Top 10 Best Angle Grinder Models (Reviews & Buyers’ Guide 2022)

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Bosch Angle Grinder (1375A) with Small Angle Grinder Dust Collection Attachment (GA50DC)
  • Best Angle Grinder for Sale in 2022
  • Has a speed of 11,000 RPM
  • Lightweight yet easy to control and handle
  • Stops operation when in need of maintenance, thus preventing damage
Our Rating: 5.0/5.0
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#1-Top Expert Choice
Makita Angle Grinder (9557PBX1)
  • Has a speed of 11,000 RPM
  • Includes features that prevent dust and debris from getting into the motor
  • Lock-on/off feature for efficiency and safety
Our Rating: 4.9/5.0
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#2-Premium Choice
PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool (PCC761B)
  • Has a speed of 8,500 RPM
  • Battery-powered and cordless
  • Versatile and can be used in a variety of settings
Our Rating: 4.8/5.0
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AVID POWER Angle Grinder (‎MW590)
  • Has a speed of 11,000 RPM
  • Ergonomic design with a two-position auxiliary handle
  • Lock-on/off feature for efficiency and safety
Our Rating: 4.7/5.0
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BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool (BDEG400)
  • Has a speed of 11,000 RPM
  • Metal gear case that prevents damage and prolongs the tool’s life
  • Versatile; can be used for cutting, grinding, and even sharpening
Our Rating: 4.6/5.0
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Metabo HPT Angle Grinder (G12SR4)
  • 980W maximum power output
  • Has an easy-to-operate slide switch
  • Improved cooling to prevent overheating and damage
Our Rating: 4.5/5.0
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CRAFTSMAN V20 Angle Grinder (CMCG450B)
  • Has a speed of 8,500 RPM
  • Battery-powered and cordless
  • Three-position side handle for a safe and easy grip
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
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DEWALT Angle Grinder (DWE4011) with DEWALT Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles (DPG82-11C)
  • Has a speed of 12,000 RPM
  • Easy and comfortable to use with a detachable handle
  • Can run continuously for a long time without overloading
Our Rating: 4.3/5.0
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PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool (PC750AG)
  • Has a speed of 10,000 RPM
  • Cast metal gear housing that prevents damage to the instrument’s parts
  • Cuts metal and concrete, removes rust or paint, and more
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
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POPOMAN 20V MAX Brushless Angle Grinder
  • Has a speed of 10,000 RPM
  • Battery-powered and cordless
  • Includes a handle that has a shock-absorption feature
Our Rating: 4.1/5.0
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Angle grinders are the most convenient tools to use when you need to remove material from a surface. They are also very easy to carry around and can be used on a variety of surfaces. The best angle grinder models are designed with ergonomics in mind and come with powerful motors, durable construction, and innovative features that make it easier for users to use them.

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool that uses abrasive discs to grind or cut materials. The discs are made of different materials, such as diamond, aluminum oxide, and zirconia. The discs are attached to a spindle and the angle grinder is turned on, the disc rotates at a high speed and the abrasive material grinds or cuts the material.

You'll find various angle grinders in a variety of sizes, with a variety of features, speeds, and builds. This is why it can be difficult to find the right angle grinder that will meet your needs and preferences. However, with this article, we hope that we can help you make the right choice. This guide is designed to help you choose the right angle grinder based on your needs and budget.

Our Criteria

The editorial team here at Engineer Warehouse has tested and reviewed a wide range of the top-rated angle grinders on the market. With our testing and research, we wanted to narrow all these angle grinders down to the cream of the crop. This way, it can be easier for you to choose the right option for yourself.

To guide us in our search for the top 10 angle grinders, we came up with the following criteria:

Speed: An angle grinder’s speed is typically measured in rotations per minute, or RPM. It’s one of the most important things to consider about an angle grinder. Thus, we wanted to make sure that we selected angle grinders that were powerful enough to be able to provide a high enough speed for various jobs.

Build: Another thing we looked at is how well-built these angle grinders were. For one thing, they had to be durable enough to withstand the high speeds of the blades, as well as the power of the motor. We also looked at the materials that were used to construct the angle grinders.

We encountered some angle grinders that were made out of cheaper materials, and there were others that were made out of higher-quality materials. We made sure to choose durable angle grinders that can last for a long time.

Features: Angle grinders can come with a variety of features. We kept an eye out for the options that had useful features, such as adjustable side handles, a lock-on/lock-off feature, tool-free adjustments, and more. We kept a pretty open mind about the features we considered, but we did want to make sure that we kept an eye out for great features.

Ease of Use: Another thing we looked at was how easy it was to use the angle grinders. We looked for the ones that were easy to maneuver, even when they were at top speed. Additionally, we especially wanted the ones that had well-designed power switches, though we were also willing to forego that for other features.

With these criteria in mind, here are our top selections for the best angle grinder models on the market.

View the Best Angle Grinders in the Market Below:

1. Bosch Angle Grinder (1375A) with Small Angle Grinder Dust Collection Attachment (GA50DC)
Includes Bosch Angle Grinder 1375A with Small Angle Grinder Dust Collection Attachment GA50DC, grinding wheel guard, auxiliary handle, inner flange, outer flange, spanner wrench, and abrasive grinding wheel
Features Two-position side handle
Spindle can work with a variety of accessories in different sizes
Epoxy coating protects against abrasion
Sealed switch protects against dust
Service Minder Brush System shuts grinder down when maintenance is necessary
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 14.4” x 5.2” x 5.2”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 3.75 lbs
Motor 6 amps
Speed 11,000 RPM
Spindle Thread 5/8-11”
Power Source Electric
Voltage 120 volts
Wattage 680 watts

Because angle grinders play an important role in a variety of jobs, it’s important to find an angle grinder that’s high-quality and durable. That’s why the Bosch Angle Grinder is the best angle grinder on our list. It’s a hardy tool that proves that there’s more to it than meets the eye. While this is a set that includes an angle grinder and a dust collection attachment, we’ll only be reviewing the angle grinder.

This angle grinder is built to withstand the demands of metal fabrication jobs. It’s tough, durable, and can easily get the job done without any issues. It has a powerful 6 Amp motor that delivers a speed of 11,000 RPM, making this grinder an ideal tool for various professionals.

You might not think that this angle grinder is all that tough just by looking at it. It’s quite compact and lightweight, and it’s also designed to be very easy to handle. However, this tool can definitely exceed your expectations. It can feel light in your hand, but it packs a punch and can function as both a grinder and a cutter.

This angle grinder impressed us with its power, but we were all the more impressed by how easy it was to control. It didn’t vibrate much, even when we were cutting particularly tough pieces of wood, metal, and brick. We were able to work smoothly without having to exert much effort to keep the tool under control.

Additionally, this angle grinder is built to protect itself from wear and tear. It includes the Bosch Service Minder Brush System, which stops the angle grinder’s operation when maintenance becomes necessary. This way, you won’t overuse this tool and possibly cause damage so you can enjoy using it for much longer.

The Good:

It’s not often that a tool this powerful can be held comfortably in your hand. Even with its powerful motor, this angle grinder is easy to use because it’s well-designed and well-constructed. It also boasts a variety of capabilities, and it can be used for tasks like cutting tile, sharpening blades, and more.

The Bad:

One thing we could change about this grinder is the positioning of its power switch. It’s not on the most accessible spot, and it’s also not that easy to toggle. However, it could be because the switch is sealed against dust and debris.

The Ugly:

The guard on this angle grinder isn’t positioned in a convenient spot, but it also isn’t designed for tool-free adjustments. If you want to move it over and change its position, you’ll have to unscrew it to move it to the right spot. It would have been better if you could reposition the guard more easily.

2. Makita Angle Grinder (9557PBX1)
Includes Makita Angle Grinder 9557PBX1, aluminum case, diamond blade, inner flange, side handle, grinding guard, cut-off guard, grinding wheels, lock-nut, and wrench
Features Thin grip for comfortable handling
Labyrinth construction and zig-zag varnish protect against dust and debris
Lock-on/lock-off feature
Large paddle switch and AC/DC switch
Dual ball bearings
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 6.1” x 15.47” x 11.38”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 4.5 lbs
Motor 7.5 amps
Speed 11,000 RPM
Power Source Electric
Voltage 120 volts

Are you ready to get into a long-term relationship? With the Makita 4-1/2” Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, you’d better be. It’s a hardwearing and heavy-duty tool that’s built to last for years to come. Additionally, it has a powerful motor that can maintain its output even after a long time of use.

This angle grinder has an impressive 7.5 Amp motor that delivers a speed of 11,000 RPM. Other than a powerful motor, this instrument also boasts different durability features that can ensure its longevity. These features include labyrinth construction and zig-zag varnish that prevent dust and debris from getting into the motor and armature.

The brand also helps make sure that this angle grinder is well-protected. The instrument itself comes with different parts and accessories, but it also comes with a sturdy aluminum case. Storing the angle grinder in this carrying case can help protect it from damage and loss.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is the lock-on/off feature. This feature can alternately improve your efficiency and protect your safety. With this feature, you can keep the angle grinder switch in the on position, which enables continuous operation. You can also keep the switch in the off position, which can help prevent the grinder from turning on at inopportune times.

We especially liked the design of the power switch. Unlike the power switch of the previous Bosch angle grinder, this one comes with a paddle switch that makes the tool easier to operate. This kind of switch worked well for us, and we were able to keep more control over the tool and prevent it from turning on when not in use.

The Good:

Overall, this Makita angle grinder can last a long time and is easy and comfortable to use, and it won’t be too heavy. It weighs 4.5 lbs, which is heavier than the Bosch angle grinder. However, it’s still a manageable weight and won’t feel like much, especially with a barrel grip that can help you easily keep control over the instrument.

The Bad:

We had a bit of an issue with adjusting the blade guards. Similar to the Bosch angle grinder, it’s not a tool-free process, though we wish it were. You’ll need a screwdriver to loosen and attach a blade. We of course already had the right screwdriver, and so will most people. However, it would have been better if the tool had at least included the correct bit in the package.

The Ugly:

One thing we definitely don’t like about this angle grinder is that it tends to overheat. It would have been much better for the tool to have a sort of overheating protection mechanism that switches the motor off when it gets overheated. This way, users won’t overwork the tool.

3. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool (PCC761B)
Includes PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool PCC761B
Features Three-position side handle
Tool-free guard adjustments
Metal housing is designed to prevent overheating
Secure spindle lock
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 15.31” x 6” x 6”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 6.75 lbs
Speed 8500 RPM
Spindle Thread 5/8-11”
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Lithium-ion

The PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool doesn’t hide what it is. At first glance, it looks like a powerful and impressive instrument, and it lives up to that first impression. It can easily handle rough and intense jobs, though it’s also great to use for finishing and cutting.

At 8,500 RPM, the motor of this angle grinder delivers a lower speed than the motors of the previous two entries on this list. However, this output is more than enough for the jobs that this instrument is meant to do.

What, then, makes this best angle grinder that’s battery powered? One of the best features of this angle grinder is that, unlike other electric-powered angle grinders, this one is battery-powered. Thus, you won’t have to worry about keeping cords out of the way while you’re trying to get the job done. One caveat is that this tool definitely isn’t for heavy-duty jobs, so make sure that it has the power and speed that you expect you’ll need in the future.

Because this tool is cordless, it’s a lot easier to put to use in different settings. You can use it while renovating a house in the middle of a lively suburb, and you can also use it for various jobs in the middle of nowhere, far from a reliable electrical power source.

In addition, we found that this angle grinder is quite easy and comfortable to use. It made clean and easy cuts for us, and it was easy to swing and shift from one position to another. This is because it has a detachable grip that can be positioned in different ways, allowing for flexibility that you might not find in other angle grinders.

The Good:

Overall, this is a reliable cordless angle grinder that can help you with all sorts of tasks. You can use it to cut up wood boards for a renovation project, and you can also use it to get easily rid of old rusted bolts and nuts. Additionally, we were able to use it for long periods without it overheating.

The Bad:

For us, what this tool is missing is a lock-on/lock-off feature. You’ll have to keep pressing down on the switch to keep the tool running, which can contribute to hand fatigue. While this tool certainly can hold up to long hours of use, your hand would have a hard time.

The Ugly:

Another feature that would have improved this tool is a variable speed mechanism. It goes from 0 to 8,500 RPM, and not a notch in between. You thus won’t be able to adjust the speed for different materials or purposes, which can limit the number and kinds of jobs that you can do with this angle grinder.

4. AVID POWER Angle Grinder (‎MW590)
Includes AVID POWER Angle Grinder, 2x metal grinding gears, 2x cutting wheels, 2x carbon brushes, side handle, spanner, flap disc, and user manual
Features Easy and convenient spindle lock
Two-position rubber side handle
Safety switch
Lightweight and compact body
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 11.8” x 4.9” x 4.5”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 5.1 lbs
Motor 7.5 amps
Speed 11,000 RPM
Spindle Thread 5/8-11”
Power Source Electric
Voltage 120 volts
Wattage 900 watts

The best angle grinders are often the ones that don’t seem very substantial or powerful but can pack a hard punch. The AVID POWER Angle Grinder is one such example. It’s roughly the same size as a large flashlight, but it has an impressive motor and can help reduce fatigue without impacting productivity.

Because this angle grinder isn’t too heavy or unwieldy, it’s comfortable to use in a wide variety of settings. It’s a handheld tool that’s lightweight and compact, and it won’t force you to expend additional energy just to carry its weight.

Don’t let the size of this instrument fool you. It has a 7.5 Amp motor that can deliver an impressive speed of 11,000 RPM. Thus, this angle grinder can work well in a variety of applications, including cutting and grinding.

Furthermore, this tool is designed to allow you to have easy control over it. With its ergonomic design, integrated spindle lock, and two-position auxiliary handle, you’ll be able to operate this tool with little to no difficulty. These features also enable this instrument to be versatile, thus allowing you to use it for different jobs.

Like the Makita 4-1/2” Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, this one also has a lock-on/off function that allows continuous operation. The lock-on function can help you do your job more efficiently, and the lock-off function can help prevent the grinder from turning on when it shouldn’t.

The Good:

For all its features, perhaps the best thing about this angle grinder is that it can do most of the work for you. You won’t have to press down too hard when you’re working on something, and you can just let the instrument get the job done the way it was meant to be done.

The Bad:

While we mostly had a good experience with this tool, we do wish that it can vibrate less. It’s also noisier than many other angle grinders, which can be an issue for many people. Fortunately, you’ll still be able to get the tool under control, but it does take some getting used to.

The Ugly:

Like the Makita angle grinder further up the list, this one also has a problem with overheating. We hadn’t even been working with it for too long, maybe about half an hour, when we started to feel it heat up. It doesn’t take long to cool down, fortunately, but it’s something that you’ll have to keep in mind.

5. BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool (BDEG400)
Includes BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool BDEG400, metal grinding wheel, spanner wrench, and wheel guard
Features Easy and convenient spindle lock
Three-position side handle
Metal gear case
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.5” x 5.19” x 4.63”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 4.47 lbs
Motor 6 amps
Speed 10,000 RPM
Power Source Electric
Voltage 120 volts

Get the job done right with the BLACK+DECKER Angle Grinder Tool. With this grinder, you’ll be able to do a wide range of tasks with ease, such as cutting, grinding, rust removal, surface preparation, and more. This is a highly versatile tool that can be useful to the most experienced professional and the greenest amateur.

An important aspect of this instrument is that it was built to last for a long time. It comes with a metal gear case that protects the angle grinder from damage. This can help prolong the lifespan of this instrument and preserve its usefulness.

This angle grinder is also designed to be easy to handle and control. It has a slim body that’s easy to grip, as well as a handle that can be positioned in three spots on the instrument. This ensures that you’ll have a secure and comfortable grip on the instrument, which can help you produce fine work as safely as possible.

Aside from being easy to operate, this instrument is also versatile. You can use it for cutting, grinding, and even sharpening shears. Whatever you want this angle grinder to do, it will more than likely be able to step up to the plate for you. It can help you cut down metal fences, sharpen tools, get rid of fallen branches and tree trunks, prepare surfaces, and many more.

We found it to be a strong and reliable grinder that worked smoothly. We were able to cut wood and metal, and we didn’t have any issues with handling and maneuvering it. It’s also great for its price, and it’s definitely worth buying if you’re looking to supplement your current collection of tools.

The Good:

At its price point, this angle grinder will give you a lot of bang for your buck. If you’ve been thinking of renting or buying an angle grinder, buying this tool may be worth your while. However, it’s also important to note that it’s not built for heavy-duty use but will do great if you have occasional projects.

The Bad:

We have a couple of problems with the power switch. For one thing, we don’t really like where it’s located. It’s not in a convenient location, and with tools like these, the positioning of the switch is important.

The Ugly:

Additionally, this angle grinder is difficult to turn off, which can be unsafe. It’s very easy to turn on, but turning it off is more of a challenge. Initially, we had to go unplug it before we were able to figure out how to use the switch to turn it off. You should also check to make sure that the switch is in the off position before you plug it in.

6. Metabo HPT Angle Grinder (G12SR4)
Includes Metabo Angle Grinder G12SR4, 5 abrasive wheels, spanner wrench, and carrying case
Features Easy and convenient spindle lock
Slide switch on left side
Quick-off safety mechanism
Removeable side handle
Labyrinth construction protects against dust and debris
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 10.20” x 4.5” x 2”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 4 lbs
Motor 6.2 amps
Power Source Electric
Voltage 120 volts
Wattage 980 watts

Sometimes, when you hold a product in your hand, you can easily tell that it was made well. That’s the feeling you’ll get with the Metabo Angle Grinder. It’s a solid and useful tool that not only is built to be hardy but it’s also built to be easy and safe to handle.

Safety is an important factor when it comes to power tools. After all, tools like these can be quite hazardous. This is why this angle grinder was designed with safety in mind. It has a slide switch on the left side, allowing you to quickly turn the instrument off when you’re done or when it’s unsafe for the instrument to remain running.

Another important design feature is the compactness of this Metabo angle grinder. It’s slim and lightweight, though it’s still undeniably powerful and useful. However, because this angle grinder is compact, it’s easier to control and position. Also, it’s lightweight enough that it won’t tire you out easily.

This lightweight body houses a 6.2-amp motor, which may not seem like anything special at first. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that this motor is designed to have improved cooling. This can help keep damage at bay and prevents the motor from overheating. With its 980-watt maximum power output, it can easily handle tougher jobs.

What impressed us about this angle grinder is that it worked like an endurance runner. If it were a human being, we’d say that it has amazing stamina. We were able to keep it running for an hour or so without it slowing down or heating up too much. This surprised us, but we were also happy to see how well it worked.

The Good:

Because this Metabo angle grinder was made to prevent overheating and improve efficiency, it can prove to be a great addition to your toolbox. Not only is it powerful and easy to use, but it’s also a highly versatile tool that can produce great results in a variety of jobs.

The Bad:

While it was difficult to turn the BLACK+DECKER option off, this one is difficult to turn on. On the one hand, this makes this tool safe. On the other hand, this makes this tool difficult to use at times. It takes time to learn how to work the switch, though we did get there eventually.

The Ugly:

We didn’t like the manual. We didn’t really take notice of the instruction manuals that came with these angle grinders, though we did read through them. The manual that came with this one, however, needed work. It was kind of vague, and it also had illustrations that were small enough to be unhelpful.

7. CRAFTSMAN V20 Angle Grinder (CMCG450B)
Includes CRAFTSMAN Angle Grinder CMCG450B, grinding guard, grinding wheel, wrench, and side handle
Features Three-position side handle
Tool-free guard adjustments
Brushless motor
Comfortable paddle switch
Weight 5.19 lbs
Speed 8,500 RPM
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Lithium-ion

Battery-powered angle grinders can offer a lot more versatility and flexibility, just like the CRAFTSMAN Angle Grinder does. This cordless angle grinder is highly reliable and can be used for a wide variety of jobs, wherever they may be. It also has a powerful motor that can easily contend with the toughest jobs.

This instrument is easy to carry and maneuver because it’s quite lightweight and compact. Its size and weight belie a powerful and reliable brushless motor that can do nearly any job you put it to. Because this angle grinder is battery-powered, it won’t last as long as an electrically powered counterpart. However, with a motor that boasts a speed of 8,500 RPM, you’ll be able to do various quick jobs before the battery runs out.

Though a battery-powered instrument can have its limitations, it does have several upsides. Not only can it be easier to use, but it’s also useful if you find yourself in a place with limited or no access to electricity. You’ll thus be able to work on any project as long as you have a working battery.

With this CRAFTSMAN angle grinder, we were able to do a lot of the things we would be able to do with an electricity-powered angle grinder. We were able to cut nuts and bolts, as well as pieces of wood. Because it was cordless, we were able to go out and prune a small tree without needing to have access to an electric socket.

Another thing you’ll appreciate about this cordless angle grinder is that it’s comfortable to hold and use. It has a three-position side handle that you can shift from one position to another depending on your needs and what you’re comfortable with. Additionally, the paddle switch is easily accessible and designed to make it easier for the user to control the instrument.

The Good:

If you don’t expect to be doing big jobs that will require you to use an angle grinder continuously, this instrument can work well for you. This CRAFTSMAN angle grinder allows you to do a variety of smaller jobs without worrying about access to an electrical power source.

The Bad:

One issue we had with it is that it used up a lot of battery power. It’s a 20-volt system, so you can expect it to drain the batteries you use with it. A single battery wouldn’t last more than half an hour or so for so, or at least it didn’t for us. Additionally, this tool doesn’t include a battery and charger, so you’ll have to buy them separately.

The Ugly:

Another thing that we had a problem with was how the tool tended to shut down when the blade or disc encounters too much tension or resistance. This tool likely won’t be suitable for certain jobs, though it can work well in a variety of other situations.

8. DEWALT Angle Grinder (DWE4011) with DEWALT Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles (DPG82-11C)
Includes DEWALT Angle Grinder DWE4011, DEWALT Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggles DPG82-11C, center wheel, and hex wrench
Features Tool-free guard adjustments and wheel removal
Lock-on/lock-off switch
Two-position side handle
Length 10.6"
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 4.47 lbs
Motor 7 amps
Speed 12,000 RPM
Spindle Thread 5/8-11”
Power Source Electric
Voltage ‎120 volts
Wattage 850 watts
Horsepower 1.14 HP

DEWALT is one of the best-known brands in the business, and for good reason. The DEWALT Angle Grinder is built to be sturdy, reliable, and long-lasting. It comes with a full complement of features that are designed to protect it from damage and ensure that it will remain in top shape for years to come.

It also comes with a pair of DEWALT safety goggles, though we’ll only be focusing on the angle grinder.

The motor of this instrument is one of the most powerful on this list, which is saying a lot. At 7 Amps, it has a speed of 12,000 RPM. This means that this angle grinder can do various jobs more quickly than other angle grinders. Additionally, the motor is less likely to get overloaded.

You’ll also get a removable side handle that can be placed on either side of the instrument. This handle allows you to adjust the way you control the instrument in the most comfortable way possible. You’ll then be able to do your job more easily and produce finer work because you have complete control over the tool you’re using.

We were impressed by how well this tool can withstand long work sessions. It was easy to switch between different blades and discs, so we were able to easily use this tool to cut different kinds of materials.

If you’re looking for a tool that can keep up with long, grueling hours and demanding jobs, this is the tool for you. It’s built to continuously run for as long as the job takes with a very low chance of overloading. There’s also a lock-on feature that lets you run the instrument for hours on end without having to keep your thumb on the switch.

The Good:

Overall, this DEWALT angle grinder is a workhorse. It’s made by a reliable brand that offers durable instruments that can work hard and remain reliable for several years. With its build, it's a good choice for general-purpose grinding and cutting tasks in the workshop or on the job site. Additionally, its motor provides plenty of power for most grinding and cutting tasks.

The Bad:

One of the biggest problems we had didn’t involve the tool itself, it did inconvenience us a lot. DEWALT may have made some changes to the tool and its inclusions because it comes with an Allen wrench that the manual doesn’t mention at all. The wrench is supposed to be used for loosening and tightening the blades and discs, though it took us a while to figure out how to do it.

The Ugly:

We did notice that this tool can heat up after some time. It didn’t slow down at all and still worked like normal, but overheating still isn’t a good sign. It also only seemed to happen when working with tougher materials, and it doesn’t seem to be related to how long the tool has been in use.

9. PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool (PC750AG)
Includes PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool PC750AG, metal grinding wheel, spanner wrench, side handle, and 6’ cord
Features Metal gear housing
Three-position side handle
Easy and convenient spindle lock
6-foot cover
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 17.1” x 6” x 4.7”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 3.5 lbs
Motor 7.5 amps
Speed 10,000 RPM
Spindle Thread 5/8-11”
Power Source Electric
Voltage 120 volts

The PORTER-CABLE Angle Grinder Tool is built to make your job easier for you. It has a reliable and powerful motor and can be used for a wide variety of cutting, grinding, sharpening, and other jobs. Aside from its reliability, this tool is also built to be durable and capable of withstanding the demands of various job sites.

With a 7.5 Amp motor, this instrument can easily help you cut metal and concrete, remove rust or paint from various surfaces, and many other tasks. Since this instrument is meant to do pretty tough jobs, it’s built to be able to do whatever you want it to do with ease and efficiency.

Whether you’re a professional or a DIYer, this angle grinder is definitely worth the price. It’s a solid piece of equipment with a cast metal gear housing, ensuring that the angle grinder and its parts are well-protected. This housing also ensures that the angle grinder will last a long time as long as it’s used correctly.

Even with sturdy metal housing, this angle grinder isn’t heavy or unwieldy at all. It doesn’t weigh much and is designed to be easy to handle. The side handle can be repositioned in three spots, which allows you to control the angle grinder more easily and comfortably.

Additionally, we were surprised to see how efficiently it worked. It cut off bolts and nuts and sliced up metal pipes in a matter of seconds. It was one of the more powerful angle grinders we’ve worked with, and it can definitely be used for different purposes. We also appreciated the presence of a safety trigger.

The Good:

This angle grinder comes with a few other features that you may find useful. For instance, it has a spindle lock that allows for easy and quick disc changes. If you want a trusty new tool that you know you can rely on, this may be the one that you’ve been looking for. Not only is it powerful yet easy to use, but it’s also designed and built to give you long years of service.

The Bad:

One of the things that we didn’t like about this angle grinder is that it can be quite loud. This is kind of common with angle grinders in this price range, and it might seem like there’s something wrong with the gearbox. However, in our experience, this tool is just built to be a bit loud.

The Ugly:

While we did initially like the safety switch as we previously mentioned, it can be inconvenient as well. The safety mechanism can make it difficult to release turn the tool on, which can also be somewhat frustrating. However, overall, we thought this was a decent angle grinder, especially for the price.

10. POPOMAN 20V MAX Brushless Angle Grinder
Includes POPOMAN 20V MAX Brushless Angle Grinder, 20V 4.0Ah battery, battery charger, side handle, 3 cutting wheels, 2 grinding wheels, adjustable wrench, grinding wheel guard, cutting wheel guard, user manual, and quality promise card
Features Brushless motor
Spanner tool slot in handle
Quick-change guard
Three-position side handle with shock-absorbent feature
Switch with safety feature
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 12.8” x 5.12” x 4.02”
Wheel Diameter 4.5”
Weight 7.2 lbs
Speed 10,000 RPM
Power Source Battery
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Voltage 20 volts

Cut and grind metal while ensuring your safety with the POPOMAN Brushless Angle Grinder. Tools like this one can be quite dangerous, but this angle grinder is designed with your safety in mind. It comes with a variety of features that not only keep you safe but also improve your efficiency.

Unlike the other cordless battery-powered angle grinders on this list, this instrument comes with its own battery charger. You can use this angle grinder in areas without an easily available electrical source, or you can just choose to use it if you don’t want to have to manage a cord.

The instrument’s body is also built for comfort and ease of use. It has an ergonomic design and a soft rubber shell, allowing for a more comfortable grip. The handle also has a shock-absorption feature, which can reduce much of the discomfort you may feel while you’re finishing up a job.

Safety features include power-off protection, which prevents the tool from automatically switching on when you put the battery in. The instrument also has a grinding wheel guard and a cutting wheel guard, which can protect you from sparks and debris.

We also liked how the switch is designed to ensure that the tool won’t accidentally power on. The switch can then lock on, which made this a lot more convenient. We especially liked this feature because some of the other angle grinders we tested didn’t have this kind of safety feature.

Other features also help ensure the longevity of this instrument. It has an overload protection feature that prevents the motor from overloading, and the body has ventilation holes to keep out dust and debris. However, it’s also important to point out that since this is a battery-powered instrument, it’s not suitable for heavy-duty jobs.

The Good:

Cordless and corded angle grinders perform the same essential function, but you might prefer to use a cordless angle grinder in certain situations. This angle grinder comes with a battery charger, which means that you can keep it on hand and ensure that it’ll be useful when you need fresh batteries.

The Bad:

The spanner tool is supposed to have a little slot in the handle, which could have been a great design. However, the spanner tool kept falling out of the handle, which we didn’t even notice at first and he had to look around the floor for around 20 minutes to find it. We ended up taping the spanner tool down to keep it from falling out.

The Ugly:

The battery that comes with this tool doesn’t last very long. This is also a 20-volt system, like the CRAFTSMAN angle grinder, so it tends to use up a lot of energy. It lasted less than half an hour for us even with a fully-charged battery. You’ll have to have a few batteries at the ready to keep this tool going for longer.

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  • What are angle grinders good for?

    An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can be used for many different tasks around the house or in the shop. Some of the most common uses are to remove rust from metal, smooth wood, and remove paint from surfaces. Typically, you can use them in construction and carpentry projects.

    They can also be used to cut through large pieces of wood or metal with ease. Some people use them as a hand-held drill or sander for woodworking projects but they are best suited for cutting through various materials like wood, steel, cast iron, and more.

  • Are angle grinders worth it?

    Yes, angle grinders are indeed worth having. They may not be the most powerful tools out there, but they are still incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of tasks. If you are looking for a versatile tool that can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently, then an angle grinder is definitely worth considering.

    Having an angle grinder in your arsenal can be hugely beneficial. Not only are they great for cutting and grinding, but they can also be used for polishing and finishing work.

  • What is the difference between a die grinder and an angle grinder?

    Die grinders and angle grinders have a lot of similarities, and they can essentially perform the same functions. However, the basic difference is that die grinders are more suited for smaller objects, while angle grinders are more suited for larger surfaces. Additionally, angle grinders have larger discs, so they can cover more surface area. They also generally have more powerful motors, which makes them better suited for tougher applications.

  • Can an angle grinder cut wood?

    Yes, an angle grinder can be used to cut wood. It certainly has the power and is designed to be able to cut pieces of wood. One thing that you'll need to consider, however, is that it won't be the right tool to use for all wood-cutting tasks. It's best for smaller pieces of wood, such as branches. If you need to cut anything bigger, you'll have to use a different tool.

  • Do plumbers use angle grinders?

    Yes, angle grinders can be used by skilled tradesmen to cut metal and wood. Angle grinders can actually be quite helpful and useful to plumbers because of how versatile and multi-functional they are. With the right attachments, you’ll be able to cut through various kinds of materials as well as remove material off the surface of objects. It’s actually a tool that’s commonly used by plumbers because it can cut through pipes, metal fittings, and more.

What to look for when buying angle grinders

Angle grinders are power tools that can be used for a number of different tasks, including cutting, shaping, and smoothing. They are often used in construction, metalworking, and various other professional and DIY projects. When you are buying angle grinders, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Purpose: If you are looking to buy an angle grinder, it is important to know what the purpose of the tool is. There are many different types of angle grinders with different features and uses. For example, there are grinders that are used for heavy-duty jobs that entail cutting through thicker pieces of material. Others, meanwhile, are more suited for lighter jobs.

With this in mind, make sure that you know what you’ll be using the angle grinder for. This way, you won’t end up with one that won’t work well for your purposes.

Features: Once you know what you’ll be using your angle grinder for, you’ll also have a better idea of the features you want the tool to have. Maybe you want an angle grinder with a paddle switch, tool-free guard adjustments, a labyrinth construction, and the like. Angle grinders typically offer a few remarkable features, so it’s best to figure out which ones will be best for your purposes.

Power Source: A major consideration when buying an angle grinder is whether you want one that’s electric or battery-powered. Electric angle grinders are powered by electricity and are typically more powerful than battery-powered models, but require access to an outlet to operate and make less noise than their cordless counterparts. Battery-powered grinders are usually not as powerful as their electric counterparts and will need to be recharged periodically throughout use.

Speed: The power of an angle grinder is determined by how fast it can cut through materials. The more powerful an angle grinder is, the faster it can cut through different types of materials such as metal and stone. You can tell how powerful an angle grinder can be by looking at its no-load speed. Additionally, it’s also important to note that electric angle grinders tend to be more powerful than battery-powered angle grinders.

Electric vs Battery-Powered Angle Grinder

There are two types of angle grinders: electric and battery-powered. In general, an electric angle grinder is more powerful than a battery-powered one. It can produce more speed and torque, so it’s can be used for heavier-duty jobs and is more suitable for commercial or industrial use.

An electric angle grinder is powered by a cord that plugs into an outlet and has a long cord. The cord can be problematic because it limits where you can use the tool, but it also means that there is no need for batteries.

Because the motor on an electric angle grinder is typically more powerful than on a battery-powered angle grinder, it’s great for jobs that entail cutting through metal or stone. Also, you won’t have to worry about running out of power when using an electric angle grinder as long as it’s plugged in.

A battery-powered cordless angle grinder, meanwhile, is generally less powerful and is more suitable for lighter jobs. You’ll also have to deal with frequent battery-changing. However, a battery-powered angle grinder is portable and does not need to be used close to an electrical socket. This kind of portability gives cordless angle grinders an edge, though you do need to weigh it against the drawbacks.

How to Use Angle Grinders

Here’s a quick guide on how to use an angle grinder:

Choose the right disc: Before you start, you need to choose the right disc for your project. The type of disc you need will depend on the material you’re working with and the job you’re trying to do.

Mount the disc: The disc should go on the spindle of the angle grinder. Make sure that it’s mounted correctly and that the disc is not damaged.

Turn on the angle grinder: Turn on the angle grinder and hold it with both hands.

Apply pressure: Gently apply pressure to the disc while keeping it in contact with the material you’re working on.

Finish: Once you’ve finished, turn off the angle grinder and remove the disc.

Angle Grinder Safety Tips

Angle grinders are powerful tools that can be dangerous if they’re not used properly. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when using an angle grinder:

Wear the right safety gear: Always wear eye protection, gloves, and a dust mask when using an angle grinder.

Don’t force it: If the angle grinder is struggling to cut through the material, don’t force it. This can cause the disc to break.

Keep it steady: Hold the angle grinder firmly with both hands. Don’t try to use it with one hand.

Use the right disc: Make sure you’re using the right disc for the material you’re working with.

Don’t overheat it: If the angle grinder starts to smoke or smell, it’s overheating. Turn it off and let it cool down completely before you use it again.


Angle grinders are very versatile tools and can be used for a variety of different projects. They can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing, and sanding. Angle grinders are available in a variety of different sizes, and there are many different types of angle grinders available. Angle grinders are available in a variety of different styles, and there are many different types of angle grinders available.

Because of their versatility, angle grinders are a must-have tool in every toolbox. They have a wide variety of uses, and there are many different types of angle grinders available. In this review, we have provided a list of the top 10 best angle grinder models on the market. We have done our research and found different angle grinders for various budgets and preferences.

This article presents to you the cream of the crop. While each one has a couple of cons, their pros more than make up for it. With this in mind, we hope we've helped you make the right decision that can meet your needs and preferences.

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