Top 10 Best Lecterns (Reviews & Buyers' Guide 2022)

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AdirOffice Lectern with Adjustable Shelf and Pen Tray
  • Overall best lectern for class presentation, public speaking engagements
  • Made of MDF wood for sturdy, long-term use
  • Wood surface is coated with protective lacquer to prevent external damage and maintain luster
Our Rating: 5.0/5.0
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#1-Top Expert Choice
Audio-Visual Direct Wheeled Lectern with Storage Shelf
  • European-styled lectern made with MDF wood and steel
  • Equipped with durable wheels with locking system for easy mobility
  • With Magnetic Privacy Screen to attach logos to the lectern
Our Rating: 4.9/5.0
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#2-Premium Choice
Pyle PLCTND44 Portable Floor Lectern with Slanted Top Shelf
  • Height adjustable lectern to fit all heights and ages
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Floor-standing design for wider legroom during presentations
Our Rating: 4.8/5.0
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Flash Furniture Oak Stand-Up Lectern
  • Contemporary style floor lectern with an oak-laminate finish
  • Equipped with adjustable shelves for storage
  • Sturdy-lectern for multiple occasion use
Our Rating: 4.7/5.0
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1home Steel Mobile Lectern with Wheels and Storage Tray
  • A lectern and standing desk in one
  • Height adjustable and portable lectern made of alloy steel
  • Spacious platforms fits laptop and important documents
Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
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S Stand Up Desk Store Pneumatic Adjustable-Height Lectern
  • Multi-functional lectern podium or standing desk
  • A lectern with a compact and portable design
  • Height and tilt adjustable features for comfortable and customized positioning
Our Rating: 4.5/5.0
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Bonnlo Mobile Wheeled Lectern with Tilted Top Board & Edge Stopper
  • 4-wheeled portable lectern with locking brakes
  • With an enhanced edge to protect bigger laptops and books
  • Made of sturdy iron frame and MDF board
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
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S Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Adjustable Height Rolling Lectern
  • Portable lectern with furniture-grade wheel casters with locking brake
  • Offers a maximum weight capacity of 144 lbs
  • Equipped with height adjustable features
Our Rating: 4.3/5.0
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Bonnlo Mobile Height Adjustable Lectern with Wheels
  • Height adjustable lectern, goes up to 4.4 FT high
  • Made with high-quality MDF wood and steel
  • Equipped with 4-wheel casters for portability
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
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Mount-It! Mobile Lectern
  • Multi-purpose lectern and standing workstation
  • Offers 40-degree adjustable angles on reading surface
  • 2-tier lectern to provide additional storage space
Our Rating: 4.1/5.0
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View the Best Lecterns in the Market Below:

1. AdirOffice Lectern with Adjustable Shelf and Pen Tray

A lectern creates a focal point when someone is giving a presentation or lecture. Not only does it help the audience stay focused, but it also helps the speaker gain a sense of control on how they want to be perceived. Establish authority on live presentations and conferences with the AdirOffice Lectern with Adjustable Shelf and Pen Tray.

This lectern is crowned the best overall lectern for good reason. It is made with eco-friendly MDF wood for a lightweight yet sturdy podium. A protective layer of lacquer is infused with the wood to prevent damage caused by heat, moisture, stains, and even abrasions. This layer comes especially handy when this lectern is used for classrooms and conference rooms. With laptops, notebooks, pens, and other hard items constantly on the surface of the lectern, a layer of protective lacquer will make sure the lectern does not get deformed, scratched, or stained for a long time.

Standing at 3.9 feet, this lectern is user-friendly for the average adult or child. Though the height is not adjustable, AdirOffice’s lectern is still the best among other available lecterns as it is spacious, sturdy, and solid. Its slanted top is 23 inches by 15 ¼ inches wide and has a good reading angle of 15 degrees. This makes it easier to read off from a notebook or laptop. It also has a pencil slot for storing pens and other necessities to keep them within arm’s reach, literally.

The AdirOffice Lectern with Adjustable Shelf and Pen Tray also features an open storage shelf that can fit a 17-inch laptop, multiple books, documents, and more. Furthermore, this lectern has floor glides that serve dual functions. The glides ensure that the lectern can be movable without scruffing or scratching any surface.. On top of that, the glides have some grip to it, which ensures that the lectern stays in place when you need it to.

The AdirOffice obviously prioritizes the experiences of its customers. It shows in the product’s features. Customers agree that this lectern is easy to assemble, with some reporting that it took them approximately 15 minutes. Overall, AdirOffice makes the best lectern on the market thanks to the simple, effective, and smart design of this model.

Material: Eco-friendly MDF Wood
Product Dimensions/td> 23.3” x 5” x 47.5”
Item Weight 55 lbs
Color: Silver Gray
2. Audio-Visual Direct Wheeled Lectern with Storage Shelf

If portability is the most important feature on a lectern, then Audio-Visual Direct Wheeled Lectern with Storage Shelf is the best choice. It sports four wheels with locks that provide smooth movement. Users agree that the wheels on this lectern are a key reason for purchasing as this model provides much-needed mobility. Holding the wheels is powder-coated steel that holds everything together. This slim and sturdy lectern uses MDF wood to add a lightweight yet durable feel even with the heavy-duty steel frame.

The lectern may be smaller compared to the first item on this list, but it is just as functional. The angled reading surface is 23 ½ inches wide to allow various items within your reach. It also has a paper stop that covers the entire length of the bottom of the surface to make sure nothing falls off. The angle of the top shelf tilts at just the right angle to be comfortable on the neck and spine.

This lectern also features a lower shelf that is 23 inches wide, adding more storage space for notes, additional books, a bag, and other important items for a presentation.

Another unique feature is the magnetic privacy screen that is the front panel of the lectern. Unlike the AdirOffice lectern that is 100% made of MDF wood, Audio-Visual Direct’s lectern features a metal body that is compatible with magnets for branding materials. The front panel functions as a billboard where a school, company, brand, or event logo can be placed for exposure. This feature makes this lectern especially favorable in professional settings.

Material Powder-coated steel, MDF wood
Dimensions 23” x 17” x 45”
Item Weight 28 lbs
Color Black and Brown
3. Pyle PLCTND44 Portable Floor Lectern with Slanted Top Shelf

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication–and this lectern is the epitome of this saying. The Pyle PLCTND44 Portable Floor Lectern with Slanted Top Shelf boasts a simple and functional design that is great for small and big spaces.

This lectern has an angled 22.4-inch reading surface for laptops, tablets, and other documents. An edge stopper helps prevent slipping, although it doesn’t cover the entire bottom frame.

This lectern is height adjustable using the knob on the trunk. The height can be adjusted between 2.4 feet to 3.9 feet, making this product compatible with all ages and heights. The foot base is also unique compared to its two predecessors. The floor-standing design provides maximum legroom whether standing or sitting while keeping the lectern sturdy.

Plye Store’s lectern is also portable. While this lectern does not have wheels, it is very lightweight at 17 pounds making it easy to carry around a school campus or office. Some Amazon users find carrying this lectern a little inconvenient because of the bulky legs. Nevertheless, this model is a better alternative to other lecterns that are heavier and bulkier.

Pricewise, this is one of the most affordable ones on this list. However, you would be trading off privacy and extra storage with this model. But if these factors are not deal breakers for you, the Pyle PLCTND44 Portable Floor Lectern with Slanted Top Shelf is still a good choice for a lectern.

Material Wood, Steel Alloy
Dimensions: 22.4” x 17.7” x 28.3”
Item Weight 14.43 lbs
Color Black and Tan
4. Flash Furniture Oak Stand-Up Lectern

Warm-toned and familiar, this classic-looking lectern from Flash Furniture can help nervous energy and provide a comfortable space for dialogue and knowledge sharing.

The Flash Furniture Oak Stand-Up Lectern sports a contemporary style and an oak laminate finish, giving a professional sleek look for any professional setting. The slanted top is 23 inches wide with a wooden stopper at the bottom. While Amazon users find this a functional addition to their work, some say that the lectern could be wider since a laptop takes up a majority of the lectern’s space

A unique feature this lectern offers is the enclosed storage and customizable shelving system inside. This lectern has five slots for a shield panel, giving users complete freedom on how they choose to use this lectern. The space between each shelf slot is 2.5 inches. It may not seem much on paper but in practice, this feature provides just enough space for storing various items like a backpack, laptop, drinks and food, books, and more

A downside to this product is that it is not portable compared to the other items on this list. It is also not capable of wheel installation. This is something you should consider, especially if you’ll be using the lectern for multiple locations.

IMaterial Wood, with an oak laminate finish
Dimensions 23” x 14” x 45.75”
Item Weight 49 lbs
Color Oak
5. 1home Steel Mobile Lectern with Wheels and Storage Tray

Sleek, modern, and functional, this lectern from 1home has it all. The entire body of the 1home Steel Mobile Lectern with Wheels and Storage Tray is made with steel alloy with powder coating to make sure it’s durable and long-lasting. Forgoing front and side panels, this lectern allows for maximum legroom whether you’re standing or sitting for a presentation. And despite the steel body, it is relatively lightweight at 32.6 pounds. It has just the right amount of heaviness to be stable with a laptop, notebook, coffee mug, on top without being difficult to move around.

Like most mobile lecterns on this list, this 1home offering has four casters or wheels at the bottom, each with a lock system to keep the lectern in place. But what makes 1home’s standout is the design on the rear feet. The low-profile rear feet allow the lectern to stand flush to the wall to maximize space.

If these features aren’t enough, this lectern is adjustable in both height and platform tilt. You can adjust the height anywhere between 40 inches to 49 inches, easily adapting to sitting and standing positions over the lectern. The upper platform, which boasts a spacious size of 15.7 inches by 23.6 inches, can be adjusted anywhere between 0 to 40 degrees. This lectern can also carry up to 44 pounds of items.

The lower platform has its own set of features that further prove why the 1home Steel Mobile Lectern with Wheels and Storage Tray is one of the best lecterns in the market. Measuring 8.4 inches by 15.7 inches, it comes with a pen and cup slot that help keep your belongings within reach and secure. Hosting lectures, presiding over meetings, and presenting ideas will be a breeze with the 1home Steel Mobile Lectern with Wheels and Storage Tray. Users agree that while assembling this standing desk lectern may take some effort, this is one of the best lecterns available today.

Material: Steel
Dimensions 24.41” x 15.75” x 49.21”
Item Weight: 32.6 lbs
Color: Black
6. S Stand Up Desk Store Pneumatic Adjustable-Height Lectern (White)

Looking clean and polished is important when you’re presenting in front of an audience, and the lectern at the front should be equally spotless.

The S Stand Up Desk Store Pneumatic Adjustable-Height Lectern comes with a sleek and clean finish that is sure to make you stand out. Made of robust aluminum and steel, this compact mobile lectern comes in a single leg design, allowing the lectern to be space-saving and lightweight at 27.2 pounds.

This lectern has the widest reading surface on our list, the upper platform measures 25 inches by 16.7 inches. This is enough room to support a laptop, smartphone, pens, and other documents needed for work or presentation--all sharing the space of a single platform. This lectern also has a large weight capacity of 100 pounds. Users who have bought this product love the sturdiness of this lectern.

This lectern is also multipurpose thanks to its adjustable features. The height can go from 28 inches to 42.5 inches through a simple push of a foot lever. The reading platform has four tilt positions: 10 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees, and 90 degrees.

This lectern is also portable but unlike the other products on this list, this one only has two-wheel casters while the other two are rubber-based feet. This means that a little lifting is needed when moving the lectern.

Material: Aluminum, steel
Dimensions 25.5” x 17” x 42.5”
Item Weight 27.2 lbs
Color White
7. Bonnlo Mobile Wheeled Lectern with Tilted Top Board & Edge Stopper

If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking lectern with modern sleek details, the Bonnlo Mobile Wheeled Lectern with Tilted Top Board & Edge Stopper offers that perfect balance.

The product has a reading platform measuring 23 inches by 16.7 inches with curved corners, making this lectern one of the more classroom-friendly podiums on our list. The platform is also thicker than most lecterns to help support bigger laptops and more books on top.

In terms of mobility, this Bonnlo lectern has 4 wheeled casters installed with two front wheels having brake mechanisms to keep the lectern steady as needed. A number of users say that this product is very easy to move around and is also lightweight enough to carry up a flight of stairs. One thing to note about this lectern is that the height and tilt are not adjustable. The metal box frame keeps this presentation podium at a fixed height of 45.3 inches, making it ideal for presenting while standing but not while sitting. The outer panel is made of solid metal but features holes all over to allow air to pass through for better ventilation. This comes in handy in settings where there is no air conditioning available. Some customers say there are some factory defects and packaging issues. Nevertheless, most commend the sturdy quality of this lectern. Many customers use this lectern for their classrooms, assembly halls, and even in churches.
Material articleboard, steel
Dimension 23.1” x 16.7” x 45.3”
Item Weight 23 lbs
Color Black and Yellow
8. S Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Adjustable Height Rolling Lectern

When all eyes are on you as you deliver a speech or lecture, a functional and professional-looking lectern helps add confidence. The S Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Adjustable Height Rolling Lectern is a good option for those who want a simple lectern that doesn’t steal attention but rather amplifies the speaker’s presence.

The S Stand Up Desk Store Mobile Adjustable Height Rolling Lectern is made of alloy steel in a black frame that easily blends into any room and interior motif. Its 17-degree tilt on the reading platform provides a comfortable position while standing and using the lectern. While the top platform is not adjustable, the lectern’s height can be changed anywhere between 3.4 feet to 4 feet. Unlike other lecterns on this list which can be adjusted via a foot lever or screw, the outer frame features holes on the sides to facilitate adjustment. It takes more time and effort to adjust this presentation podium but customers agree that the quality is worth the extra effort.

This lectern also offers a generous weight capacity compared to other models on this list. Equipped with two shelves, this product can support up to 144 pounds of documents and equipment. It even has a grommet hole on the top reading platform for wires to go through. In terms of mobility, this lectern has 4 wheel casters with locking mechanisms to keep it in place. Overall, the design of this lectern meets the basic requirements for a functional and sturdy lectern.

Material: Steel
Dimensions 25.5” x 16.5” x 48.5”
Item Weight 40 lbs
Color Black
9.Bonnlo Mobile Height Adjustable Lectern with Wheels

Another Bonnlo lectern finds its way on our list of best lecterns, this time in a white overall finish and solid metal frame.

Unlike the brand’s other offering, this Bonnlo Mobile Height Adjustable Lectern with Wheels is height adjustable between 3.4 feet and 4.4 feet. The holes on the outer frame offer five different height options. One feature that users particularly love is mobility thanks to the 4 wheel casters. Customers agree that this lectern is easily moved around with the wheels gliding smoothly. All four wheels have brakes to keep the lectern in place when needed.

When it comes to the reading platform, Bonnlo doesn’t disappoint. Made of high-quality MDF wood and measuring 23.6 inches by 15.7 inches, this lectern is spacious enough to fit a laptop while also accommodating wires and cables thanks to the grommet hole at the upper right corner. The edges of the top platform are slightly curved for a safe, incident-free experience. It also has a grommet hole for wires and an edge stopper to keep your items in place.

One thing to note is the smaller secondary platform. Unlike the other Bonnlo lectern that has a storage platform as wide as 10.2 inches, this one only measures 7.7 inches. This limits how many items can be stored. It can still fit a coffee mug and a few notebooks, but placing a bag or multiple books may not be possible. Nevertheless, the Bonnlo Mobile Height Adjustable Lectern with Wheels works well in classrooms, conferences, and other events to help you give the best presentation or lecture.

IMaterial MDF wood, steel
Dimensions: 23.6” x 16.1” x 53.1”
Item weight 43.6 lbs
Color Dark Walnut and White
10. Mount-It! Mobile Lectern

The last on our list of best lecterns come from the brand Mount-It! Known for its various storage and mounting solutions, this American brand offers the Mount-It! Mobile Lectern to help presentations and lectures run smoothly.

This versatile lectern can be both a standing desk and podium at home or in the office thanks to its multiple adjustable features. The 23-inch wide top platform has an adjustable tilting feature, going from 90 degrees to 40 degrees. It also has an edge stopper to keep your laptop or documents safe and in place, but it does not cover the entire lower frame.

To add, this lectern is equipped with easy height adjustment knobs on both sides. Its height range is between 3.4 feet and 4 feet. Customers say that this lectern can be easily adjusted but may be too tall to be used as an office desk.

In terms of mobility, this lectern is equipped with 4 wheel casters with a locking mechanism. This lectern is one of the most lightweight on our list, weighing only 88 pounds. This is despite the high-quality steel frame and E1 grade particleboard. Overall, the Mount-It! Mobile Lectern combines ease of use and functional features at a relatively affordable cost without sacrificing quality and durability.

Material E1 grade particleboard, steel
Dimensions 41.6” x 20” x 5.9”
Item Weight: 88 lbs
Color Black

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