Top 10 Best Tactical Knives (Reviews & Buyers’ Guide 2022)

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Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife, Black Serrated 3.1” Stainless Steel Blade with SpeedSafe Opening
  • Overall best tactical knife for sale in 2022
  • With over 6,000 ratings on Amazon
  • 3.1” stainless steel drop-point blade with black oxide coating for a more stylish and durable finish
  • Half-serrated blade for sawing action, good for cutting rope and other types of cordage
  • Patented SpeedSafe opening system makes one-hand deployment safe and easy, flipper tab activates the spring that deploys the blade
  • Liner lock mechanism for security when in use
  • Ergonomic shape and textured glass-filled nylon handle for better grip
  • Finger choil and thumb rest for a secure grip when push cutting and slicing
  • Wide pocket clip for secure fastening on pockets, reversible for tip-down or tip-up carry
  • Ambidextrous design makes carrying easy for right or left-handed users
Our Rating: 5.0/5.0
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#1-Top Expert Choice
KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool and Tactical Knife with Pliers, Saw, Screwdriver, Bottle Opener
  • Best EDC men’s pocket knife
  • Top-rated tactical knife and multitool with over 4,600 user ratings on Amazon
  • 3.1” main blade length with black coating finish
  • 10-in-1 multitool with needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, serrated blade, screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver bit adapter, 9-in-1 screwdriver bits
  • Thumb stud for one-hand opening of main blade
  • Partially-serrated blade for cutting cordage
  • Blade locking mechanism for added security
  • Heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Comes with a nylon pouch for belt carry
Our Rating: 4.9/5.0
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#2-All-around Choice
Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS Assisted Opening Tactical Knife, 3.6” Half-serrated Clip Point Blade with Safety Switch
  • Best large tactical knife for sale in 2022
  • Top-rated tactical knife from Smith & Wesson with almost 4,500 user ratings on Amazon
  • Large 3.6” half-serrated clip point blade for everyday use
  • Assisted opening mechanism for quick one-handed deployment
  • Safety switch and liner lock for additional safety when in storage or in use
  • Ambidextrous thumb plate for additional deployment and carry options
  • With built-in glass breaker tip on the bottom of the handle
  • Big handle for a better grip with bigger hands
  • Pocket clip on the underside of the blade for on-body retention
Our Rating: 4.8/5.0
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Steinbrucke Tactical Folding Knife 3.4” 8Cr13Mov Stainless Steel Blade with Reversible Clip and Belt Cutter
  • Best tactical knife with belt cutter
  • Top-rated tactical pocket knife with seatbelt cutter with over 3,500 user ratings on Amazon
  • 3.4" half-serrated blade for versatile use including cutting rope
  • 8Cr13Mov high-performance stainless steel for toughness and edge retention, the blade is coated with a stonewashed finish for added style and durability
  • With thumb studs and flipper tab for one-handed deployment and ambidextrous use
  • Reversible pocket clip for right or left-handed carry option
  • Comes with a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker for emergency use
  • Textured scaled handle for extra grip
  • Black finish for tactical look
Our Rating: 4.7/5.0
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S-Tec 9" Full Tang Tactical Knife with ABS Swivel Sheath
  • Best tactical fixed blade knife
  • Top-rated full tang knife with over 1,900 user ratings on Amazon
  • 4.5" stainless steel blade with full tang construction for rugged use
  • Fixed blade design for easy deployment and durability
  • Finger loop for secure retention when drawing or when in use
  • Herringbone pattern on grips for added grip
  • Comes with a swivel sheath for easy deployment and concealment
Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
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SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath 4.9" Half-serrated Blade
  • Best tactical belt knife
  • Top-rated with over 850 user ratings on Amazon
  • 4.9" half-serrated stainless steel blade for versatile use
  • Fixed blade design for more durable use and easy deployment
  • Black titanium nitride coating for extra protection against wear and rust
  • Comes with a sheath for belt, bag, and other carry options
  • Glass-filled nylon handle with pattern for extra grip
  • Aggressive thumb rest on the backside of the blade for extra grip when doing push cuts
Our Rating: 4.5/5.0
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Kilimanjaro 910106 Stretta Tactical Neck Knife with Sheath and Chain
  • Best tactical neck knife
  • Top-rated with over 460 user ratings on Amazon
  • 3.2" blade length, 6.4" overall length
  • Uses 8Cr13Mov stainless steel for durability and edge retention
  • Full tang construction for ruggedness and rigidity
  • Rubberized handle provides extra grip
  • Formed sheath with push-button release for quick and easy deployment
  • Finger loop for easy draw and secure retention
  • Great option for concealed neck carry
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
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Snake Eye Tactical Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife 11" Length with Sheath
  • Best tactical survival knife
  • Long and large knife with 5.5" blade length
  • Made with 3CR13 stainless steel
  • With black contoured grips for easy handling
  • Blade features a fuller for weight reduction
  • Comes with a carrying sheath for storage
Our Rating: 4.3/5.0
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Artisan Cutlery Proponent Tactical Knife D2 Steel Black PVD Coated
  • Best overbuilt tactical knife
  • 4" blade length for all-around use and EDC carry
  • Made with D2 steel that offers excellent edge retention and toughness
  • PVD coated for added protection from wear and rust, adds stylish finish
  • Wharncliffe blade shape for easy sharpening and honing, great for cutting and slicing chores
  • With thumb studs and flipper tab for quick deployment and one-handed opening
  • Liner lock for secure closing when not in use
  • Ergonomic handle with grooves and patterns for extra grip
  • Comes with a lanyard hole for paracord and other cordage
  • Non-aggressive look is perfect for everyday carry
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
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CJRB Cutlery Tigris Tactical Knife PVD Coated Blade with Black and Blue G10 Handle
  • Best tactical cleaver knife
  • 3.5" blade length, 8.5" overall length
  • Made with AR-RPM9 steel
  • Unique cleaver style blade for heavy cutting tasks
  • Flipper style tab for one-handed opening
  • Ceramic ball bearing for smooth deployment action
  • Double texture G10 handles for extra grip and style
  • Lanyard hole and pocket clip for different carry options
Our Rating: 4.1/5.0
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Carrying a knife is like carrying any other tool. It opens up different opportunities for you to practice your skill even if it’s as simple as opening a package for someone or whittling wood for kindling. However, tools are not made equal and that is the same case with knives. Some designs fare better than others when it comes to utility, safety, and versatility. If you want to carry a knife with you at all times, it must be something that can prove useful for you the moment you need it. This is where tactical knives come in.

We came up with this list to give you a better understanding of the most functional tactical knives on the market. We believe that a great value knife should be able to make tasks easier for you, not make them an even greater challenge. We’ve also come up with a few points to consider when buying a tactical knife to help you make the best-informed decision.

We believe that tactical knives are one of the most important tools in anyone’s arsenal. It’s a piece of equipment that will help you with your daily chores and it’s always reassuring to know that you have one with you whenever the situation calls for it. This is the reason why survivalists, handymen, and outdoor enthusiasts swear by them and that’s why we think you should, too.

Our Criteria

Choosing a tool as simple as a knife may not be as simple as you may think. There are a lot of factors to consider nowadays, especially with the advancement in knife design, materials, and manufacturing techniques. However, we wanted to simplify things and help you make an informed decision based on a few criteria we've set. We've checked and reviewed all the options on this list and we're happy to say that they all passed our requirements. Here are some things we considered when we came up with this buyer's guide:

Build quality: A tactical knife should be a tool you can rely on. It's something that you don't want to fail on you when you need it the most. That is why build quality is one of the top considerations when we made this list. The picks that made it should be of great build quality that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, especially when it comes to heavy and demanding tasks.

Features: One thing that we particularly wanted to see on our list is a good set of features. A good tactical or EDC knife should be a one-handed opener so you can easily deploy it whenever you need to. Fiddling around with a knife using both hands is not an option every time so a flipper knife or quick-deploy knife is ideal. You should be able to use your knife whenever you need it, even with just one hand.

Other features like ambidextrous thumb studs, holes, or plates are also welcome. They add another easy deployment feature to the mix. Deep carry pocket clips with a reversible option and provision for tip-up or tip-down carry is also a great feature. This will let the user personalize their carry option to suit their needs. Tip-up carry is by far one of the quickest ways to deploy a one-handed opener knife since you can easily deploy the knife as you draw it from your pocket. No need to change the orientation before opening.

Other tools like screwdrivers, pliers, glass breakers, and seat belt cutters also add to the overall appeal of a tactical knife. They bring another layer of utility to the package, making the knife an even more useful tool. It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it at all.

Blade shape and material: The blade shape is also important when choosing a knife. Know what you want to use the knife for and pick a blade shape that you can work with. Cutting up boxes or opening up packages are easy to do with almost any blade shape but cutting ropes and other cordage may call for a serrated blade. Full serrations are specific for rope cutting tasks while half-serrated blades are great for any ordinary EDC knife.

Remember that you also need to sharpen your blade to maintain its edge and blade shape can also affect the maintenance aspect of your knife. Make sure that your knife's blade shape doesn't make sharpening and honing a difficult task. If you're a beginner, it may take some practice to get the edge that you want so make sure you put in time and effort if you want to do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. The material of the blade is also important when it comes to edge retention. Some steels are easier to hone but don't keep an edge well, while others are the exact opposite. Doing research will help you understand the characteristics of different steels but for the sake of making things simple, we included knives made of durable steels that are also easy to maintain.

Handle: A good blade and a whole set of nifty features won't matter if you have a handle that's uncomfortable and prone to slipping. Imagine having a sharp knife in your hand and the handle is falling apart while you use it. That's a recipe for disaster. A good knife should also have a handle that is grippy and well-made. The bolts should be tight to make sure that the scales or handles don't move around while you're using the knife.

Contour and grooves are also important in a good knife handle. The knife should feel comfortable in your hand that is why modern knife makers incorporate ergonomic handles into their designs. Even after prolonged or heavy use, the knife shouldn't leave blisters or cuts in your hands.

Other things that contribute to a good grip in a knife are the finger choil and thumb rest. These two help you do pressure cuts with your knife while maintaining a good grip on the blade. The finger choil is the rounded part on the bite side of the blade where your index finger rests so you have better control of the knife. The thumb rest is the place on the back of the blade where you put pressure to make deeper cuts, hence the name push cut. Not only do these things make using the knife safer, but they also give you more control and help you make more precise cuts

Carry options: The usual carry options for an everyday carry knife include the use of a pocket tool, sheath, and necklace. Using pocket clips is one of the most useful ways to carry a knife since it's easily accessible to the user. Sheaths are also a good option for carrying a knife since you can attach it to a belt, backpack, or even a harness for boy scout and concealed carry. A necklace is also a good option, particularly for neck knives that are mostly used for discreet and concealed carry. Lanyard holes are also common in pocket knives since you can use them to attach a paracord to the end of your knife that lets you fish it out of your pocket when needed.

User ratings: User reviews and ratings are always important criteria for us since we can check our reviews along with the experience of other people. There's nothing like getting honest feedback from real people who used the equipment that we are reviewing and recommending.

Value: A knife doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Sometimes, the best value knives are those that can bring you great features without costing you an arm. Good value can be had if you do your research and trust only reputable sellers and manufacturers. A good knife company will know what it's doing and what the customer needs. The price tag should be worthy of the features and overall quality of the knife.

View the Best Tactical Knives in the Market Below:

1. Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife, Black Serrated 3.1” Stainless Steel Blade with SpeedSafe Opening
Features 3.1” stainless steel blade with black-oxide finish
3.1” stainless steel blade with black-oxide finish
Patented SpeedSafe assisted deployment system designed by Ken Onion, one-handed opening
Ergonomic handle made of glass-filled nylon, with textured pattern for extra grip
Liner lock security for added safety and protection
Overall Dimensions 5.25 x 1.33 x 4“
Item Weight 121 g
Blade Material 8Cr13MoV
Blade Length 3.1”
Locking mechanism Liner lock

Best Tactical Knife/EDC Knife

The first entry on our list comes from a knife brand that is well known for its build quality and effective designs. The Kershaw Clash is our best pocket knife pick with great overall features and an attractive price tag. Not to mention, it uses the patented SpeedSafe deployment system that was designed by award-winning knife maker Ken Onion.

If you’re a knife nut then you already know of the brand Kershaw. Even if you’re not a fan of knives or blades, chances are, you may have already heard about or seen their knives in action. Kershaw is a fan favorite when it comes to cutlery—from EDC (everyday carry) knives to tactical knives and everything in between.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the SpeedSafe assisted opening system of the Clash is probably one of its best features. It’s a quick and efficient opening system that uses a flipper tab on the back of the blade to propel it outward with the help of a spring mechanism. This design revolutionized the way knives are opened and inspired a whole lot of knife designs and even other knife manufacturers.

It’s a welcome feature if you need to use your knife with just one hand. You just flip the tab and the blade springs into action. One-hand deployment anytime, every time. This makes the Kershaw clash an easy recommendation for us. Easy deployment is one of the first things we consider when it comes to tactical or EDC knives.

On to the blade. The Clash uses a 3.1” 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade that is a great size for most everyday tasks. It’s not too short to lack utility for other chores and it’s not too big that it’s intimidating. It’s just the right size. The blade material is also a good choice for daily chores. 8Cr13MoV is a popular choice among knife enthusiasts for its robust quality and edge retention. This is a tough blade that is capable of taking hits every time for a long time.

One thing we like about the number one pick on our list is its drop-point blade shape. This is a particularly useful blade shape that makes sharpening easy and can be used for tasks that require stabbing and slicing action. The partially-serrated blade is also especially useful if you need to cut rope and paracord when you’re outdoors.

On to the grip. This blade uses a textured black grip made of glass-filled nylon. While this is not the most premium material for knife scales or grips, it’s one of the most durable. This resin composite material can take a beating from everyday use including bumps and falls. It’s a tough material and a simple pattern that gets the job done.

The shape of the grip is also ergonomic, making daily chores more manageable and comfortable. We especially like the finger choil and thumb rest on the backside of the blade that lets users “choke” the blade when doing push cuts. The added grip will give your hand more pushing power as you make kindling and do pressure cuts on tougher materials.

With over 6,000 ratings on Amazon, it’s easy to say that the Kershaw Clash is a fan favorite. Considering all the points we stated above, we can say that this is the best tactical knife for sale in 2022 in our opinion. With a $39.87 price tag, this is a blade only increases its value proposition and cements its top spot on this list. It’s a do-it-all option for everyone, knife enthusiast or not.

Other nifty features: wide reversible pocket clip for tip-up and tip-down carry, liner lock safety mechanism, 4.25” closed length for easy storage, and black-oxide blade finish.

2. KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool and Tactical Knife with Pliers, Saw, Screwdriver, Bottle Opener
Features 3.1” 440C stainless steel blade with black finish
Main blade has half-serrations for cutting ropes
Liner lock for safety and security
Ergonomic handle for added grip
9-in-1 tools include main blade, half-serrated knife, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, bottle and can opener, screwdriver tip, screwdriver attachment, and 9-in-1 screwdriver bits
Nylon sheath for carrying and storage
Overall Dimensions 4.72 x 1.18 x 0.98”
Item Weight 371 g
Blade Material 440C
Locking Mechanism Liner lock
Blade Length 3.1”

Best EDC Men’s Pocket Knife

If you are looking for one tool that does it all, then look no further. The KINGMAX Multitool and Tactical Knife has all the tools you need and nothing that you don’t.

In our opinion, this tactical knife and multitool will be your best EDC knife if you’re a handyman or an outdoor enthusiast. With its assortment of tools and sharp 3.1” half-serrated blade, you’re pretty much good to go. Need to bend some wire or strip cables? The needle nose pliers and wirecutters have your back. There’s a loose screw or nut on your bike that needs tightening? This multitool has you covered.

This pick from KINGMAX offers versatility in every turn, making it a great companion at home or in the outdoors. Simple repairs and cutting tasks will be a cinch with this compact multitool and tactical knife. All the tools in the KINGMAX tactical knife and multitool include the main blade, half-serrated knife, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, bottle and can opener, screwdriver tip, screwdriver attachment, and 9-in-1 screwdriver bits.

Other features that make this a great tactical knife option are its black aluminum coating for adding wear and rust protection, liner lock system that keeps the blade in place when in use, contoured grip for easy handing, thumb studs for one-handed opening, and the included nylon sheath for carrying and storage options.

This pick is currently available on Amazon for only $21.99.

3. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS Assisted Opening Tactical Knife, 3.6” Half-serrated Clip Point Blade with Safety Switch
Features 3.6” blade length, made of 4034 stainless steel
Half-serrated blade for cutting rope and other cordage
Spring-assisted opening mechanism for rapid deployment
Thumb plates for added opening option
Safety switch for added safety
Aluminum handles for lightness and durability
Glass breaker spike for emergencies
Overall Dimensions 5.4 x 2 x 1”
Item Weight 210 g
Blade Material 4034 stainless steel
Blade Length 3.6”

Best Large Tactical Knife for Sale in 2022

Cuts like a knife, built like a pistol. The SWMP4LS from Smith & Wesson is a great addition to any knife collection. Its set of useful features and solid construction earn it the number three spot on our list. It’s also budget-friendly at $28.45.

If you’re looking for an assisted opening tactical knife then this might be the one for you. One of the highlights of the SWMP4LS is its quick deployment mechanism. Powered by a spring, the blade goes into action with a flick of the switch. The deployment is responsive and is perfect for instances when you need a blade at the ready. This feature is especially helpful if you’re a first responder in a situation where every second counts.

Aside from the switch on the top of the blade, you can also do a one-hand opening with the help of the thumb plates. The plates have grooves that help you open and engage the spring and open the blade in a quick motion.

The SWMP4LS also comes with a safety switch that adds another layer of security to the knife. It’s a simple slide switch with color indicators that help you identify if the blade is live or not. This is an extremely helpful tool to prevent accidental deployment and injuries, especially when inside a pocket or bag compartment. Smith & Wesson brings its gun-making expertise into the design of the knife as it does with its range of popular pistols like the M&P series.

The 3.6” half-serrated blade is black-oxide coated to give it that tactical look. The coating also protects it from wear and tear from daily use. The partially-serrated blade is particularly useful in cutting cordage or seatbelts in car crashes. Speaking of car crashes, the SWMP4LS also comes with a glass breaker spike, making it a great emergency tool.

Simple, useful, and affordable, the SWMP4LS is a great choice for a tactical knife. Other nifty features include the ergonomic aluminum handle and pocket clip.

4. Steinbrucke Tactical Folding Knife 3.4” 8Cr13Mov Stainless Steel Blade with Reversible Clip and Belt Cutter
Features 3.4” blade length, made of 8CR13MoV stainless steel
Half-serrated blade for cutting rope and other cordage
Flipper tab and thumb studs for one-handed opening
Textured handles for extra grip
Liner lock for security and safety
Seatbelt cutter and glass breaker spike for emergencies
Overall Dimensions 5.12 x 1.77 x 0.98”
Item Weight 158 g
Blade Material 8CR13MoV stainless steel
Blade Length 3.4”

Best Tactical Knife with Belt Cutter

One of our top picks is the Steinbrucke Tactical Folding Knife with Belt Cutter. It secures the number four spot on our list with a collection of useful features and good build quality. It’s a perfect tool to have in your car or on your person in case of emergencies, thanks to its glass breaker and seatbelt cutter features.

One trait of a good tactical knife is versatility. It should be capable of performing different tasks when needed and it needs to do them well. This is the case with the Steinbrucke folding knife design. It has a sharp 3.4” half-serrated blade that is capable of making easy work of cutting tasks including cutting rope and other cordage. It also has a built-in glass breaker and seatbelt cutter that are essential tools in case of car crashes.

The seatbelt cutter is particularly useful since it doesn’t have any exposed blades that can nick or cut the passenger as you cut the belt. All you need to do is slide the belt material into the slot where the blade rests and pull to cut the person loose. In an accident, it’s best to keep damage to a minimum by being precise with your actions and decisions.

Another important feature of the knife is the glass breaker. Like the seatbelt cutter, the glass breaker is also an important tool to have in case of car crashes. You can use the hardened tip to shatter automotive glass when it’s the only option you have to get a person out of a car wreck. These two features make this Steinbrucke model a great choice for first responders or for people who like to be ready for any scenario.

Other features that also make this a versatile EDC blade are the durable 8CR13MoV steel, textured handles for added grip, flipper tab and thumb studs for one-handed opening, and reversible pocket clip for more carry options. In our opinion, this is one of those budget knife options that offer a lot of value. Priced at $19.99, this is a great first knife option or an everyday carry piece that’s always ready to spring into action.

5. S-Tec 9" Full Tang Tactical Knife with ABS Swivel Sheath
Features 4.5” blade length, made with 3CR13 steel for toughness
Full-tang construction for heavy use
Contoured grips for easy handling
Finger loop for grip retention and quick deployment
ABS plastic sheath with swivel provides various drawing options
ABS plastic sheath with swivel provides various drawing options
Overall Dimensions 9.7 x 3.6 x 1.5”
Item Weight 290 g
Blade Material 3CR13 stainless steel
Blade Length 4.5”

Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

While folding knives dominate our list, there are also fixed blades that made the cut. Coming in at the number five spot is the S-Tec 9” Full Tang Tactical Knife.

The advantage of folding knives is portability. Due to their compact build, they can fold into the handle to keep a smaller print when being concealed. Fixed blades on the other hand are usually longer and harder to conceal. They also need a sheath for daily carry, unlike folding knives.

However, fixed blades offer different and common carrying and drawing options like the cross draw or boy scout carry. Fixed blades can be easier to deploy since all you need to do is draw it from the sheath, no flipping or flicking thumb studs needed. The S-Tec benefits from this. Being a fixed blade, its deployment is quick and simple. The additional swivel sheath also helps as it lets you use different drawing directions when lashed on a belt, boot, or backpack strap.

The S-Tec also has an ergonomic handle for proper grip. The herringbone texture on the knife scales provides additional style and grip along with the contoured handle. The finger loop on the other end of the blade makes for a great retention system that prevents accidental slipping.

The blade length of the S-Tec is also a noteworthy feature. The 4.5” ample length makes it ideal for the outdoors especially cutting, chopping, batoning, and other bushcraft tasks. Being a fixed blade, this pick is durable and isn’t prone to breaking since it doesn’t have any moving parts that can loosen with heavy use.

So if you’re looking for an affordable fixed blade that has nice features and doesn’t break the bank, the S-Tec 9 might be the one for you. In our opinion, it’s a great bang-for-your-buck option that mixes function with form very well, making it the best tactical fixed blade knife on our list. It’s currently available on Amazon for $19.99.

6. SOG Seal Strike Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath 4.9" Half-serrated Blade
Features 4.9” blade length, made with AUS-8 stainless steel
Full-tang construction for heavy use
Half-serrated for cutting ropes and cordage
Contoured GRN grips for easy handling and robust use
Clip point blade with harpoon tip
Comes with a sheath for storage and various carrying options
Jimping on the backside of the blade for precise pressure cutting tasks
Overall Dimensions 9.6 x 1.5 x 0.73”
Item Weight 286 g
Blade Material AUS-8 stainless steel
Blade Length 4.9”

Best Tactical Belt Knife

SOG used a Vietnam War-era design to make yet another successful knife. Enter the SEAL Strike Fixed Blade from SOG—the best tactical belt knife on our list.

The bowie knife is a widely-known design all over the world and it was made even more popular by the studies and observations group (SOG) of the US Military back in the Vietnam War. The iconic knife design and the legendary military group proved to be enough inspiration for SOG to create a useful tactical and multi-purpose knife.

The Seal Strike is a functional tactical knife steeped in military history. The design is said to be the number choice of the infamous SOG. Now adapted to modern and more peaceful times, the classic design is a great tactical knife choice for everyday use.

The 4.9” half-serrated blade is black coated to give it that tactical look. It’s also a fully functional rope cutting tool thanks to its partial serrations on the blade. The blade length is sufficient for bushcraft work. The full tang construction also gives the knife a more rigid and durable feel, a feature that you would want to have in survival situations where failure is not an option.

This is a fixed blade knife that is capable of doing many things. Partner that with a variety of carrying options and you have a versatile blade. The SOG Seal Strike can be lashed onto a backpack, used as a boot knife, or fitted to a tactical belt for concealed everyday carry. The sheath is where most fixed blades fail, but that is not the case with the Seal Strike.

Other features that make this a great tactical belt knife include the glass-reinforced nylon handle that is thicker and more grippy compared to other SOG Seal knives, aggressive jimping on the backside of the blade for added grip and control when doing precise cuts, curved guard for pulling free when stuck in target, and contoured handle that fits well in the hand.

Currently priced at $96.64 on Amazon, the Seal Strike from SOG offers great value with its great build quality and well-thought-out features. In our opinion, the extra cash you shell out for this blade is well worth the investment. You get a quality piece from a reputable knife maker that is purpose-built and mission-ready.

7. Kilimanjaro 910106 Stretta Tactical Neck Knife with Sheath and Chain
Features 3.2” blade length, 6.4” overall
Made with 8CR13MoV steel for toughness and durability
Fixed blade construction for rigidity, finger hole safety ring for security and retention
Jimping on the spine adds to grip
Textured rubberized handle fits the hand nicely thanks to its ergonomic shape
Comes with a push-button sheath and neck chain
Overall Dimensions 5.75 x 0.75 x 8.5”
Item Weight 85.6 g
Blade Material 8CR13MoV steel
Blade Length 3.2”

Best Tactical Neck Knife

At number seven, we have the Stretta Tactical Neck Knife from Kilimanjaro. This small but capable knife is mainly used for self-defense but it can also double as a lightweight fixed blade for light-duty tasks.

One of the main reasons to buy a neck knife is for tactical purposes. Considered by many as a “last ditch” weapon, the neck knife has become increasingly popular among knife enthusiasts in recent years.

One defining trait of a neck knife is its small size and the Kilimanjaro Stretta has that in the bag. The Stretta features a 3.2” blade length and an overall length of just 6.4”, making it an ideal choice for neck carry. The small footprint lets you conceal it under a shirt or even in a boot for deployment.

The Stretta uses the widely-known 8CR13MoV steel for its toughness and durability. It also features a fixed blade design and a finger hole for easy use and safe deployment when needed. The contoured grip and rubberized handle make it comfortable for light cutting tasks when used as an EDC blade.

Being a neck knife, the Stretta has a push-button sheath and chain as the main deployment option. Users have praised the Kilimanjaro Stretta for its sharpness right out of the box, jimping on the spine of the blade, and overall usable size for everyday carry.

In our opinion, the Stretta makes for a compelling choice when it comes to choosing a tactical neck knife for everyday carry. It’s slick and simple to use and is relatively inexpensive. Get one now at Amazon for only $19.97.

8. Snake Eye Tactical Heavy Duty Fixed Blade Knife 11" Length with Sheath
Features 5.5” blade length, 11” overall
Uses 3CR13 steel for durability and edge retention
Large blade meant for heavy-duty tasks, good for outdoor and survivalist settings
Contoured grip and guard for secure handling and protection
Lanyard hole for attaching cordage
Comes with a nylon sheath for storage
Overall Dimensions 12.87 x 3.94 x 2.09”
Item Weight 621 gs
Blade Length 5.5”
Blade Material 3CR13 steel

Best Tactical Survival Knife

Coming in at number eight, we have the Snake Eye Heavy Duty Tactical Knife. This one is a chunky fixed blade that will feel at home in any outdoor or survivalist setting. It’s a simple fixed blade knife that will do the job done, no questions asked.

Sporting a large 5.5” blade, this pick from Snake Eye Tactical offers a lot of steel for any outdoor use. Its heavy-duty full tang construction will make sure that it can handle any cutting, chopping, or slashing task you throw at it. The black finish helps in giving this knife the tactical look while adding protection against wear and rust. If you’re always out in the elements, you’d especially like the added protection to keep your blade always ready for action.

This survival knife has a tanto point, making it ideal for cutting through tough materials including tin cans when a can opener just won’t do. The straight edge of the blade also makes sharpening and honing easy even when out in the bush. The 3CR13 is a great steel choice since it’s hard-wearing and can be sharpened easily even in the field.

Other features that make this knife a good tactical survival knife are its wide contoured handle, lashing holes on the blade guard for adaptability on the field, lanyard hole for paracord attachments, and included nylon sheath for carrying. Currently priced at $49.95 on Amazon, this makes for a great backup tactical knife in our opinion. Just throw it in your go-bag or main pack and you’re all set for most cutting tasks that may come your way.

9. Artisan Cutlery Proponent Tactical Knife D2 Steel Black PVD Coated
Features 4” blade length with black PVD coating
One-handed opening with thumb studs and flipper tab
Full liner construction and liner lock mechanism
Ceramic ball bearing pivot for easy opening and closing
Ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and strain when in use
Milled G10 handles for extra grip and durability
Hardened screw pin locks blade into place
Lanyard hole for added carry option
Overall Dimensions 5.94 x 2.68 x 1.42”
Item Weight 256 g
Blade Length 4”

Best Large Tactical Knife

An absolute beast of a knife, the Proponent from Artisan Cutlery is still an exciting choice at number nine. This overbuilt tactical knife is a heavy-duty tool that is meant to be used and abused all day, every day.

Artisan Cutlery has garnered a lot of praise for its knife designs through the years and they did it again with the Proponent. This blacked-out tactical knife hits the right balance between function and form as it performs well and looks good at the same time. While most people—even some knife enthusiasts—may be discouraged by its heft and size, it has found a perfect niche in the knife community as an oversized EDC and tactical option.

The crowning jewel of this fun and functional knife is its massive 4” long blade. It dwarfs other big tactical folders and is geared towards heavy use. It’s made with D2 steel so you are guaranteed prolonged heavy use and with the included hardened steel pin that screws into the blade and the body of the handle, you can beat this knife up even further without worrying about breaking it in the process. The screw pin is a simple but effective addition to the overall design of the Proponent. Batoning and chopping will be easy tasks with a blade of this size, weight, and durability.

One-handed opening is also not a problem with the Proponent. The large ambidextrous thumb studs are easy to use and the addition of a flipper tab makes opening a lot more convenient. Closing it is no different—just flick down the liner lock and the blade closes on its own due to the weight of the blade. Of course, Artisan Cutlery added their ceramic ball bearing to make sure that deployment and closing are as smooth as they can get.

Ergonomics is also a noteworthy characteristic of the Proponent. Its large G10 handles are milled and fit the hand nicely thanks to its patterns and the grippy texture of the material. The finger choil is also enough to control the weight of the blade and the additional jimping on the backside of the knife gives the user ample support for push cuts.

Artisan Cutlery brought life to the design of renowned knife maker Dan Pinkerton and made a budget-friendly but well-built knife. Whether you’re looking for a serious daily carry knife or just want something fun to have in your collection, the Artisan Cutlery is a good knife to consider. The blacked-out Proponent with G10 scales is currently priced at $69.99. In our opinion, this is a great oversized knife with a tactical look for heavy-duty use.

10. CJRB Cutlery Tigris Tactical Knife PVD Coated Blade with Black and Blue G10 Handle
Features 3.5” blade length
Made with CJRB’s AR-RPM9 steel material
Cleaver-style blade for cutting and chopping
One-handed opening design with flipper tab
Ceramic ball bearing for smooth deployment
Liner lock mechanism for safety
Double-layer G10 handle scales
Lanyard hole and pocket clip for varied carry options
Overall Dimensions 5.16 x 2.4 x 1.06”
Item Weight 180 g
Blade Material AR-RPM9
Blade Length 3.5”
Locking mechanism Liner lock


Best Tactical Cleaver

A whole lot of blade for not a whole lot of money. The Tigris from CJRB is a fairly new cleaver-style knife. It was introduced just in February of 2021 and it has been getting good reviews from users and knife enthusiasts from all over the world.

This is a big knife and there’s no other way to go around that. While others love using tactical knives that have a slimmer profile and a smaller footprint, the CJRB Tigris is for knife nuts who want something substantial and robust. The hefty and almost 1.5” wide black coated blade is perfect for cutting tasks and it’s also nice to look at. It’s hard to imagine putting a big blade like this in your pocket but it works due to the contours of the blade handle and custom pocket clip.

In our opinion, this is one of the best-looking knives on this list due to its unique styling and character. We’re loving the wide and hefty blade that doesn’t look threatening. This makes it especially useful for daily chores around people who may not be too exposed to knives. A chunky cleaver may not be the first thing that comes to mind when tactical knives are the topic but the Tigris makes a compelling point if you’re looking for a fun and functional folding knife.

One feature of the Tigris that makes it a runner-up on this list is its blade material. CJRB wanted to use steel that is a little bit better than G2 steel so instead of trying out different steels on the market, they decided to make one on their own. That’s when the AR-RPM9 steel was developed. The new steel that CJRB used in the Tigris is proving to be reliable and functional without bumping up the manufacturing costs.

The overall silhouette of the Tigris is also a noteworthy feature. The designers did a good job making the knife appear less bulky with its curves and unexpectedly slim profile. The double-layered G10 handle (which is a first for CJRB) also helped in making the blade appear thinner than it is.

We’re loving the combination of blue and black G10 scales since they give the knife another interesting visual element. The shape of the handle along with the grippy G10 material makes handling this knife both secure and reassuring.

Other features that make this knife still a great choice for everyday carry are its smooth ceramic ball bearing that helps make deployment a pleasurable experience, its responsive flipper tab, colorful backspacer that also houses the lanyard hole, liner locking mechanism, and its custom-designed pocket clip that helps with deep pocket carry.

One thing to note: the pocket clip is right-hand side only. Sorry about that lefties and people who want different tip carry options. Priced currently at $59.95, this is a great choice for a folding tactical knife with a big and bold presence.

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    • Folding Knives vs. Fixed Blades?

      We’re going to cover two types of tactical knives—the folding knife and the fixed blade knife. Both knives have unique characteristics that make them ideal for daily use. Let’s break down some of their features and identify which one you should choose for your next tactical knife.

      Tactical Folding Knife

      Folding knives are a popular choice for EDC or everyday carry due to their compact size and mix of useful features. Some picks on this list incorporate various tools into their design and have a variety of mechanisms to make them stand out.

      Simply put, a tactical folding knife is a tactical pocket knife that can open with the help of a thumb stud or a flipper tab that greatly helps with one-handed operation. Unlike traditional pocket knives that have fingernail nicks that need two-handed opening, you can open a tactical folding knife with your thumb or index finger.

      Some designs even have a wave opening feature that lets you open your knife by simply pulling it out of your pocket as a protruding piece on the back of the blade activities the deployment mechanism. This is especially useful if you need to do a quick draw with your blade in emergencies.

      One advantage of folding knives is their small footprint and they are relatively lightweight, making them easy to carry on your person in a variety of ways. They typically have pocket clips and lanyard holes that add carrying options. However, since folding knives have moving parts, they need to be maintained including the spring, pivot, and locking mechanism. Excessive hard use may be harmful to the components and you might need to replace parts like spacers and springs once they get worn out.

      Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

      Most tactical fixed blade knives are designed specifically for combat. However, they have been adapted to daily use by outdoor enthusiasts due to their natural strength, durability, and simplicity.

      A good fixed blade knife is indestructible. Sure, you can chip the blade or tip from hard use but that’s about everything you can do to a well-made fixed blade knife. They are strong and durable tools that can take on any task, big or small.

      A fixed blade knife has fewer components—the blade, guard, handle, and pommel. That’s about it. Since there are no moving parts to maintain in a fixed blade, it is difficult to break and will serve you for many years given that you give it proper care.

      On the other hand, most fixed blade knives are bulkier compared to folding knives. This makes daily carry more challenging especially if you’re in a city setting where there may be people who aren’t used to seeing full-sized knives being carried. They also need good sheaths so they don’t accidentally fall off when not in use.

Best Practices

Whether you choose a folding knife or fixed blade for your daily carry, you need to maintain them like any other tool so they can serve you for many years to come. For starters, it is good practice to lubricate the moving parts and even the blade to draw out moisture and avoid rusting. Blades used in harsh environments are prone to corrosion so it’s important to give them appropriate protection against moisture. If you plan to use your knife on meat and other food items, it is advisable to use food-safe oils to avoid contamination.

Sharpening and honing come at a close second. A dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife. You wouldn’t want your blade to skitter as you make a cut. That will lead to accidents and injuries. Sharpen your knife with a good whetstone or strop it to keep its edge.

If you’re not confident with your sharpening skills, there are simple DIY options out there like field sharpeners that already have a fixed sharpening degree so all you need to do is run your blade along the slot of the sharpener. Of course, you can always take your knife to a professional if you need to have more work done on it.

Another thing to consider is using a good sheath especially if you decide to go the fixed blade route. A good sheath will help you carry your knife better as you go about your daily routines. This essential accessory will help you keep your blade on your person at all times so you can use it whenever you need to.

As for folding knives, we would recommend checking your pocket clip now and then to make sure the screws are tightly fastened. The last thing you would want is a lost knife due to a faulty pocket clip. A few drops of a threadlocker can solve your loose pocket clip screw problems.


A knife is a useful tool for anyone. It’s one of those items that you’ll be glad you had on you when the need arises. Since it’s a tool, you should choose one that is durable, dependable, and effective. A tactical knife isn’t a toy so it’s always a good idea to train with it for any task you need it for. Always think about your safety and those around you when you take it out.

It’s also good to practice the principle of redundancy. Two is one and one is none. That is why most knife enthusiasts carry more than one knife on their person just for this reason. If you lose your main blade, you’ll always have another one as a backup.

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