Top 10 Best Chisel Set (Reviews & Buyers' Guide 2022)

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VonHaus Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel Set - 8 Pc
  • #1 Overall Best Chisel Set for Sale in 2022
  • Perfect for home and professional woodworking
  • 6-piece all-around chisel set with a honing guide and sharpening stone
  • Made from heat-treated, chrome vanadium steel alloy
Our Rating: 5.0/5.0
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#1-Top Expert Choice
Astro Pneumatic Punch and Chisel Set (Update Version) - 16 Pc
  • Runner-up best chisel set in 2022
  • 16-piece chisel set. With cold chisels, center punch chisels, and taper punch chisels
  • Made from heat-treated CRV steel
  • Hex-shaped shanks compatible with locking pliers
Our Rating: 4.9/5.0
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#2-Premium Choice
Grip Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set - 28 Pc
  • 16 pieces chrome vanadium chisels, 12 pieces high carbon steel chisels
  • Chrome vanadium steel is drop-forged and heat-treated
  • Comes with a roll-up vinyl storage pouch
Our Rating: 4.8/5.0
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REXBETI Premium Wood Chisel Set - 10 Pc
  • 6-piece chisel set with strong grip handle
  • Edge-retention blades made of heat-treated chrome vanadium steel alloy
  • Equipped with strike caps for safe and efficient hammering
Our Rating: 4.7/5.0
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STANLEY Sweetheart Chisels Set (16-791) - 4 Pc
  • 4-piece high carbon chrome steel chisels
  • Handles are made of hornbeam wood handles for durability
  • Comes with an aesthetically pleasing leather pouch
Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
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Narex Chisel Set - 4 Pc
  • 4-piece chisel set made in the Czech Republic
  • Made from fine-grained tempered chrome manganese steel
  • Handles are made from European beechwood
Our Rating: 4.5/5.0
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Amazon Basics Wood Chisel Set - 4 Pc
  • 4-piece chisels made from heat-treated CRV steel alloy
  • Comes with a storage pouch with buckle closure
  • Requires sharpening before initial use
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
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Narex Woodworking Chisels in Wooden Presentation Box 853053 - 6 Pc
  • 6-piece chisels placed inside a wooden presentation box
  • Made with fine-grained tempered chrome-manganese steel
  • Perfect gift for woodworkers
Our Rating: 4.3/5.0
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IRWIN Marples Chisel Set with Wallet (1768781) - 3 Pc
  • 3-piece steel made from hardened steel
  • Equipped with large strike caps for powerful mallet or hammer strikes
  • Comes with a carrying wallet for easy portability
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
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Kirschen 1101000 Chisel Set in Wood Box - 6 Pc
  • 6-piece steel chisels made in Germany
  • Most expensive. Comes with a wooden box for storage
  • Handles are made with flat hornbeam wood
Our Rating: 4.1/5.0
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View the Best Chisel Sets in the Market Below:

1. VonHaus Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel Set - 8 Pc

Chisels are an essential part of a professional woodworker’s toolbox. Find the best chisel for a wide variety of woodworks with the VonHaus Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel Set - 8 Pc.

This VonHaus offering is dubbed as the best chisel set for a number of reasons. This set features a wide range of cutting tools: ¼” chisel, 1/2 “ chisel, 1” chisel, ¾” chisel, 1-¼” chisel, and 1-½” chisel. These cover even the most complicated wood carving project. The set also comes with a honing guide and an aluminum oxide sharpening stone to quickly resharpen the chisels when needed.

Cut through the tightest wood grains with these chisels. These cutting tools are carved with narrow side bevels that allow acute-angled wood carving and help in reaching tight spaces on various woodworks.

Take on the most demanding and complex wood projects with this chisel set. Each piece is produced from high-quality, precision ground chrome vanadium steel alloy blades that are heat-treated to provide additional strength and durability when cutting through the most stubborn wood block. With this feature, users won’t find themselves re-sharpening the chisels as often as usual.

Speaking of sharpening, it is important to note that this chisel set requires a rigorous round of sharpening before putting them to use. This is something that users attest to, and where the included aluminum sharpening stone comes in. While some users found the product’s “delivered” condition unfit for the price, their expectations were met after a series of polishing and sharpening.

Chiseling for long hours may cause fatigue and strain on users’ hands, but the VonHaus Chisel Set has found a solution for this. All the chisels that come with the set have ergonomic handles, providing an improved, comfortable grip and stable control while carving.

Kit Inclusions 1 pc ¼” chisel, 1 pc ½” chisel,1 pc ¾” chisel, 1 pc 1” chisel, 1 pc 1 ¼” chisel, 1 pc 1-½” chisel, 1 pc honing guide, 1 pc aluminum oxide sharpening stone, 1 blow-molded plastic storage
Material Steel Alloy
Package Dimensions 12.99” x 11.1” x 4.8”
Item Weight 6.02 lbs
2. Astro Pneumatic Punch and Chisel Set (Update Version) - 16 Pc

If the perfect toolbox means “the more tools, the better”, then the updated version of the Astro Pneumatic Punch and Chisel Set (Update Version) - 16 Pc is close to being the best chisel set on the market. Unlike the first brand’s 8-piece set, this has 16 chisels to give users a wider range of cutting tools for carving, woodcutting, and other craftwork.

This package consists of: three cold chisels which can be used to cut through hard materials like metal and masonry; two center punch chisels to create marks for holes on a piece of wood or metal for easier drilling; five taper punch chisels for loosening and driving pins; and five pin punch chisels that can drive or remove the pins loosened by the tapered punch. With all these options and functional tools, the Astro Pneumatic Punch and Chisel Set (Update Version) - 16 Pc is a great investment for its affordable price.

The other end of the chisel is a hex-shaped shank that provides easy gripping. While this may not be the best ergonomic shape, the chisels are compatible with locking pliers and use that instead while chipping through the thick wood.

While this set does not come with a sharpening stone like the first brand on our list, this one comes with a chisel gauge to help users improve the shape and sharpness of the chisels.

The chisels are made from CRV steel, a kind of steel alloy containing chromium and vanadium. They are heat-treated to make them sturdy and durable for any mechanical or woodwork. Some customers report that the material used in making the chisels are not of good quality as the tools tend to bend easily. Nevertheless, users say that the product is good to use for home projects, but not so much in professional settings.

The Astro Pneumatic Punch and Chisel Set (Update Version) - 16 Pc comes with a thin cloth tray with organized slots for storing the tools. You can opt to buy a toolbox if you prefer but the cloth tray is a great way to store 16 pieces of chisels without taking up too much space.

Kit Inclusions 5 pcs taper punch chisels, 5 pcs pin punch chisels, 3 pcs cold chisels, 2 pcs center punch chisels, 1 pc chisel punch gauge
Material CRV Alloy Steel
3. Grip Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set - 28 Pc

If 16 pieces of carving chisels and mechanical punch tools are not enough for your needs, the Grip Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set - 28 Pc is worth considering. This set offers a variety of chisels and punches to easily do metal and masonry projects.

This 28-piece set is made of two heavy-duty materials. 16 of these chisels are made from chrome vanadium steel which is drop-forged and heat-treated to increase their strength and durability. The chisels included in this set are five taper punches for heavy pounding when loosening a pin; five pin punches for driving and removing pins; three cold chisels for metal, masonry, or wood carving; two center punches for hole markings; and a chisel punch gauge to achieve the correct shape when resharpening tools.

The other 12 chisels are made from high-carbon steel. This is the first chisel set on the list to use this kind of material. Six cold chisels, four pin punches, and two center punches are made from high carbon steel and they are coated in light green paint to easily distinguish them from the rest of the tools. While high carbon steel is said to have high hardness and strength levels, it’s not as tough as it looks. They are decent for light mechanical and masonry work and customers consider this a good deal for its price.

Now, how does one store these many chisels? The Grip Heavy Duty Punch & Chisel Set - 28 Pc comes with a roll-up vinyl pouch for space-saving storage.

Kit Inclusions 16 pcs chrome vanadium punch and chisel set (5 pcs pin punches, 5 pcs taper punches, 3 pcs cold chisels, 2 pcs center punch, 1 pc chisel punch gauge) 12 pcs high carbon steel punch and chisel set (6 pcs cold chisels, 4 pcs pin punch set, 2 pcs center punch), 1 pc roll-up vinyl storage pouch
Material Chrome vanadium steel, high carbon steel
Package Dimensions 4.05 cm x 44.19 cm x 13.21 cm
Item Weight 3.66 lbs
4. REXBETI Premium Wood Chisel Set - 10 Pc

Create good wooden pieces even as a beginner with the REXBETI Premium Wood Chisel Set - 10 Pc.

This chisel set comes with six chisels made from high-grade, heat-treated chrome vanadium steel. Each chisel has narrow side bevels that can go through wood pieces like pine or cedar. This set also comes with a honing guide and a sharpening stone that has a coarse side and finer side. These sharpening tools can be used for both wood chisels and even plane irons.

Two carpenter pencils complete this 10-piece set. The pencils can be used to mark wood blocks and metal surfaces for precise chiseling. All of the tools are protected by a protective, rubber cap to avoid dullness and damage when not in use. In terms of storage, this set comes in a compact carrying case with designated spaces for each tool. The storage box has two lock latches and a handle.

A unique feature this chisel set offers is the strike cap at the end of the chisel handle, allowing the chisel to be suitable for hammering. Each tool has ergonomic rubbery handles for a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue on the hands despite extended use.

Kit Inclusions 6 pcs chisels (¼”, ½”,¾”, 1”, 1-¼”, 1-½”), 1 pc sharpening stone, 1 pc honing guide, 2 pcs carpenter pencils
Material chrome vanadium steel
Package Dimensions 13.39” x 9.96” x 2.83”
Item weight 5.85 lbs
5. STANLEY Sweetheart Chisels Set (16-791) - 4 Pc

It takes one good look at the STANLEY Sweetheart Chisels Set (16-791) - 4 Pc to understand why it is one of the best chisel sets on this list. Its top-notch design alone is enough reason to invest in this even if it only includes four tools.

This set contains four long-blade chisels, perfect for woodworkers who are cleaning grooves or carving intricate designs. Each blade is made from high-carbon chrome steel, a common material in making cutting tools. The chisels feature a thin blade and extra narrow tapered side bevels that allow precise, detailed chipping on dense and soft woods. And since the chisels are made from high-carbon chrome steel, these remain razor-sharp over extensive use and can be easily re-sharpened.

Adding to the aesthetic of the STANLEY Sweetheart Chisels Set (16-791) - 4 Pc is its hornbeam wooden handle. Not only does it make the chisel set more attractive, but it also provides a comfortable grip amid extensive use. The handle also has a wide striking end to efficiently transfer the energy when it is struck by a mallet.

While this chisel set only consists of four chisels and is also on the pricier side, a lot of customers say that this is a quality set of chisels, especially after the initial sharpening and tuning. In terms of storage, this uses a stylish leather carrying pouch.

Kit Inclusions 4 pcs chisels (¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”), leather carrying pouch
Material: high-carbon chrome steel
Package Dimensions 13.8” x 8.9: x 1.8”
Item weight 1.8 lbs
6. Narex Chisel Set - 4 Pc

Sleek and functional, the Narex Chisels Set - 4 Pc proves that sticking to the basics guarantees reliable performance and quality work every time.

Made in Czech Republic, these chisels are made from fine-grained tempered chrome-manganese steel, the most unique material compared to other brands and sets on this list. This set contains four chisels: ¼” chisel, ½” chisel, 13/16” chisel, and 1-1/32” chisel with bevel grounds angled at 25 degrees. This set sticks to the most common sizes needed by hobbyists who do dovetailing and detailed wood carving.

The chisels’ handles are carved from lacquered European Beechwood, a strong dense wood that is considered a good material to partner with hand tools as it’s durable and resistant to abrasion and shock. The handles are oval-shaped to provide users with a comfortable grip even while using the chisels for extended periods of time.

Unlike the previously mentioned items on this list, however, this chisel set does not come with its own storage pouch. But it does come with a shrink-wrapped retail box that is also aesthetically pleasing.

Before using the chisels, it’s important to give them a rigorous round of sharpening as some customers suggest. In fact, users consider the set a bit “too soft” to use but a good set for beginner woodworkers.

Kit Inclusions 4 pcs chisels (¼”, ½”, 13/16”, and 1-1/32”)
Material chrome-manganese steel
Package Dimensions 6.37” x 13.5” x 1.5”
Item weight 1.59 lbs
7. Amazon Basics Wood Chisel Set - 4 Pc

Looking for an affordable yet reliable chisel set for beginner wood crafters? Then the Amazon Basics Wood Chisel Set - 4 Pc is the best choice for you.

This set consists of four chisels with beveled edges made from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel alloy, a common material used in creating high-quality hand tools like wrenches and screwdrivers. This set is useful for chipping through the toughest blocks of wood. While some buyers don’t like that the chisels come unhoned and require extensive sharpening before initial use, others say that this is still a decent chisel set for occasional use.

All four chisels have wooden handles to give that aesthetically pleasing look and provide a comfortable grip when working on wood pieces. Since the handles are made of wood, buyers agree that this set is not the best for hammering the end of the chisels as they may crack and break. It’s best to maneuver them by hand instead of using other tools like a hammer.

The Amazon Basics Wood Chisel Set - 4 Pc comes with a storage pouch with buckle closures to keep the tools organized and secured when not in use.

Kit Inclusions 4 pcs chisels (½”, ¾”, 1”, 1-¼”), storage pouch
Material CRV steel alloy
Package Dimensions 13” x 12.2” x 4”
Item weight 2.2 lbs
8. Narex Woodworking Chisels in Wooden Presentation Box 853053 - 6 Pc

The chisel sets mentioned so far on our list are great for personal use. If you’re looking for something more special, with a great presentation box, this Narex Woodworking Chisels in Wooden Presentation Box 853053 - 6 Pc is your best bet.

This cutting tool set comes with a wooden presentation box, making it the best chisel set to give as a gift to fellow woodworking enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Just like the 4-pc Narex set on our list, these chisels are made from fine-grained tempered chrome-manganese steel from the Czech Republic. This set includes six chisels: ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, 13/16”, and 1-1/32”, providing users all the chisels needed from the simplest woodworks to the most complicated projects. The side bevels are angled at 25 degrees for standard use. These chisels also require a diligent round of sharpening before use which some buyers find inconvenient.

Each chisel has black-stained European beechwood handles which are comfortable and stable to grip. The ends have heavy steel tangs and ferrules to help the chisel withstand the strikes of hard mallets.

Admittedly, this chisel is a bit expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive items on this list. But despite the steep price, other users find this set of good value for their projects, as well as a quality gift set thanks to the aesthetic appeal the wood box provides.

Kit Inclusions 6 pcs chisels ( ¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ⅝”, 13/16”, and 1-1/32”), wooden presentation box
Material chrome-manganese steel
Package Dimensions 6.37” x 13.5” 1.5”
Item weight 1.6 lbs
9. IRWIN Marples Chisel Set with Wallet (1768781) - 3 Pc

Whether used by DIY enthusiasts or by professional woodworkers, the IRWIN Marples Chisel Set with Wallet (1768781) - 3 Pc is made to withstand high-impact carving projects at home or in the workshop.

This set comes with three chisels made from high-quality hardened steel blades to provide superior performance and good edge retention amid vigorous chipping and carving. Each chisel is equipped with a ProTouch Grip ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip. This chisel set is also reinforced with Splitproof features and large strike caps to help withstand repetitive and hard hammering on the ends.

One important thing to note is that this set offers the least number of chisels on the list, which may not be enough, especially for professional woodworkers. But nevertheless, buyers agree that this IRWIN Marples set’s “high impact construction” chisels work as advertised.

This chisel set comes in a folding carrying wallet, safely securing all three cutting tools in one convenient and portable place.

Kit Inclusions 3 pcs chisels ( ½”,¾”, 1”), folding carrying wallet
Material Hardened steel
Package Dimensions 2” x 5.25” x 15”
Item weight 1.47 lbs
10. Kirschen 1101000 Chisel Set in Wood Box - 6 Pc

Kirschen is a German company that has been creating high-quality hand tools for over 160 years so it’s no wonder that they are included on our list for the best chisel set. The Kirschen 1101000 6-Piece Chisel Set is a sophisticated and functional set that’s perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike.

This set contains six multiple-sized firmer chisels, a kind of cutting tool that professional woodworkers use to chip off unnecessary wood pieces on the block, allowing the piece to take its shape. These chisels are made from high-quality carbon steel, hardened to stay sharp versus other chisels. One quality that puts this set above the rest is that it comes sharpened and polished upon delivery.

Each chisel is fitted with a flat hornbeam wood handle that’s fitted according to the size of the blade. Unlike the other handles on this list that provide a curved grip to the chisel, this set’s handle is smooth and flat with no curves to create a more comfortable grip.

For a six-piece chisel set, this product is top tier in price. But while the Kirschen 1101000 Chisel Set in Wood Box - 6 Pc has the steepest price tag on the list, many find this set of superior quality for professional woodworkers and worth the investment.

All six chisels are encased in a solid wooden box. Aside from compact storage, the box makes this chisel set a great gift set for fellow woodworking enthusiasts.

Kit Inclusions 6 pcs chisels (6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 26mm), Wooden Box
Material Carbon Steel
Package Dimensions 3.94” x 1.18” x 5.91”
Item weight 2.99 lbs

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