Top 10 Outdoor Security Cameras (Reviews & Buyers’ Guide 2022)

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Blink Outdoor - wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera
  • #1 Overall Best Outdoor Security Camera for Sale in 2022
  • Wireless battery-powered HD security camera with infrared night vision
  • Can run up to 2 years with only AA batteries
  • Provide motion detection alerts to your smartphone
Our Rating: 5.0/5.0
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#1-Top Expert Choice
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera
  • Runner-up best security camera in 2022
  • Equipped with 1080 HD video camera with infrared night vision and live view
  • Comes with built-in LED light strips and siren
  • Connects with your smartphones for live video views, motion-activated alerts, and a two-way talk system
Our Rating: 4.9/5.0
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#2-Premium Choice
Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera (4 Pack)
  • 4-pack outdoor security camera kit
  • With stable wifi connection with the camera’s external antenna
  • The outdoor camera provides durable night visions with 20 IR LEDs
Our Rating: 4.8/5.0
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Wansview 1080P Waterproof WiFi Home Security Surveillance Bullet Camera
  • Wireless 2 Megapixel 105-degree outdoor security camera
  • Remote view for multiple users using Vasview Cloud App
  • Offers real-time motion alerts, stunning night vision, and 1080P HD videos
Our Rating: 4.7/5.0
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Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Security Camera w/ Solar Panel
  • Wireless solar-powered and rechargeable outdoor security camera
  • Provides almost 360-degrees footage coverage of your home
  • Micro-SD card compatible for video storage
Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
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Mibao P450 Security Camera
  • Outdoor security camera encased in a zinc alloy shell for protection
  • Equipped with 18 pcs 850nm infrared LEDs for night mode footage
  • Protected video storage with cloud and SD card encryption
Our Rating: 4.5/5.0
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Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera
  • Outdoor security camera with floodlight
  • Provides 2k video footage with a wide 160-degree angle
  • Equipped with smart alerts with the Arlo Secure subscription plan
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
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ieGeek Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
  • An outdoor security camera that provides 1080p images day and night
  • Offers human motion detection mode to avoid false alarms
  • Supports microSD cards and cloud storage for video filing
Our Rating: 4.3/5.0
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DCT CG1 Wireless Security Camera
  • Wireless and cordless outdoor security camera
  • With AI intelligence to distinguish motions of people, vehicles, and pets in customized areas
  • Offers cloud storage and micro SD
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
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AlkiVision Security Camera Outdoor
  • Wireless outdoor security camera with 1080p video and image quality
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery to last six months with one full charge
  • With smart motion detection and two-way audio/li>
Our Rating: 4.1/5.0
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View the Best Outdoor Security Cameras in the Market Below:

1.Blink Outdoor - wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera

On top of the list of the best outdoor security cameras is the Blink Outdoor Wireless Weather-Resistant HD Security Camera. This is a 3camera kit that provides a 110-degree hawk eye’s view of the surroundings outside of your home.

This outdoor security camera kit can be installed without the help of professionals as this product does not require wiring. Rather, you would just need to connect the camera units to the Blink Sync Module 2 that comes with the kit through your home wifi.

Each camera has a slim and easy mountable design and it can withstand different weather conditions, rain or shine, to help provide the security you need in your home. This outdoor security camera, once connected to the internet, can give you a high-definition live view of the locations through your phone. However, an Amazon customer pointed out some clarity and delay issues with the product.

To record and keep files of the videos, especially if you’re looking to capture evidence for a certain home robbery case, Blink offers a free 30-day trial of the brand’s cloud subscription. Afterwhich, you would need to subscribe to a monthly or yearly subscription plan. If you’re not a fan of cloud storage, you can purchase a USB flash drive and insert it into the Blink Sync Module 2.

Apart from the video recording features, you can also see, hear and speak to your visitors from the outside using the Blink App thanks to the two-way audio feature. You can also create customized motion detection notifications and privacy zones so you could focus on the movements you’re concerned about.

Kit Inclusions 3 outdoor cameras, Sync Module 2, 6 pcs AA Lithium metal batteries, 3 pcs mounting kits, USB cable, power adapter
Color Black
Size 71 x 71 x 31 mm
Item Weight: 48 grams
2. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera

Second on the list of the best outdoor security cameras is the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera. This product is a single-camera kit that you can install near your front door so you could have a good view of your front porch with its 1080HD video quality.

Keep your home secure from any intruders with the live video feed through the smartphone app, and even through your Alexa device. You can also get alerts on your phones thanks to the built-in motion sensors in the camera. This way, you’ll know instantly when someone steps on your property.

This outdoor security camera is also equipped with a two-way talk system where you can speak to the person on your property before opening the door. Now, what if you’re not home and someone tries to break into your house? The Ring Spotlight cam has a built-in remote-activated siren you can trigger from your phone or tablet.

If you wish to record the videos or capture photos from your outdoor security camera, you can subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan for around $10 a month per household.

Another unique feature of the Ring Spotlight Cam is it has versatile power options. The kit comes with a rechargeable battery pack, but each Spotlight cam can fit two packs for backup. If you’re not up for that, you can connect the outdoor security camera for continuous charging. Some Amazon customers have found changing the batteries quite the hassle, so you could consider these options.
Kit Inclusions Spotlight Cam, Mountain Base, Quick-release battery pack, USB charging cable, security sticker
Color White
Dimensions 4.96 x 2.72 x 2.99 inches
3. Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera (4 Pack)

The Zmodo Outdoor Security Camera (4 Pack) is a multi-pack camera kit that provides 1080p HD whether day or night thanks to the 20 IR LEDs equipped in each unit, providing quality footage of up to 65 feet.

Made with a metal-based frame case, each camera is designed to resist various weather conditions, like extreme heat and coldness. With IP66 weatherproof technology, you’re able to keep your home secure at any given time.

The Zmodo cameras can be connected to your home wifi so you could access the footage on your smartphone or tablets. To enable a strong connection to the internet, all units have their own external antenna to assure quality signals of up to 240 meters.

This outdoor security camera pack offers multi-camera viewing so you could get a full view of your home without having to switch back and forth channels. You can also customizable motion detection zones - especially on your door and windows so you could be alerted when someone tries to break in. Keep an eye out for this, though, as some Amazon reviews have reported delays in the alerts on the app.

Each product pack comes with a free 1-month cloud subscription and a 7-day cloud recording plan. In the event, these expire and you would need to store recordings and clips of your home, you would need to subscribe for separate cloud storage, which may be a downside for this product. But some Amazon customers have said that a subscription is not needed for this product to collect videos and photos.

This outdoor security camera is also compatible with Alexa, however, you would need to connect your cameras to a voice control Echo Snow system.

Kit Inclusions 4 pcs 1080 HD camera with plug
Color White
Product Dimensions 11 x 7.25 x 2.5 inches
Item Weight 0.057 ounces
4. Wansview 1080P Waterproof WiFi Home Security Surveillance Bullet Camera

The Wansview 1080P Waterproof Wifi Home Security Surveillance Bullet Camera comes in fifth on the best outdoor security cameras. This is a mountable camera that’s equipped with a 2-megapixel 105-degree wide-angle lens that looks to capture clearer details of your home’s surroundings.

Using the Wansview Cloud app, you can zoom the camera up to four times to see the details of the monitoring area. It’s also equipped with a ball mount to give you options on where you want to view. It also provides clearer night vision of up to 20 meters with 24 IR LEDs.

The outdoor security camera has a durable aluminum alloy outer casing that protects the camera from extreme weather conditions, rain, or shine, so there’s no need to worry about your cameras from the outside.

Unlike the other outdoor security cameras, you can use the Wansview Home Security Surveillance Bullet Camera to its full potential without the need to buy any cloud subscriptions. Multiple users can also be given remote access to view all the security cameras so you could check on your home even if you’re away.

In installing the outdoor security camera, you just need to mount the cameras across your home and connect them to your home wifi using the Wansview app.

Kit Inclusions 1 Wansview Security Camera, 1 3DBi Wifi Antenna, 1 12V 1A US power supply, 1 RJ45 Ethernet Cable, mounting screw
Color Black
Dimensions: 6.22 x x 2.36 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
5. Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Security Camera w/ Solar Panel

Looking for a single camera that can cover your entire porch? Then the Reolink Argus PT Outdoor Security Camera w/ Solar Panel is the perfect one for you.

This product is designed to provide you full coverage of your home with its 355-degree horizontal panning and 140-degree vertical tilt. This single-camera can provide 105-degree wide vision. This coverage is supported by a 1080p HC camera that comes with a starlight CMOS image sensor so you could have clear videos day or night of up to 33 feet.

Unlike the other products on this list, you need not worry about losing battery power. The camera is attached to its own solar panel through a 4-meter wire. So you can mount the camera on your preferred location while the panel can be installed on your roof so it could get the right amount of sunlight to charge your unit.

This outdoor security camera provides a live view of the footage using the Reolink software, which also allows you to playback and record the videos manually. To secure these videos, you’re given 1GB cloud storage free for seven days. If you don’t want to subscribe to cloud storage, the camera has a local SD card storage you can use - a feature that other outdoor security cameras do not have.

The Reolink Argus PT is equipped with a more sensitive digital PIR sensor- which helps in sending alerts to your phone when motions are detected within the area. However, some customers have complained of getting false alerts from this product. In any case, this camera kit works well and helps you stay alert for any possible emergency situation.

Kit Inclusions: Reolink Argus PT (with rechargeable battery) and solar panel, 1 camera bracket, 1 antenna, 1 micro USB cable, 1 reset needle, 1 mounting hole template
Color White
Dimensions 8.66 x 7.87 x 6.26 inches
Item Weight 2.77 pounds
6. Keson MP401 Measuring Wheel

Providing high-quality footage even at night is one of the reasons why the Mibao P450 Security Camera is one of the best outdoor security cameras on this list.

This product is a 1080P camera encased in a zinc-aluminum alloy material to protect the camera from extreme weather conditions, making it more durable. It has an 18*850nm infrared sensor light to provide you with a better night vision quality of 65 feet—the longest night vision distance on this list.

The camera can be connected to your home’s wifi using the associated application. If you wish to save the footage for legal purposes, this outdoor security camera has a cloud storage system you could buy. You can also attach a micro SD card to the camera. Both storage systems have a video encryption algorithm to protect your privacy, so only you could see the footage.

The Mibao Security Camera also has a motion detection system that alerts you via the APP when they detect unfamiliar movements within the camera range. While some users cite instances when the motion alarms don’t go off, many users still find this a helpful feature. It also has a built-in microphone and speakers for a two-way audio system so you could speak to the people outside from the camera.

Kit Inclusions 1 Mibao security camera with 5db antenna
Color White
Dimensions 8.27 x 3.94 x 2.78 inches
Item Weight 13.5 pounds
7. Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

An outdoor security camera and a floodlight in one? That’s one of the best features of the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, the seventh-best outdoor security camera on our list. This is a combination of a 2K HDR video camera and a 2000-3000 lumens LED light - perfect for your garage and front porch.

The outdoor security camera provides a wide 160-degree diagonal viewing angle to provide you undistorted, and clear footage no matter the time of day and weather. You can also zoom in to see clearer details like a license plate or a face of a person or a package. However, it’s important to note that some users complain of blurry images from this product.

In keeping your home safe, the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera offers motion notifications from people, vehicles, and packages that come to your front lawn. You can also trigger sirens, call a friend system, or dial emergency with the Arlo Secure app subscription trial. However, once the trial expires, you would need to buy a subscription plan to continue using these services, including the video recording feature that you’ll need for emergency purposes. Quite a number of users point out this condition to be quite unreasonable.

Meanwhile, the floodlight can provide you good lighting especially during the nighttime with over 2000 lumens. This light is motion activated and will only light up when it detects movement in the area. This floodlight can also run up to 3000 lumens, but you would need to purchase the Arlo Outdoor Charging Cable separately. Do note that the floodlight is not compatible with other chargers, as a few users point out.

Kit Inclusions 1 pc Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera
Color White
Dimensions 7 x 6 x 2 inches
Item Weight 3 pounds
8. Rolatape 32-400 Professional Series Measuring Wheel

If you’re not a fan of your outdoor security cameras going off every now and then you should get the ieGeek Wireless Outdoor Security Camera.

This outdoor security camera is equipped with a 3.6mm lens that provides 1080p images whether day or night. Its night vision is supported by 4 infrared LED lights and can provide coverage of up to 65 feet. The camera is encased in an adjustable metal mount, this camera can provide 130-degree wide-angle coverage of your front porch,

The IeGeek outdoor security camera has an installed PIR motion sensor, where you can set the human detection mode, so your unit can only detect people walking by your home. This feature helps prevent false alarms that can be caused by the rain, insects, and other small objects. While some users point out some lapses in the product’s motion detection feature, most customers are impressed with this product.

The outdoor security camera has a rechargeable 10400mAh battery capacity that the brand guarantees long battery life, However, some Amazon customers have cited otherwise. So, this is something to keep in mind. But you can also install an ieGeek Solar Panel to the camera for easier charging.

In storing video footage, you can either go for cloud storage or install a micro SD card of up to 128 GB. In both ways, your data is encrypted with bank-level encryption to help protect your recordings.

Kit Inclusions 1 wireless security camera, 1 metal mount, 1 1.2M USB cable
Color White
Dimensions 6.89 x 6.06 x 3.43 inches
Item Weight: 1.65 pounds
9.DCT CG1 Wireless Security Camera

The DCT CG1 Wireless Security Camera offers quite a punch, too.

This product offers up to 1080p image quality for your security footage so you could take clear and colorful images day and night. This outdoor security camera is the only product that offers two modes for night vision: infrared and color mode. You can watch the live footage of your home through the VicoHome app. The DCT Wireless security camera provides a 130-degree wide-angle.

Unlike the ninth security camera, this product offers a cloud storage subscription to help store your security footage. It also has a micro SD slot of up to 128 GB.

To help you become alert of your home’s surroundings, this product has a PIR motion detection system with AI recognition that’ll help distinguish between humans, pets, and vehicles. To narrow down the alerts, you have the option to choose activity zones for specific monitoring. These features, however, require you to subscribe to cloud subscriptions after the 30-day free trial.

The DCT Wireless Security Camera has a siren alarm and flashlight should you be alerted with any threats to scare off intruders. You can also manually use this as a floodlight in case of emergencies.

Kit Inclusions: 1 DCT Wireless Security Camera, mounting bracket
Color White
Item Dimensions 2.4 x 3.3 x 3.6 inches
tem Weight: 1.39 pounds
10.AlkiVision Security Camera Outdoor

Dubbed as a “little guy” by many users, the AlkiVision Security Camera is a powerful addition to your home’s security system.

Like an eagle flying around your home, this camera lets you see the entire vicinity of your home thanks to the high-quality 1080p images and video footage this camera records and saves in your smartphone. The camera covers a 130-degree angle to give you a wide view of what’s happening around you, even with just one camera installed. Users love the crystal clear footage this camera captures, giving sharp details on objects and movements it records.

AlkiVision understands that most scenarios that need recording happens at night. That’s why the brand took every consideration in equipping this model with a night vision feature that has a 32-foot visible range. Even if the porch lights are closed in the middle of the night, this security camera works well in monitoring your home’s surroundings.

Through the AlkiVision app, you can watch the live feed of your home. Recording and saving footage is easy, you simply need a TF micro SD card up to 128 GB of memory. This camera is also equipped with smart PIR motion detection to provide real-time alerts to your phone once motion is detected, which the camera automatically records, too.

But that’s not all you get from this security camera. It has a built-in speaker and microphone, so you can be proactive and speak to the person at your door without having to open the door. Users love this feature in particular as it adds another layer of safety to their purchase.

In terms of longevity, this model definitely ups the ante. This wireless, rechargeable security camera can last up to six months before needing a recharge. Like other models on this list, this camera doesn’t need drilling tools for installation. The kit comes with a mounting bracket and screw sets, helping you set up your camera in 10 minutes or less.

Kit Inclusions 1 pc AlkiVision Wireless Rechargeable Camera, 1 mounting bracket. 1 USB cable, 1 screw set
Color: White
Dimensions 3.4 x 1.4 x 2.3 inches

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