Top 10 Best Snow Shovels (Reviews & Buyers’ Guide 2022)

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Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom LED Lighted 4-in-1 Snow Broom (SJBLZD-LED) and Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel (SJ-SHLV01)
  • Best Snow Shovels for Sale in 2022
  • Set of two: 1 snow broom and 1 snow shovel
  • Snow broom with foam head and blinking LED lights for safety
  • Two-handed snow shovel with a second spring-assisted handle
Our Rating: 5.0/5.0
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#1-Top Expert Choice
Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel (SJ-SHLV01)
  • Designed for more efficient shoveling
  • Two-handed snow shovel with a second spring-assisted handle
  • Reduces the strain on the user’s back
Our Rating: 4.9/5.0
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#2-Premium Choice
Lifeline 3-Piece Collapsible Aluminum Snow Shovel (4002)
  • Collapsible three-piece shovel design
  • Made of lightweight, rust-resistant, and durable aluminum
  • Versatile and can be used for shoveling mud, camping, and more
Our Rating: 4.8/5.0
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The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel (30SNC)
  • Metal and polypropylene construction that can withstand the weight of snow
  • Wheeled design for easier shoveling
  • Enables users to easily clear large and flat areas
Our Rating: 4.7/5.0
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ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Impact Resistant Snow Shovel (ERG-SNSH18)
  • Steel and polycarbonate for durability
  • Reduces the strain on the user’s back
  • Makes shoveling easier and more efficient
Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
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The Snowplow "The Original Snow Pusher" 30" Wide Model (50530)
  • Wide blade design for efficient shoveling
  • Will not leave marks on wood, pavers, and other surfaces
  • Durable polyethylene blade with fiberglass handle
Our Rating: 4.5/5.0
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Snow Joe iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit (24V-SS11-XR)
  • Motorized battery-operated snow shovel
  • Easy to use; does most of the shoveling and throwing
  • Enables you to clear large areas in a shorter time
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
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Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo (SC3250)
  • Ergonomically designed curved shaft for easier use
  • Can work as a snow shovel and pusher
  • Impact-resistant resin blade with powder-coated steel shaft
Our Rating: 4.3/5.0
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Garant Yukon 24-Inch Ergonomic Poly Blade Snow Pusher (YPP24EAKD)
  • Ergonomically designed curved shaft for easier use
  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
  • Polyethylene blade with durable aluminum shaft
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
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Emsco Group 1083 Bigfoot Mega Dozer Snow Shovel with Lifetime Handle
  • Can work as a snow shovel, scooper, and pusher
  • Effective on light and dry snow as well as for heavy and wet snow
  • Impact-tested for durability and toughness
Our Rating: 4.1/5.0
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If you have ever experienced a snowy winter, then you’re familiar with the joys of shoveling. Snow shovels can be used for a variety of purposes, though they primarily ensure that snow is removed from sidewalks, driveways, and other outdoor areas. They can also be used to remove dirt and debris from hard surfaces.

A sturdy shovel is an important tool to have during those cold winter months. While some people may think all snow shovels are the same and that the best one to buy is the cheapest option available online and at the store, that’s not always the case. A good snow shovel will be durable and will last for many years. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you choose the right one. After all, you wouldn’t want to wake up to a snowy morning and find that you won’t be able to clear your driveway because your snow shovel has fallen apart.

If you’re looking for the right snow shovel to buy, you’ve come to the right place. We in the Engineer Warehouse editorial team have compiled a list of the top 10 best snow shovels, which is meant to help you find the perfect shovel for your needs. We’ve taken the highest-rated snow shovels on the market, and we’ve tested and compared them to see how they all stack up against each other.

Our Criteria

Shopping for a new snow shovel can be overwhelming. You've probably got dozens of shovels on your list to look through and you're still not sure where to start. There are several factors to consider when buying a snow shovel. Durability, ease of use, cost, and performance all play a big role in your decision-making process. We considered these factors as we thoroughly researched and tested various snow shovels.

When choosing a snow shovel, it is important to take into consideration the most important elements that make a good shovel. This will allow you to create the best shoveling experience possible. With this in mind, the following are the criteria we worked with:

Durability: Many people are tempted to pick up a cheap model since it’s only a shovel, but it is well worth the minor investment for one that won't bite the dust in the middle of shoveling your driveway. When choosing a snow shovel, durability is key. We looked at the overall construction of the shovel to see if it could last through months of heavy or limited use.

Design: Design plays a major role in determining the amount of leverage you can achieve, as well as how easily you can move the shovel in and out of the snow. Any design flaws in a snow shovel can lead to difficulty and frustration when shoveling snow. That's why we wanted to make sure that we chose different kinds of designs that can help you work more easily and efficiently.

Ease of Use: We wanted to make sure that we chose snow shovels that will be able to help you make the most out of your snow shoveling time. Thus, we chose shovels that won't weigh you down or present any difficulty in use. They should be easy to use and they should be able to help you complete your task quickly and with minimal stress.

Performance: How well a snow shovel works is one of the most important elements in evaluating a good shovel. While a shovel can look attractive, it's going to be pretty useless if its performance isn't great. Performance is a result of how well a shovel can clear a walkway and driveway, as well as any other surface that you'll ultimately want to clear. A good shovel will allow you to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

View the Best Snow Shovels in the Market Below:

1. Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom LED Lighted 4-in-1 Snow Broom (SJBLZD-LED) and Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel (SJ-SHLV01)
Includes Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom LED Lighted 4-in-1 Snow Broom SJBLZD-LED and Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel SJ-SHLV01
Features LED blinker lights and foam head on snow broom
Shovel with a second spring-assisted handle
Snow broom with telescoping handle; extends from 33” to 52”
Aluminum blade on snow shovel
Two-handle snow shovel makes lifting easy
Snow Broom Dimensions (L x W) 18” x 7”
Snow Shovel Dimensions (L x W x H) 50” x 18” x 3.9”
Snow Shovel Blade Length 18”
Snow Broom Weight 1.5 lbs
Snow Shovel Weight 2 lbs

Get an early start on your winter preparations by picking the best of the best snow shovels on the market. The Snow Joe Illum-n-Broom Snow Broom is a reliable four-in-one broom that can make dealing with snow and ice easier, safer, and more convenient.

This bundle comes with the Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom and the Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel with a spring-assisted handle. The snow broom also doubles as an ice scraper and has a non-abrasive foam head. The shovel, meanwhile, is impact-resistant and can last a long time even with heavy use.

With a snow broom like the one in this bundle, you’ll be able to push snow and scrape ice off various surfaces with ease and without damage. It even has LED blinker lights so you can safely deal with snow and ice even in the dark.

The Snow Joe shovel, meanwhile, has a spring-assisted handle that can help prevent strain and make lifting snow easier. We found that this design worked remarkably well, and we were able to work without much strain. For one thing, we didn’t have to bend as much, and we were able to carry heavy loads more efficiently. Because of this, it’s the best snow shovel with two handles.

Both of these products can be highly useful in nearly any situation, regardless if you had a snowstorm last night or just a light frost. The broom can help you easily sweep snow off your car, your garden walls, deck railings, and the like. Meanwhile, the shovel will help you clear pathways and put the snow in a more convenient place.

The Good:

Imagine that you’re running late one morning and you find that your car has been covered in snow. This Snow Joe shovel and snow broom combo will get you out in no time. The broom can get the ice and snow off your windows and windshield, and the shovel can help you clear a way out of your driveway.

The Bad:

While it’s not really a dealbreaker, we don’t like how much space the broom and shovel take up. We would have preferred them to be more portable because they can take up quite a lot of space. If you put them in the trunk of your car, you’ll have a difficult time fitting other things in.

The Ugly:

The snow broom in particular spins when in use, which can be a hassle because it can be difficult to keep in place. Meanwhile, we’re not quite sure about the aluminum on the shovel blade. The aluminum piece doesn’t seem like it’s very securely fastened. We would have preferred if it had been screwed or riveted on.

2. Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel (SJ-SHLV01)
Includes Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel SJ-SHLV01
Features Two-handle design for better weight distribution
Spring-loaded extra handle for strain reduction
Ergonomically designed to reduce bending when shoveling
Helps reduce back pain
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 50” x 18” x 3.9”
Blade Dimensions 18” x 18”
Handle Length 41.3”
Weight 2 lbs
Blade Length 18”
Material Plastic with an aluminum wear strip

If you’re looking for just a snow shovel, you can also get your hands on just the Snow Joe Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel. This shovel can work very well on its own, especially if you need to shovel snow out of your stoop, pathways, driveway, or sidewalk.

One of the most important things about this Snow Joe shovel is that it’s built to last. It’s made of hard and durable plastic, and the blade has an aluminum wear strip along its edge to help ensure that the shovel will last longer. You’ll be able to move huge shovelfuls of snow without worrying about the blade or the handle breaking.

This ergonomic snow shovel is designed to allow you to shovel away large amounts of fallen snow without straining or overexerting yourself. The shovel comes with two handles, one spring-assisted to reduce the strain on your back. You’ll be able to operate the shovel with two hands, which can make the job a lot easier.

Because of the shovel’s design, we were able to move faster without putting too much strain on our back or shoulders. We were also able to shovel more snow, lift more, and throw the snow even farther compared to ordinary snow shovels. Once the spring rolls around, this shovel can also be used for gardening.

The shovel’s second handle is a game-changer for sure. It helps spread the weight of the load more evenly across your back and shoulders. Because of it, you won’t have to worry about pain in your lower back whenever you shovel snow. Additionally, it’s a steal at its price point.

The Good:

When you use this Snow Joe shovel, you’ll find that the extra handle really does help. The extra handle may seem like a gimmick at first, but it will prove itself to have an important purpose. It can help you balance the weight of the snow better and you’ll end up shoveling more snow than ever in a lot less time.

The Bad:

Because this is the same snow shovel included in the bundle in the number one spot on this list, it has the same drawbacks. One thing that stands out to us is the way the aluminum blade is attached. It’s not very secure, and it can easily come off even when you’re careful.

The Ugly:

Another thing that worried us about this shovel is that it doesn’t seem to be sturdy in some crucial parts. For example, the shaft that connects the second handle to the main handle would have been better if it had been thicker.

3. Lifeline 3-Piece Collapsible Aluminum Snow Shovel (4002)
Includes Lifeline 3-Piece Collapsible Aluminum Snow Shovel 4002
Features Collapsible three-piece design
Portable and easy to store
Lightweight but durable
Easy assembly
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 26.25” x 8.75” x 2.8”
Length Adjustable from 21” to 26” to 32”
Weight 1.3 lbs
Material Aluminum

You’ll find a lot of snow shovels for your car on the market, but the Lifeline 3-Piece Snow Shovel is worth a deeper look. Not only can it help dig your car out of the snow, but you can also use it for a variety of other vehicles. Because it’s collapsible, you can easily transport it and bring it with you on road and camping trips.

This shovel is made of durable and lightweight aluminum, which means that it’s not heavy and won’t be difficult to handle. Aluminum is also rust-resistant, so you can bring this metal snow shovel with you anywhere you need it to go without worrying about damage or corrosion.

You can break this shovel down into three separate parts. This can make it easier for you to store and transport the shovel because it won’t take up too much space in your trunk or bag. Assembling the shovel is easy, and all you’ll need to do is fit the three pieces together so that each part locks into place. You can also adjust the length of the shovel handle according to your needs.

A shovel like this can help you out in various adverse conditions. You can use it to dig your car out of the snow, but you can also use it to get your car out if it gets stuck in the mud while offroading. It can also be very useful when you go camping because you can use it for digging fire pits, breaking ice, and more.

We were surprised by how lightweight this metal snow shovel is despite its durability and sturdiness. It’s not difficult to carry, and you’ll be able to bring it with you wherever you need to go without worrying about it weighing you down. Even if you keep it assembled, carrying it or storing it just about anywhere won’t be an issue.

The Good:

This is the best snow shovel made of metal. Overall, aluminum is a hardy and dependable material, and it could be just what you need. This shovel can help you out in all sorts of emergencies, and you can depend on it when a snowstorm comes in overnight and you have to go to work in the morning.

The Bad:

The aluminum construction is both sturdy and lightweight, but it does present an issue. The handle is aluminum and doesn’t have a grip made of a different material, so it gets quite cold to the touch. It can thus be difficult to handle unless you have thick gloves on.

The Ugly:

This shovel is better as an emergency shovel because it might be less effective if you use it as your primary shovel. It doesn’t seem to be designed for handling large amounts of snow on a daily basis. If you use it to move snow during the winter, you might have a difficult time because it can hurt your back.

4. The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel (30SNC)
Includes The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher 30SNC
Features Wheeled shovel design
No lifting required when shoveling snow
Works on snow, slush, and thin ice
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 16” x 3” x 48”
Blade Dimensions 36″” x 7.5”
Weight 11 lbs
Material Metal and polypropylene

In search of a more innovative solution to snow? The Snowcaster Wheeled Snow Pusher Shovel can make shoveling snow easier and more efficient, and you can do a much neater job as well. This shovel probably won’t get snow off your car, but it will make clearing the sidewalk and driveway much easier.

Made of metal and polypropylene, this shovel is built to last. It has a sturdy construction and can withstand heavy loads of snow. Even when a thin layer of ice has formed on top of fallen snow, you’ll still be able to use this shovel without worrying about damage. You can also use this shovel for residential, industrial, and commercial use.

If you combine a regular snow shovel and a wagon, this shovel is what you’ll get. With its handle, wheels, and wide blade, you can clear entire swaths of ground just by walking. Simply push this shovel in front of you and walk along the area you want to clear. This shovel will help you neatly push the snow away and easily dump it to the side. With this design, this is the best snow shovel with wheels.

Additionally, this shovel is well-balanced and easy to control. All you’ll need to do is put it in front of you and start pushing. Keep both of your hands on the handle and push firmly. You’ll be able to easily make turns and go around curves without the shovel pitching over.

We were able to work on moving larger amounts of snow with the help of this shovel in a lot less time than expected. If you have a long driveway, this shovel is a great choice. You’ll be able to clear that driveway of slush or snow in minutes. You’ll need just a few passes before you’ll be able to use your driveway.

The Good:

Perhaps the best thing about this snow shovel with wheels is the time that you’ll be able to save when you use it. If you need to clear large or long and flat areas, this shovel can help you be a lot more efficient.

The Bad:

While this shovel is reliable and efficient, it works best on smooth and flat surfaces. It can still work on an incline, but the surface should be at least mostly even. If your driveway is uneven or damaged in some way, this shovel might not work as well as it should. It can get caught in a crack in the driveway, thus making it harder to work smoothly.

The Ugly:

This shovel should have been easy to assemble, but it wasn’t all that easy for us. The holes for the screws didn’t align well, which means that the different parts were difficult to put together.

5. ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Impact Resistant Snow Shovel (ERG-SNSH18)
Includes ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Impact Resistant Snow Shovel ERG-SNSH18
Features Two handles to reduce back strain
Large and comfortable D-grip handles
Two-handle design for better weight distribution
Helps reduce back pain
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 18” x 28” x 48”
Handle Length 28”
Weight 4 lbs
Blade Length 18”
Material Steel handle with a polycarbonate blade

Shoveling snow can be back-breaking work, but it doesn’t have to be. The ErgieShovel Steel Shaft Snow Shovel is designed to make the burden of shoveling snow a lot lighter. It comes with a second handle that’s designed to give you more leverage, thus allowing you to work with a lot less effort and energy required.

With a steel shaft and a polycarbonate blade, this shovel will last for a long time. Both steel and polycarbonate are lightweight and durable, which means that you won’t have to wrestle with a heavy shovel just to have something that can last longer than a couple of winters.

This ergonomic snow shovel is equipped with two handles, both of which you hold on to when shoveling snow. This two-handed action takes much of the strain off your back, and you’ll find that shoveling is much easier and more efficient this way. The second handle provides you with more leverage, allowing your upper body to do the work instead of your back.

In general, this shovel can help you deal with even hard-packed or deep snow with far less effort than you’d usually put forth. This can enable you to cover a larger area or work for a shorter time. Either way, this shovel will help you work more efficiently when shoveling snow.

However, snow isn’t the only thing you can use this shovel on. You can also use it to shovel soil, mulch, and other materials. Thus, it won’t collect dust in your garage for the better part of the year until it starts snowing again. This makes this shovel a great investment because you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

The Good:

If you have problems with your back and you still have to take care of shoveling snow, this shovel can help keep you from hurting your back further. It can also help you if you don’t have much experience with snow and it’s your first time shoveling it.

The Bad:

This is a heavy and substantial tool, which is a good thing in a way because then the weight makes it easier for the blade to go through snow, soil, and more. However, this also means that using this shovel can be tiring. We had only been working with this shovel for around 10 minutes or so when our arms started burning a bit.

The Ugly:

We noticed that this shovel works almost flawlessly if you’re working on a smooth surface with little to no cracks or seams. However, it tends to get stuck in cracks in the surface, which can make moving snow more difficult. It impedes smooth movement, which can also mean that you’ll take more time clearing snow than normal.

6. The Snowplow "The Original Snow Pusher" 30" Wide Model (50530)
Includes The Snowplow The Original Snow Pusher" 30" Wide Model 50530
Features Wide blade design
Does not leave marks on surfaces
Large and comfortable D-grip handle
Bolt-together assembly
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 9” x 6” x 47”
Weight 5.09 lbs
Blade Length 30”
Material Polyethylene with fiberglass handle

With an ergonomic design and durable materials, The Snowplow’s “The Original Snow Pusher” can help you be more efficient when shoveling snow. Shoveling can take up quite a bit of time and energy, but this shovel can help you cut down on both while still producing the same results as when you use ordinary shovels.

This shovel is made of impact-resistant polyethylene with a corrosion-resistant and durable fiberglass handle. With these materials, you’ll be able to rely on this shovel for years to come. You also won’t have to worry about it breaking and ending up without a shovel in the middle of winter.

The design of this shovel isn’t the typical design. The blade is wider than usual, allowing you to shovel wide swaths of snow and saving you more time. You can also use the edge of the shovel to chip away at packed snow or ice, thus making shoveling easier. With just this one shovel, you’ll be able to clear large areas of snow.

Shovels can sometimes damage the surfaces they’re used on, which can cause certain problems. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with this shovel. You can use it over concrete, paving, wooden decks, and the like, and you won’t have to worry about seeing scratches or gouges on the surface once the snow melts.

Not only is this shovel built to be durable, but it’s also built to help you work more efficiently. It helped us clear out snow more quickly compared to a lot of other shovels, and you can also use it in conjunction with a snow blower if you’d like. With this ease of use and reliability, this shovel is worth the purchase.

The Good:

This shovel is relatively inexpensive, which makes its quality all the more noticeable. It’s a well-made shovel for its price, and you won’t have to worry about replacing it often. If you’re the type to find shoveling tedious, this shovel can save you a lot of time and you’ll have cleared your driveway before you even realize it.

The Bad:

In general, this shovel works best on a smooth surface. If there are cracks or seams on the surface, the shovel will snag and might tip over if you don’t keep it under control. This was a problem we had, but we were able to get used to using it even on surfaces with cracks and seams after a short while.

The Ugly:

If you’re in an area that gets a lot of snow, this might not be the shovel for you. It’s not all that effective on deep snow because the blade just isn’t designed for it. However, if the area you live in doesn’t get much snow, this shovel can work well for you.

7. Snow Joe iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit (24V-SS11-XR)
Includes Snow Joe iON+ Snow Shovel Kit 24V-SS11-XR
Features 20’ maximum throw distance
Two-blade paddle auger
Automates shoveling
Two handles to reduce back strain
Quick battery recharging
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.8” x 8.7” x 55.1”
Weight 12 lbs
Battery Capacity 5 Ah
Battery Voltage 24 volts
Battery Duration 1 hour 20 minutes maximum

There’s no surprise that this is one of the best snow shovels on the market. If you’d prefer to mechanize your snow shoveling duties, the Snow Joe iON+ Cordless Snow Shovel Kit will do most of the work for you. Clearing your stoop, driveway, or deck of snow no longer has to be tiring and physically taxing work. All you’ll need to do is to keep the shovel’s batteries charged and guide it to where it needs to go.

This battery-powered snow shovel is simple to use -- in fact, it may be simpler to operate than the ordinary and run-off-the-mill snow shovel. It has a two-handled shaft and a two-blade paddle auger that work together to make handling this shovel easy. The second handle takes the strain of shoveling off your back, while the auger efficiently digs at the snow and pulls it into the shovel.

We had a great time testing this Snow Joe shovel out, and we think that it’s worth its price. It can be especially helpful to people with back injuries or people who have mobility problems. It didn’t take much effort or force to push the shovel through snow, which means that it can take only a few minutes to clear a large area covered by a few inches of snow.

To use this cordless snow shovel, simply push the blade into the snow, start the motor with the instant-start switch on the top handle, then start walking. A single full battery charge can give you up to 1 hour and 20 minutes of power, which can use to clear up to 370 square feet of surface area. This shovel can work with up to 3 inches of snow, and it can clear an 11-inch wide path with each pass.

Charging the battery didn’t take us a long time, and the battery also lasted about as long as we expected. However, when we worked with heavier loads of snow, the battery lasted for a shorter time. Fortunately, we expected this and it made sense. Additionally, the charger worked fast and fully recharged the battery in about an hour.

The Good:

With this Snow Joe shovel, you’ll be able to do easily and neatly clear away snow from your stoop, deck, patio, driveway, sidewalk, and more. Best of all, it will let you do a large amount of work for far less time, effort, and energy. You can throw snow up to 20 feet away without having to lift the shovel even once.

The Bad:

From what we can tell from our experience with this shovel, it’s best used for snow. It won’t work the same way on ice, because it will have to work harder to break through. Additionally, ice chunks are larger and heavier, so the shovel might not be able to throw it as far as it can throw snow. If ice has formed on your deck or driveway, you might have to use a different shovel or tool.

The Ugly:

This tool would have benefited from a lock-on switch or something similar. To keep the shovel running, we had to hold down the trigger on the handle. This can lead to hand fatigue over time, especially if you have to clear large areas or hard-packed snow.

8. Suncast 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo (SC3250)
Includes Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo SC3250
Features Ergonomically designed curved shaft
Angled rib patterns on the blade
Functions as a snow shovel and pusher
Large and comfortable D-grip handles
Rust-resistant finish
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 18” x 1” x 52”
Handle Length 40”
Weight 4 lbs
Blade Length 18”
Material Resin blade with powder-coated steel shaft

From a motorized snow shovel, we’ll go to a more traditional one for those who just want a good, old-fashioned tool that can get the job done. The Suncast Snow Pusher Shovel Combo doesn’t have the bells and whistles that come with some of the other entries on this list, but it’s well-made, durable, and ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use.

This shovel’s blade is made of tough and durable resin plastic that can withstand rough use and heavy loads. With it, you’ll be able to use the shovel all winter without worrying about breaking it against a patch of ice or cement. The shaft, meanwhile, is made of powder-coated steel that won’t corrode over time.

Because this Suncast snow shovel is ergonomically designed, it can help you preserve your strength and reduce the back strain that shoveling usually induces. The shaft is curved in such a way that when you lift a shovelful of snow, the shovel will remain steady and stable in your hands without you having to exert much effort. The blade, which is designed to function as a snow pusher as well, also has angled rib patterns that can make the collection of snow more efficient.

One of our taller editors attests that if you’ve been looking for a snow shovel that can fit in well with your height, this one is a great choice. You’ll be able to keep a good posture while shoveling, which can help prevent lower back pain. Additionally, we were able to shovel wide swaths of snow in single passes.

This lightweight yet sturdy ergonomic snow shovel is dependable and can help you shovel snow without pain or discomfort even if you have a bad back. Keep it around to ensure that you won’t be caught unawares even in unpredictable weather.

The Good:

With its durable construction and ergonomic design, this Suncast snow shovel can help you clear snow out of your deck, patio, pathways, driveways, and the like. It can also help you dig vehicles out of the snow, and it can double as a snow pusher to help you efficiently clear snow out of certain areas.

The Bad:

The edge of the shovel seems to be particularly sensitive, especially when compared to other shovels. The area we shoveled didn’t have a perfectly smooth surface and had some cracks and seams. It felt like this shovel got snagged on nearly every crack and seam, and it was a bit difficult to make sure that the shovel got as much snow as possible without periodically stalling.

The Ugly:

While this shovel works great on light snowfall, it might make things difficult for you if the snow is any heavier. You won’t be able to lift heavy snow with this shovel, though you’ll be able to push the snow to clear your driveway, deck, and the like.

9. Garant Yukon 24-Inch Ergonomic Poly Blade Snow Pusher (YPP24EAKD)
Includes Garant Yukon 24-Inch Ergonomic Poly Blade Snow Pusher YPP24EAKD
Features Ergonomically designed curved shaft
Angled rib patterns on the blade
Functions as a snow shovel and pusher
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 9” x 24” x 59.5”
Weight 3.98 lbs
Blade Length 24”
Material Polyethylene blade with aluminum shaft

The Garant Yukon Ergonomic Snow Pusher is yet another snow shovel that’s designed to protect your back from strain. It has an ergonomic design that can help make shoveling snow more efficient and a lot less tiring. With a single continuous push, you’ll be able to clear a wide strip of snow.

The shovel’s blade is made of polyethylene, a type of plastic that’s impact-resistant and durable. Meanwhile, its shaft is made of aluminum, a metal that’s reliably durable while also staying lightweight. Both materials are resistant to corrosion, which means that you can put the shovel in storage for most of the year without worrying about damage or staining.

To ensure ease of use and effectiveness, this shovel has an ergonomic design that will enable you to have a better time shoveling snow. The blade is designed to be wider than the usual shovel blade, allowing you to clear wider swaths of snow in one stroke. The shaft, meanwhile, is ergonomically curved to make lifting and throwing the snow easier.

This shovel is ideal for light snowfall and works well if you want to make sure that there won’t be any snow on your pathways, driveway, patio, stoop, and more. You’ll likely be able to easily use this shovel on up to around 6 inches of snow. Because the shovel isn’t made of heavy materials, you’ll be able to easily maneuver it around the snow.

For the most part, using this shovel was a breeze for us. The snow slid right off the scoop, and it’s easy to handle, lift, and throw. Additionally, with its design, it basically encouraged us to engage different muscles. It gave us a good workout without putting us in danger of developing back pain.

The Good:

With this ergonomic snow shovel, you won’t have to be a big burly man to make easy and quick work of the snow on your property. That’s the beauty of the shovel’s ergonomic design and the reason why it’s made of lightweight materials. Furthermore, you’ll be able to easily learn how to use this shovel to your advantage.

The Bad:

It seemed to us that the parts weren’t securely screwed. The fasteners weren’t as tight as we would have preferred them to be. Indeed, a couple of the screws came somewhat loose after a few uses. We had to tighten the screws ourselves before we lost one or two of them.

The Ugly:

Additionally, we would have preferred it if the blade had been thicker. We’re not all that comfortable with how thin it is, though so far it has held up well for us. However, the material seems like it can bend or warp at any time, which you don’t want to happen in the middle of shoveling your driveway.

10. Emsco Group 1083 Bigfoot Mega Dozer Snow Shovel with Lifetime Handle
Includes Emsco Group 1083 Bigfoot Mega Dozer Snow Shovel with Lifetime Handle
Features Snow shovel, scooper, and pusher in one
Large and comfortable D-grip handles
Lightweight material
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 3” x 18” x 49.25”
Blade Dimensions 19” x 15”
Weight 4 lbs
Material Impact-tested plastic

With the Emsco Group 1083 Bigfoot Mega Dozer Snow Shovel, you’ll be getting three tools in one. It’s a highly versatile shovel that allows you to work more efficiently when you’re clearing snow out of your driveway, stoop, patio, deck, and more. The shovel’s design will help you ensure that snow days will be a lot less of a hassle.

Though this shovel is made of plastic, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less durable than its counterparts. For one thing, it’s made of sturdy and durable plastic, and it’s also been impact tested to ensure that it will hold up well if it falls or hits a hard surface. With this kind of durability, you won’t have to worry about using it for tough jobs.

At first glance, this may seem like just an ordinary snow shovel. However, once you start using it, you’ll see that it was carefully designed to be multifunctional. It’s basically a snow shovel, scoop shovel, and pusher shovel in one. It can work well for light snow and it can help you easily lift and push snow away from specific areas.

Because this shovel is versatile, you can use it in many ways. You can use it to scoop up a pile of snow, or you can push it ahead of you and plow aside a swath of snow. You can also use it for light and dry snow as well as for heavier and wetter snow. Whichever type of snowfall you get where you live, this shovel will work well for you.

From our experience with this tool, it can make pushing snow quick and easy as pie. We were able to clear large areas in a matter of minutes without exerting too much effort. The blade didn’t get caught in cracks and seams on the surface, so it glided smoothly across and allowed us to work more efficiently.

The Good:

If you have back issues, or if you just want a better and more efficient way to deal with snow every year, this is the shovel for you. You don’t have to lift snow if you don’t want to, because this shovel will enable you to push or plow the snow instead. Regardless of which technique you want to use, this can be one of the best snow shovels for your back.

The Bad:

This shovel wasn’t all that easy to put together. It came in different parts, and it was easy enough to figure out how to assemble. However, the assembly definitely isn’t tool-free. We needed to use a drill to screw the parts together, and we had a hard time putting the handle shaft in its slot in the blade.

The Ugly:

We have the same problem with this shovel as the Garant Yukon snow pusher. The blade on this snow shovel is thinner than we’d like it to be, and we’re a bit apprehensive about how well this shovel will hold up over time. However, it will likely last several years if you don’t use it too much.

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  • Is a snow pusher better than a snow shovel?

    You'll notice that snow pushers are typically used for driveways and sidewalks. Snow pushers clear snow faster and with less effort than a traditional shovel, making them suitable for clearing driveways. However, they might not perform well on walkways or narrow areas where the push shovel may have trouble maneuvering. The more traditional snow shovels, meanwhile, are more useful for smaller and tighter areas.

  • Can you use a regular shovel for snow?

    If the snow is fresh, light, or not tightly packed, a regular shovel will not work well because it is designed to scoop and move dirt, sand, and gravel. Typically, the blade of a shovel is flat, so it will push snow away from you instead of scooping it up. However, if the snow is tightly packed, heavy, and wet, a regular metal shovel can be helpful. It can break through ice more easily than a plastic shovel.

  • Are plastic snow shovels any good?

    Yes. Plastic shovels can be great to use in the right situation. They can provide you with a good snow removal solution, as long as they're high quality and built to be able to carry loads of snow. Additionally, plastic shovels are far less likely to scrape and scratch the surfaces you use them on. You'll be able to remove snow from your wooden deck or stone patio without worrying about damaging the surfaces.

  • What size snow shovel do I need?

    Snow shovels can be up to 24" wide. The size of the snow shovel you need depends on the size of the area you need to shovel. If you need to shovel a large area, such as a driveway or a large deck, you'll need a wider snow shovel. A width of 18" to 24" can work well, while narrower shovels can be used for things like digging cars out of the snow.

  • How do you shovel snow without hurting your back?

    Proper posture can help immensely when it comes to preventing back pain when shoveling snow. When you are shoveling, be sure to keep your back straight and use your legs to do the work. Bending over from the waist puts a lot of strain on your lower back, which is why it's important to choose a shovel that's right for your height. You can also choose ergonomically designed shovels, like the ones with a dual-handed design.

What to look for when buying snow shovels

Here are some questions to ask yourself ahead of time: How much snow can be expected in your area? Where do you plan on storing the shovel after each use? What tasks will it be used for, and how frequently? These considerations should help you narrow down your options and choose the right snow shovel.

There are many different types of snow shovels on the market, so it is important to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the best snow shovel for your needs:

Type: The first thing you need to consider is the type of snow shovel you need. There are two main types of snow shovels: plastic and metal. Plastic snow shovels are the most common type. They are lightweight and inexpensive, but they are not as durable as metal or rubber shovels.

Meanwhile, a metal snow shovel is more durable than a plastic one, but it’s also more expensive. We’ll be delving more into the differences between these two types in the next section of this article.

Blade: The blade is perhaps the most important part of the snow shovel because it’s the part that actually shovels the snow. The blade should be made of a durable material that can shovel heavy, wet snow without breaking. The blade should also be wide enough to shovel a large amount of snow at once.

Handle: The handle is the part of the snow shovel that you hold onto while you are shoveling. The handle should ideally be made of a comfortable material and should be easy to hold onto.

Size: When choosing the best snow shovel, it is important to consider the size of the area that needs to be cleared, as well as the type of snow. Heavier snow will require a sturdier shovel, while lighter snow can be shoveled with a lighter-weight shovel.

Metal vs Plastic Snow Shovels

Snow shovels are a very important part of winter. They allow you to clear snow away from the entrances of your home, driveways, walkways, and decks. They also allow you to dig your car out if it's gotten buried in snow overnight. By choosing the right shovels, you'll be able to remove ice and snow quickly so you can get on with your day.

Most shovels that you can buy today will be either metal or plastic. Both materials can provide you with a wide range of benefits, though it's important to make sure that you choose the right one for your needs. Do you want the strength and durability of a metal snow shovel or the flexibility and lightweight feel of a plastic snow shovel?

While metal blades are generally more durable, they do have some drawbacks. For one thing, they can weigh more than plastic, which can be a problem if you have to clear a large area. The metal will weigh you down and tire you out, so it's more than likely going to be difficult to remove snow from areas like your driveway. Additionally, a metal shovel can scratch up surfaces unless you try to be very careful.

Plastic blades are lighter and easier to get through the snow. They'll allow you to work for longer without tiring out right away, so you can remove snow from larger areas. However, they're not as sturdy as metal blades and can tend to sustain more damage. You're also more likely to have to replace plastic shovels sooner than later.

Tips for Using Snow Shovels

If you're going to be using a snow shovel, it is important to know how to use one correctly. It's also important to make sure that you stay safe when shoveling snow. With these simple tips, we hope to help you make sure that you work efficiently while also preventing injury and accidents.

Start removing snow right away: There’s no need to wait for the snow to pile up if you can help it. It’s best to start removing snow as soon as it hits the ground. This will help prevent the snow from turning into ice, which can be more difficult to remove.

Use the right tools: It’s important to use the right tools when removing snow. A snow shovel is the best option for dealing with smaller amounts of snow. For much larger amounts of snow, you may need a snow blower.

Be careful: When removing snow, be careful not to put too much strain on your body. If you have a heart condition, talk to your doctor before removing snow. Also, be careful not to slip and fall while removing snow.

Dress appropriately: Make sure that you dress in warm, loose-fitting clothing. Wear layers so you can remove them if you get too warm. Also, wear boots with good traction to help prevent slipping.

Take breaks: Avoid spending too much time shoveling snow and take breaks often to rest your body. If you start to feel tired, take a break and come back later. Pushing yourself too hard and shoveling snow for long periods at a time can tire out your cardiovascular system.

Be strategic: Don’t start at one end of your driveway and shovel all the way through to the other end. It’s better to start in the middle, then work your way to one end. You can then take a short break, then work on the remaining half of your driveway.

Enhance your shovel: The best snow shovel can help you right after assembly or even right out of the box. However, there are things you can do to help improve the way your shovel works. For example, you can spray oil or apply wax on the blade to prevent snow from sticking to the surface.


If there’s one essential household tool that will be put to good use during the winter months, it’s the snow shovel. Whether you’re dealing with heavy snow or just a light dusting, you need a sturdy shovel that will withstand the elements and last for many years of use. The right snow shovel can help you get to work faster, and with less effort on your part.

It isn’t enough to just buy any snow shovel that you find. The products in this list of top 10 best snow shovels were all selected by our editorial team and then tested based on their build quality, design, and overall performance. If a product made it to this list, you can be sure that it's worth the money and that it will serve its purpose well.

Ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences, and the best way to determine the right shovel is to consider what you'll be using it for most often. The shovels that we have recommended above are among the best options available on the market, so buying one of these should serve you well.

Engineer Warehouse will always recommend getting the right tool for the right job. A snow shovel is not a one-size-fits-all tool and we strongly believe that you should seek out quality over cost. We would rather see you pay more for a good snow shovel than have you buy a cheaper option only for it to break on you in freezing temperatures. Our list of top 10 best snow shovels can certainly help guide your decision as you look for the perfect snow removal tool for your home or business.

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