an undergraduate degree
2) You must have a masters degree in accounting
3) You must take and pass all 4 sections of the CPA exam
4) You must work for a year under someone who is already a CPA that must sign-off on you as a good candidate



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